Lag spikes since 4.1


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Ever since I updated to 4.1, I've been having really random lag spikes while in dungeons and raids—usually during boss encounters, but sometimes on random mob pulls, everything on the screen will seem to stand still for 20-30 seconds. I can still cast, but blindly. If I'm really lucky and heal the right people, no one dies, but it's extremely aggravating, and I've wiped more than a few groups because of this =/

I've disabled all my addons, and have since verified that no addon is to blame, since it didn't stop happening. Now I'm running just an up-to-date DBM. Note that this issue doesn't happen with every mob/boss pull, but when it does, it's almost an instant wipe. Please let me know what I should do!
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Disabling is not the same as removing the Interface folder to test.

Try some of these tips here and see if they help.

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Hiya! I am having the same problem. I've done everything said on that list and then some. I even did some user suggestions such as lowering the framerate, turning off certain video details. Nothing has worked. I even got as desperate as to completely delete WoW and reinstall. I also uninstalled all the addons so it's not an addon issue. (Yes i UNINSTALLED, not disabled).

I'll be in an instance everything is running smoothly and BAM just lag for 10 seconds, and then it comes back again like nothing has happened. It's quite annoying. :(

Anything else you can suggest ASIDE from that list? Because i've done that. I have a recently purchased MBP so... i'm at a loss.
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Same problem here. I'm really upset about it as childish as it sounds, I can't tank. This is possibly the buggiest patch ever in terms of addons/lag spikes.
Same problem. Happens all the time in BoT and BWD, haven't run many dungeons since the patch so I haven't noticed it happening then.

EDIT - just realized this is for mac tech support, I'm on a PC. Funnily enough, though, I've noticed my latency is about 100 lower than pre-patch.
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I am having the same issue as well. I have been experiencing frequent bouts where my character will cast an instant spell for 10 seconds and it doesn't go through until i jump. It is happening mostly when entering combat or looting.

My world/home latency is also spiking into the high thousands Usually one will go first and then the other will follow suit. I am on the same network with another macbook pro user who is not experiencing any of the same issues. the only difference between our computers is the fact that mine is a 2011 macbook pro 15' ati with 256 mb.. while his is a 2010 macbook pro ati w/256 mb.

I have called Applesupport and brought it in to be diagnosed, and they determined that it isn't an overheating issue. I have also done a complete system recovery, and nothing has changed. PLEASE HELP, BLUES!!!

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My world/home latency is also spiking into the high thousands Usually one will go first and then the other will follow suit. I am on the same network with another macbook pro user who is not experiencing any of the same issues. the only difference between our computers is the fact that mine is a 2011 macbook pro 15' ati with 256 mb.. while his is a 2010 macbook pro ati w/256 mb.

Great. You have a "control sample" we can possibly use.

Do both of you play at the same time ? On the same realm server ? At the same time you are getting the spikes ?

If the other MBP user is willing then what I would do is when the high latency strikes both run a trace to your realm server IP address and post both traceroutes.

has a fairly updated list of server IP addresses.
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also see this thread

it's capped out though. too many useless posts from users that don't understand the difference between latency, fps, and broken addons. so more than ahlf the posts are fps issues and broken addons, but at least the blue in thread david, forwarded the useful posts to the devs :)

notable blue posts
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I am having this EXACT same problem. Raiding and 5-mans are completely out of the question.
I am on a 15'' unibody mbp, early version of the unibody, 512mb 9400M GT.
This problem most def started with this latest patch. I've tried all applicable troubleshooting as indicated in many posts and everything in the mac troubleshooting area.

Interestingly enough, wow has managed to literally shutdown and reboot my router twice over the past week. I have NEVER experienced this before with years of playing.

Combat will completely freeze for several seconds. The FPS counter continues, my latency doesn't necessarily spike, and I can still move around. Once it unfreezes, everything runs in fast forward until combat catches up with realtime. Then it happens again.
I've tried both network options, numerous graphics settings including the lowest. No addons, all addons, and repair. Moved folders, cleared cache, you name it. Nothing makes ANY difference at all.

I can frequently tie these lockups to very specific spell animations. Having a lock in a group increases the problem quite a lot... but it's not mutually exclusive and may not be related... my brain has just created a correlation there.

Not sure if I can post outside links, but here's a video of combat and the freeze ups i've posted on youtube. Ignore my messy UI, it gets the job done.

Please help! Very frustrating!!! ;-( This is the most unplayable a patch has every made WoW for me in 5 years.
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05/02/2011 05:16 AMPosted by Bluspacecow
Do both of you play at the same time ? On the same realm server ? At the same time you are getting the spikes ?

Yes. We're actually usually doing dungeons together, and his latency will be completely fine, but mine will be in the thousands. (It's no fair!!! MINE IS NEWER!! d-= )

i'll be sure to do what you advise.. and post the results.. and i'll have him reply with his.
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So tonight, I ran VP and didn't have any latency issues (which is good). But I had that strange entering combat lag thing happen a few times, not quite as intense as before, but still occuring every once in a while. i find if i jump it gets things to catch up.

When we were done and ported back SW. The lag/catch up thing kept happening. We both simultaneously did a traceroute. Here are the results.
(deleted traceroute since it was wrong)
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Hi! This is my traceroute on the 2010 Macbook pro that plays at the same location as Shadayim with no lag. Hope it helps.

1 ( 1.572 ms 1.245 ms 1.277 ms
2 ( 10.453 ms 18.641 ms 13.505 ms
3 ( 13.457 ms 13.241 ms 12.004 ms
4 ( 14.830 ms 11.124 ms 11.004 ms
5 ( 24.841 ms 30.356 ms 23.658 ms
6 * * *
7 ( 17.896 ms 19.182 ms 18.306 ms
8 ( 17.220 ms 18.405 ms 22.052 ms
9 ( 24.422 ms 33.224 ms 55.975 ms
10 * ( 57.582 ms 30.448 ms
11 ( 26.991 ms 26.887 ms 24.533 ms
12 * * *
13 * *
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UGH..! After i posted my latency shot up to 2000! here's the traceroute:

1 ( 1.374 ms 2.729 ms 1.904 ms
2 ( 186.128 ms 14.240 ms 9.650 ms
3 ( 16.783 ms 10.113 ms 9.792 ms
4 ( 12.256 ms 21.664 ms 10.771 ms
5 ( 27.013 ms 19.021 ms 17.506 ms
6 * * *
7 ( 17.724 ms 19.859 ms 17.829 ms
8 ( 17.735 ms 18.434 ms 20.753 ms
9 ( 25.060 ms 23.716 ms 26.359 ms
10 ( 23.728 ms
And another example:

1 ( 1.880 ms 0.981 ms 0.673 ms
2 ( 12.405 ms 8.772 ms 10.389 ms
3 ( 10.309 ms 10.517 ms 10.223 ms
4 ( 11.059 ms 11.039 ms 21.036 ms
5 ( 17.820 ms 17.021 ms 30.783 ms
6 * * *
7 ( 19.054 ms 17.684 ms 18.944 ms
8 ( 17.743 ms 17.433 ms 18.360 ms
9 ( 27.023 ms 22.361 ms 29.799 ms
10 ( 21.736 ms 25.325 ms 21.958 ms
11 ( 23.761 ms 24.807 ms 23.576 ms
12 *
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Hold up. Shadayim & Nadz are you both doing your traceroutes to either or ?

And are you posting all of the traceroutes ? Your last hop before getting into the data center should be or
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I've been having the same problem, so I started debugging it on my own. I set up non-stop pings going in 3 terminal windows: my router IP, my Gateway IP and somewhere on the internet. Turns out I loose the ping to my router, gateway and internet all at the same time when it happens. After about 10 to 20 seconds my router starts to respond again.

I'm using what has been a very reliable firewall/router, a NetGear ProSafe Firewall FR114.

While not playing WoW, the pings go on non-stop with very low latency times of 1.5 ms to my router. My router seems to stop responding only while playing WoW.

My configuration is this:
8 core Mac Pro ethernet to a Airport Express (0.2 ms ping time to it)
Airport Express is bridged to an Airport Extreme (0.8 ms ping time to it)
Airport Extreme ethernet to NetGear FR114 (1.5 ms ping time to it)
NetGear FR114 to Cable Modem

My next step is to run the continuous pings to my Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Firewall, to see if I'm loosing packets to one of those devices.

At the time of the lag spike, ventrillo stops working as well. Just like a previous poster, once the spike finishes, then everything happens really quickly, including ventrillo with everything that was said playing back in parallel simultaneously.

I'm a healer too, so raids are wiping...
See Shady's post below, we updated the trace thingy.

1 ( 0.951 ms 0.983 ms 0.634 ms
2 ( 9.279 ms 8.577 ms 8.023 ms
3 ( 13.274 ms 27.402 ms 20.608 ms
4 ( 11.338 ms 13.117 ms 14.664 ms
5 ( 17.694 ms 21.588 ms 21.259 ms
6 ( 21.975 ms 28.486 ms 29.562 ms
7 ( 19.162 ms 21.512 ms 24.654 ms
8 ( 18.756 ms ( 21.483 ms ( 21.331 ms
9 ( 19.255 ms 22.585 ms ( 19.136 ms
10 ( 17.953 ms ( 18.947 ms 31.229 ms
11 ( 20.068 ms 21.639 ms 20.037 ms
12 ( 24.989 ms ( 19.086 ms ( 18.685 ms
13 * *
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Sorry! i didn't realize that i had a bad command, and sent it to Nadz as well. /=

Here is the traceroute for a recent latency spike done at the same time as nadz's.
shadayim home- 1300 world- 2079. nadz home - 23 world-28

1 ( 82.241 ms 2.378 ms 0.771 ms
2 ( 9.133 ms 9.404 ms 11.532 ms
3 ( 11.367 ms 26.622 ms 20.357 ms
4 ( 11.462 ms 11.298 ms 10.921 ms
5 ( 16.937 ms 17.368 ms 18.035 ms
6 ( 20.159 ms 18.726 ms 20.032 ms
7 ( 17.430 ms 19.446 ms 16.992 ms
8 ( 20.016 ms ( 19.629 ms ( 19.266 ms
9 ( 19.202 ms 24.338 ms ( 23.320 ms
10 ( 21.036 ms ( 19.296 ms 31.837 ms
11 ( 19.852 ms 20.055 ms 19.538 ms
12 ( 23.195 ms ( 18.774 ms ( 19.504 ms
13 * *
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by any chance did shadayim mess with tpc sizes or anything? maybe run something like snow leopard cache cleaners "optimize network" function?. Or possiblye disable selective acks or any other type of modification you simply forgot about?
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I didn't alter anything aside from disabling automatic graphics switching, (which he has done as well) We have all of our game settings set exactly the same. We are both not optimizing network in game currently, but the issue was happening even when we were. The remainder of my mbp's settings are set to default since I just did an entire system reboot on Sunday. I did all of the necessary updates, and installed adobe and java (which doesn't automatically come on the new mbp's for some weird reason) I downloaded smcfancontrol to monitor heat, but it isn't related to that since it randomly happens. I do not have snow leopard cache cleaner as it is brand new and wouldn't think I would need to use it to optimize a brand new machine. (Should I)?

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