Loque'nahak Spawn time

90 Night Elf Hunter
He usually shows up around 8-30am server time.
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78 Draenei Hunter
i found him then i went to tame him but then it said "you are not right lvl" i forgot i was still lvl 75 so i quickly qued for a dungeon and did the dungeon lvld but when i rushed out he was gone!!!! i cried :(
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I've been camping that glowing jerk for 2 days, and still nothing. Already had a couple run-ins with other Hunters tossing out threats if I get him. I'm not too big on people running their mouth, so I used the ol' "Keep running your mouth, and I'll kill it while you tame it" - It hurts my patient soul to say it, but it usually shuts em' up pretty quick. :P
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87 Human Priest
I just hit 76 on my hunter yesterday so I decided to start looking for him. After about an hour of no luck I went to bed. This morning I flew around for about 20 min. start reading this forum and decided i needed npcscan. I downloaded it flew to the next spawn point and it immediately went off telling me he was there. I dropped down, tamed him, and proceeded to freak out. Happy hunting:)
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Hey fellow hunters ive been camping Gondria for 2 weeks with no luck i just did my rounds as i always do and npc gose off im like hell yeah but guess what i see a fellow horde killing him i said to him wtf and he brushed it off with ive been killing rare pets for ages and then flew of and put me on ignore

Can anyone let me now what the spawn timer is that would of been my first spirt beast 2. so can anyone plz tell me the soonest time till he can spawn again so i can be there for i plz anything will help
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90 Human Priest
my hunter just tamed loque im on cairnes its 943 am
server time
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90 Human Hunter
madness since the cross realms, every spawn point camped.......i tamed him at 12:21 am central time on thunderlord, at the eastern spawn point near the water with the hardknuckles. i was flying high and came down right on the spawn point and there he was. pure luck.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I have been hunting him too. He came around 2:00 p.m. possibly 4:00 server time. I was kinda upset however when he showed up on my npcscan.. and i looked all over spamming the micro. Couldn't find him.. someone probably killed him more than likely. Hopefully I get him soon...
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90 Night Elf Monk
Just Got Loque'nahak near Nessingway camp, 3:32 PM Pacific Time, Realm: Exodar, His spawn seems to be in the late nights and afternoon, got king krush around 7:00 PM Pacific aound one of the shrines, showing no Attached or shared spawn time, good luck to everyone out there looking for Loque, she is quite the beauty!

PS: don't have soda in your hands when your NPC scan goes off....

Lol i can see why, every time I see something white i have like a heart attack
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92 Night Elf Hunter
Three days, pfft, that's NOTHING. Try three MONTHS. -_- No signs of him.. At all...
No dead bodies...
NPC scan won't go off
No hidden ones.
Noone will let me tame him (Example; One of my best friend found him, knew I wanted him, killed him... -_- He HAS the achivement too. :D)
xD It seriously SUCKS. I would atleast like to see a dead body to be able to know he's still in game.
Why, Blizzard?! Why?!
Just tamed him! 8:07 EXACTLY. Realm and Central Time! :)
I found him dead at 2:50 PM Real and Central Time so that gave him a 6 hour spawn timer. :) I hope this information can help. :P Good Luck Huntin' fellow hunters. :)
P.S. I found him at the north most Spawn Point, just east of "The Savage Thicket". :) Good Luck!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Why can i not find this @%$#ing beast
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24 Tauren Druid
I just found him at 0445 hrs eastern time over west of the camp at the rocks, He's mine now looking for him for months between here and my other hunter on the horde side.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Is this info still correct.. and any updated info i need to know.. ? ?

- Spawn + Re-spawn System

- re-spawn is around 6-16 hrs. ??

- that he seems to spawn most on X:00 - X:30 - X:40 - X:50

- His spawn is random but after you have tamed/ seen it killed u may will be able to know next re spawn.

- It has been said that after he is tamed/killed he will re-spawn 6-16 hours (+ 10 min for body to de-spawn if not skinned ) later in another spawn spot.

- Loque is usually tamed or killed w a few min after he spawns...it is rare for him to survive long.

- the % of spawn in each spawn location is same, which mean he dosnt rly spawn more in one spot then other one.

-Loque is a non-agressive and shows as a yellow dot on your map

- now that realms are cross linked.. now you have more competition to find him

- Strategies For Taming Him:

- Camp one spot until he shows up-
- Fly from one of the seven spawn points to the next until you see him
- Fly around his spawn spots every hour and every half hour.
- Put ur char in one of his spawn loc before u log off.
- Look for him right after restarts / server crash

HELP .. is this all correct now ? or am i missing something new


is there a forum another spot to post spawns times
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I just logged on and flew from Orgrimmar to Sholazar Basin and stumbled upon Loque'nahak in joy near the lower spawn point of Nesingwary Base Camp. The realm being Shadowsong and it was at 1:45 am server time on the 14th of January, 2013. I've been trying to get him for weeks but gave up. Thought that one last check now wouldn't hurt and I found him after a squeal of delight. I didn't have any issues with any one else trying to do the same seeing as it's rather late but he really is worth the hassle. I haven't got any add-ons or macros which probably would've been helpful :/ Good luck and all the best to other hunters trying to tame him.
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87 Blood Elf Death Knight
Well, my first rare pet hunt was the spirit bear, and all i did was fly to the location that was on wowhead, saw it, and tamed it. there was a hunter standing in front of it, camping, but i guess he was AFK. This is only my second rare hunt, and i definitely never thought it would be this time consuming. tamed Crush while waiting, but it's the 2nd day now and no sign of even his body.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Has anyone tame Loque'nahak on Duskwood relm ? If so plz tell me what time i see him plz.
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90 Human Mage
Loquenahak tamed by my hunter at 10:20 am server time
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Tamed Loque tonight around 8:30 pm server time. Camped him for over a week and then he popped where I was camped (sw side by ridge). He had popped 6 hours earlier up by waterfall but we only found his corpse. Good luck all, he will find you if you persist. :)
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100 Human Hunter
If anyone is looking for Loque'nahak i just tamed him today at 444 relm time.
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