[H] BC Raid Guild - Heroes of Forgotten Wars

<Heroes of Forgotten Wars> is a brand new, Level 70-capped BC raiding guild! Our goal is to provide our members with a pleasant environment while we progress through Burning Crusade's end-game content. A lot of time and thought has been put forward to ensure we meet our goals, and we are constantly looking for more ways to make the experience even more exciting for everyone!

In effort to fight against the many nerfs these old raids have received over time, we have set up a strict, but very easy to follow, list of guidelines in effort to preserve the challenge these raids and dungeons once had. Full details can be found on our website forgottenwars.guildlaunch.com

The main things to remember:

Level 70 Experience Capped
No Death Knights, but any other Race/Class combination is allowed.
No BoAs while raiding or doing guild heroics.
No equipment or items from WotLK or higher, or from raids we are not actively progressing in.
Select glyphs allowed, these were handpicked to give players more choice!
Only BC profession items and perks, however you may level beyond 375.
We wish for good attendance, but we are not strict.
Ventrilo is required for raiding. A microphone is not.
We intend to raid during the middle of the week, early to mid evenings.

There are no limit to how many alts are in the guild, however make sure that you claim your alt in your public/officer note (or have someone else do it for you). In effort to keep the roster somewhat clean, alts or friends/family that aren't properly tagged might get removed by mistake (they would be welcome back, of course).

Why should I choose Heroes of Forgotten Wars over some of the other BC Raiding Guilds out there?

There are several reasons why you may want to join us, specifically. We are a new guild off to a fresh start, meaning that there are plenty of positions available for almost every role and class. Our guild, while we take a serious approach to the content once we are participating in it, is not hardcore strict. We expect people to have to miss our raids from time to time, we expect people to want to have fun and enjoy themselves while raiding.

Being a fresh guild means that we are not in the midst of progression or nearing the end of the expansion's content, either. Some of the more popular BC raiding guilds are neck-deep in raids, and it becomes a chore to bring up a new character from 1-70 and deck them out in gear from the older raids, if they are even willing to do that at all. We will begin at square 1 and move forward from there, and will definitely make an effort to bring up newcomers that do join late in the game. We want members who are excited to run all of BC's raids, even after we have progressed into late end-game.

Many BC raiding guilds have too few restrictions and trivialize the content from the start, while others have so many that you need to keep a checklist near you at all times in fear that you will make one mistake. We feel that our restrictions strike a good balance, and are more than willing to make adjustments as we see fit. We're not going to cut your head off either if you mistakenly break one of our rules, though we will expect to see the issue corrected ASAP.

Many of us are passionate about raiding, and are experienced raiders from many different eras of World of Warcraft. We are not going to quit the moment things look bad for us. We are going to put out best effort forward to making this guild an enjoyable experience, even if it takes a little bit of time to get off the ground. At the time of this post, the roster is made up completely of close friends I have been with for several years, all of which are very excited to relive Burning Crusade.

...Of course, you may just like our schedule more than other guilds out there, too!

Will there ever be a Level 60 division?

Right now, we fully intend on creating a Level 60 capped PreBC division of the guild. Our current focus is set on Level 70 within Burning Crusade. Members are more than welcome to create alts that cap at 60 to prepare for the additional content, and of course, they are more than welcome to run it themselves or with some other guild members if they like.

Once we feel that we have a solid group of people, and that having an entire new level of content to progress through isn't too much, we will begin hosting PreBC events as a guild.

Sounds great! How do I join?

If everything seems interesting to you, please feel free to try to get into contact with me or another guild member! You may find a member online in-game, or send Mokodoko a whisper/mail! If you have any questions, feel free to get into contact with us the same way.

In addition, you can visit our website (which has more information), and post on the forums!

We look forward to hearing from you!
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85 Worgen Death Knight
This is fantastic imho. I've been looking for just this for quite some time now. I started in BC but never had an opportunity to raid or experience end game content. I've made a priest on your server and added you to list. You should have my application on the guild web as well. I hope this gets up and running. My hats off to you, haven't been this excited about wow in quite some time, many thanks. :)
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