6/13 heroic iso lock/hunter/bear/protpally

85 Draenei Priest
Realm 3rd 6/13 heroic raiding guild lf
lock (capable of playing all specs)
mm hunter
prot paladin

we run loot council

we have a 4 day raid week (thursday, friday, sunday, monday) 5-10 server
Your attendance should be close to 100%, you should be able to make every raid every week barring special circumstances. If ANY of these days conflict with your schedule, don't apply.

Confidence is critical, we are top 3 on the server, you should be no less than the 3rd best player on the server of your class in terms of BOTH awareness and throughput. aka, DO MAD DEEPS AND DONT STAND IN FIRE. Ask yourself a question, who is better than me at my class on this server. If more than 2 names come to mind, don't apply

We cover some repairs, all food, all flasks, all you are requires to bring are 60 or so of your choice potions to each raid.

If you think you can cut it, apply at http://ibty.guildzilla.com/ . You will receive a yes or no on your app in no more than 2-3 days and if accepted will start a temp trial period.

When you are in my raid group, your ass is mine, you'll let go of your ego, do what i tell you, or you'll be removed. You will see the bench, i bring about 12 people to every raid atm and am looking to have around 14 total before i close recruitment. This means, that there will always be 4 people sitting around in vent waiting for me to say, hey your in. You WILL BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE FROM TIME TO TIME, deal with it. We have no core group, your playtime will be solely performance based and you can be assured of that by the fact alone that i'll do anything i have to get this guild past the french who are enjoying their first clean sweep of realm 1st in their history. Its pathetic that didactic allowed them to get realm first in tier 1, a mistake I will correct in tier 2.

this post will not be monitored.
Many people will troll it,
because most of this server hates me
but every day, i take away
more of the bs they can say
because my guild
<is better than you>
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85 Night Elf Hunter
He even has his own song now, so sick of this guild, time to not troll so here I go:

Shadow priests better then Wyked on server: Sephora, Melmie (both girls btw lol and alliance side), oh thats two names, guess you should gquit mate, but I ll keep going! Tetching, Jovovich, Loqutis, Touchmeudie, Qor, Creamsoda.

Rogues better then Acurn on Lethon (guess hes one of there main raiders?): Wiperis, Cuttya, Oneyearold, Carresse, oooop thats more then 2! Gquit please.

I was going to go through your entire guild, but no noticable names popped up when I went through your roster, except nightbean lmfao, you are all terrible, can't believe this guild is still around, Lethon your dissapointing me!

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85 Human Paladin
the french are cool bruh
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85 Night Elf Druid
Realm 3rd
because my guild
<is better than you>

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85 Night Elf Warrior
yall are a bunch of haters lol.
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List of Shadowpriests who actually are the best:


List of people who aren't as good / don't even play on Lethon:

Everyone who Lukien listed.

Sorry to rain all over this parade.
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85 Gnome Priest
I agree with Breebree.
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