I've been around since vanilla, playing my rogue as my main, and have over 173days /played on this toon. I've been a raider first most of the last 5 years, but I'm looking to focus mainly on PvP for the first time. I'm still gearing up, but I'm already at 2k resilience, with some PvE gear still.

I'm looking mainly for a guild to do BG's and rated BG's with, and some arena too. I have 1900 rating 2v2 experience from Wrath, when I ran combat rogue/resto shaman in season 5/6 (yeah, it was a pretty odd comp). I'm no superstar, but I know my class, and I'm a good player.

I'm in Alaska, so I play later due to my time zone. I am looking to switch guilds, as mu current guild is PvE focussed, and has recently stopped raiding 25 man content as well. I want to stay alliance on whisperwind. Find me in game, or in this thread. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.