The amazingly awesome Stargate thread

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This thread is about anything and everything Stargate.

Favorite episode, actor, bad guy, doomsday scenario, whatever, it goes here!

I'll start out. I personally loved Atlantis, the chemistry that the cast had was incredible.

I really like Universe as well, and the idea that was presented as Destiny's mission is very intriguing.
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I love SG1.
Atlantis was awesome too.
I could never really get into Universe, though.
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I love SG1.
Atlantis was awesome too.
I could never really get into Universe, though.

Universe seemed to have a lack of likable characters, imo, and seemed to be trying hard to be the next Gallactica. I liked Eli, I guess, and Chloe and Scott held my interest, but everyone else was kinda 'meh'.

Compare that with the original SG1, where everyone on the cast seemed great, even when the brought in Ben Browder and Claudia Black. And Atlantis was justified simply by Rodney and Shepard alone.
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SG1 and Atlantis are good shows with characters that I care about in interesting situations.

SGU is a stupid incoherent mess, with bad dialogue, poorly drawn characters, hammy performances, bad lighting and camera work, the worst sound engineering I've ever heard on a show that can afford HD cameras, an idiotic story, and a letter in its title that they don't ever seem to use "G" as in "gate". I'm glad it was cancelled.

And the ship's "mission?" None of that makes any sense. Why would you take the plot of Star Trek V and try to combine it with Star Trek Voyager? It seems like they just took the two worst elements of Star Trek, slapped them together, added in a shaky camera, and then filled the ship with boring idiots and then started filming it.

My favorite episode is the one where the bald, depressed marine shoots himself. Then they show him being put in a body bag. Where did they get it? They must have brought it with them. So in the pilot, that means, someone thought it was a better idea to bring a crate full of body bags instead of food or water through the gate before the planet exploded. Why risk the possibility of not making it to the gate in time for the sake of some body bags? If you can't find a crate of food or water, why not just run for the gate and save your own life? If you are that pessimistic that you think you need to bring body bags, why try to escape through the gate in the first place? Either way it makes no sense.

Then later in the series we see an episode where they have 4 flamethrowers with fuel for 24 hours each. Who was the idiot that was carrying all that up the ramp in the pilot? Oh, that's right, no one, because they don't list 4 flamethrowers and their fuel as part of the dialogue where the captain asks Greer how many guns they have.

Everything that ever happened on that show happened because the plot required it to happen, not because the characters had any motivation to do what they were doing. Most of what the characters do and say makes no sense at all, and no normal person in the same situation would make those decisions. Most of what the characters do and say feels more like they are just actors who read the script in advance and not because the characters themselves have any reason behind the actions they are taking.
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