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I've been doing quick glances of wowprogress, the forums, the Guild Finder tool, and trade chat ads to find a guild but none seem to have what I'm looking for or don't meet what I'm looking for.

What I'm looking for in a guild:

  • Raiding is primary focus, preferably 25 but 10 is just as acceptable.

  • Progressed. As in more then a lucky chance of unlocking Reins of the Dark Phoenix before the next tier is released. So if you aren't near that now you probably don't meet what I'm looking for.

  • Has a healthy non-raid and off night culture.

  • Raids no earlier then 7 server, with 8 or 9 server being optimal.

  • Raids around 4 hours a day for around 3 days a week.

The progression requirement might seem a little much, but I prefer to see all raid encounters and work on hard modes. I'm a skilled player of my class and want to play with like people and having a progression requirement will indicate at least some level of skill in the guild.

As I said before I'm a skilled raider and have done almost every encounter prior to Cataclysm. With cataclysm I decided to take a break from raiding, and guilds, to just focus on a less structured play style. The encounters I did not do in WOTLK were 0-light, H:LK, and H:RS and H:Anub 25.

I tend to be self sufficient (do my own research, bring my own consumables, buy/do my own enchants/gems). And to be honest I mostly want at this point to get back into raiding in preparation to experience 4.2 and the Firelands. It sounds to be just as good, if not better, as ulduar mechanics wise (since looks wise I don't think it can top ulduar).

Leave a website address, smoke signal, postal mail, or any form of communication if you think your guild could fit all or most of what I'm looking for and I'll apply/respond when I get a chance.
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Definitely not trolling ya, but I might sound like it. Just giving forewarning that it's not the intention.

Your description of the kind of guild you're looking for would be found on WoWprogress, if you are looking to stay on this server. I think it's safe to assume that well established raiding guilds (those that have been around since the start of the expansion or a merger of a bunch of guilds into one or few), would be close to or at level 25. So if you haven't found the kind of guild that fits you on any of the sources you mentioned, then I think you might have to loosen up on your own requirements or transfer. Good luck on your guild search though!

What are your thoughts on the legendary item, and is it a requirement for you to be in line for one? No need to answer here, I'm just sure that any raiding guild will ask that question in order to find your intention of waiting to raid till Firelands.
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Good to see you man. =)

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05/03/2011 12:04 AMPosted by Poppysmurph
What are your thoughts on the legendary item, and is it a requirement for you to be in line for one?

I'd like it, no question about it. But I know I wouldn't be first choice or likely to get it when 4.2 is the current raid tier, even more so in a 25-man guild. It isn't so much that I am or have been waiting till the legendary tier to raid. But more that the description of the firelands encounters are motivating me to search for a guild again.

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Yukiooooooo! Good seeing ya actively post here also!
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We might have what you're looking for. I sent you in game mail.
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