Loque'nahak Spawn time

90 Night Elf Hunter
I have been in Sholazar Basin for 3 days straight now looking for Loque'nahak. If any one can help me find this rare cat please drop me a tell. If anyone knows when was the last time he spawned please let me know I have been looking for this pet since October 2010. Blizz should really reduce the spawn time on the tameable spawns. It would really make a lot of people happy and it would also make the game a little bit more less stress full when there are several people looking for the same animal.
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85 Draenei Paladin
I wish you luck. My wife camped the spirit bear in Grizzley Hills for over a week, so hang in there :)
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I camped loque for about a month. I finally got him to show up around 3:45 am SERVER TIME. Good luck with your search. He's a pretty good cat. 6-10 hr spawn timer, unless it's changed when king krush shows the other rares in SB should show shortly after. Great place, to find spawn times on certain rares is this website:


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86 Troll Shaman
I just tamed him with my hunter alt a couple of days ago, about 7:30 a.m. server time. I use the _NPCScan and _NPCScan.Overlay mods from Curse. Very helpful when looking for rares.
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1 Gnome Warlock
Hackers. Their is no class in wow that is able to tame pets. This is MADNESS!
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13 Troll Mage
Hackers. THERE is no class in wow that is able to tame pets. This is MADNESS!


Gnomes make bad trolls.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
i have been out there for days sitting here not getting dced 1s and king krush spawed 1s at 7:30 pm realm time and nothing else has spawnd and it is 12:54 am and its been acupple of days wats up with that? Loque'nahak were the hell are u? lol
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72 Night Elf Death Knight
Im searching for Loque'nahak right now on my hunter, and there are atleast three other hunters in the area looking for him... One of them is mad at me, and is set on finding him before I do.. I hope your hunting is going better than mine...
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90 Worgen Hunter
where can i go Loque’nahak i looked everywhere
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90 Human Hunter
Just Got Loque'nahak near Nessingway camp, 3:32 PM Pacific Time, Realm: Exodar, His spawn seems to be in the late nights and afternoon, got king krush around 7:00 PM Pacific aound one of the shrines, showing no Attached or shared spawn time, good luck to everyone out there looking for Loque, she is quite the beauty!

PS: don't have soda in your hands when your NPC scan goes off....
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I found Loque'nahak around 12:30 this afternoon on Staghelm-US (eastern time). He was near the Nessingwary camp. It look me 5 weeks to get him, although I was not camping. :)
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85 Draenei Paladin
LFM to kill Loque'nahak. I want his loot!
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Loque Spawned approximately 330 server time today. I know if I said I killed him for the achievement I will probably receive hate mail for life. Atona also spawned about 2 minutes later and King Krush about 2 hours after that. Blackwater Raider-US server
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85 Human Death Knight
i only camped spirit bear in grizzly hills for 6 hours but i still want Loque'nahak ive only seen him once and that one and only time he was DEAD
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85 Goblin Death Knight
Found 7:50 AM Realm Time, Realm: Aggramar, Found in a secluded area (surrounded by trees) on the border of Wintergrasp and Sholazar Basin.

So I called my hunter friend and let him tame it for sadly my hunter is only lvl 55 :(

I was flying over to Icecrown when randomly my _NPCScan goes off and I didn't have it set to track him.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
My strategy, which has worked very well so far, is to just pop in on them randomly.
Take the boat to Northrend and fly around to all the spirit beasts main locations. I tamed all mine that way with one exception, which was Loque'nahak.
Maybe I'm just lucky... /shrug
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100 Tauren Hunter
Yeah i heard his spawn time is 2 days but how many hours anybody know? Please get back to me thanks :)
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100 Undead Warlock
After 4 days of farming, I finally tamed him on my hunter, at 8:05 a.m. EST, at the north most spawn point, north east of The Savage Thicket. Woot! I got him w/i about 5-10 min after killing King Krush.

FYI, Krush seems to spawn more frequently or maybe nobody was killing him, as I found him multiple times through the same 4 days. Note, each time he was tramping his path by the Wintergrasp border.

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