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85 Troll Druid
Hott Mess is looking for raiders for our 25 man raids. We are currently looking to replace some of our DEAD WEIGHT and we are looking for exceptional replacements. We have a strong core of about 15 raiders that are skilled and committed and we desire to have the other 10 spots filled in. If you are a dedicated and skilled player looking for a progressing guild then this might be the place for you. We are currently restructuring our raids to allow us to move to the next point. ALL BADDIES AND SUB PAR PLAYERS will be removed from the raids as we replace them. We prefer people that have a minimum of 355 Item level and a minimum of 10/12 content experience. NO ALTS OR DRAMA QUEENS PLEASE. All baddies and newbs will still be allowed as members to have fun with other guild events, but we will no longer have raid spots for you. We look to continue on our past success and move forward rapidly. If you are a experienced Raid Leader and wish to help move us forward Please see my previous post. Thank you all for your time and attention to this.

What classes are we looking for?

*Exceptional players of ANY class are encouraged to apply *
1 DPS Death Knight
1 DPS Feral Druid
1 Mage
1-2 Hunters
1 Ret Paladin
1 Shadow Priests
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Enhance Shaman
2 Warlocks
1-2 Rogue
All Healing classes (DPS OS)

And for all the "hybrids", a strong offspec is preferred.

-What are we about?

We are a PvE focused guild with a great core of raiders. We are always looking for exceptional players to strengthen our roster.

-What are we looking for in our players?

*Geared: If you have no clue how to properly enchant and gem your character, don't bother applying. If your talent and glyph choices look like something a 2 year old would randomly choose, don't bother applying.

*Skilled: If you're an S-key All-Star, don't bother applying. If you cannot pay attention to your surroundings while hitting your action bars or looking at your unit frames, don't bother applying.However, if you have mastered the art of moving without backpedaling and you actually have some situational awareness, congratulations! You are officially better than 98% of the people who play World of Warcraft, and we'd love to have you apply.

*Consistent: If you cannot make 90% of our raids, don't bother applying. If you live at home with mommy and can't control being yanked away from the computer every other night, don't bother applying. If your college roommate has a porn addiction which causes your connection to choke during raid times, don't bother applying. If your computer chugs down to 2 frames a second don't bother applying.

-How do you apply?

To apply, visit our website at
More specifically, click on the 'Forum' button in the menu. You will have to register an account and fill out our application form. If you are unwilling to take the time to fill it in right then don't bother applying!!!!
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85 Troll Druid
Bump for exceptional raiders
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85 Troll Druid
Bump For real Players that don't have Down's Syndrome !!!!!
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85 Troll Druid
Bump for more exceptional raiders please
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85 Troll Druid
Bump for raiders that want to work and progress,
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85 Troll Druid
Bump for 1 Tank, 2 Heals( preferably Raid healers) and Pro Ranged DPS
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55 Worgen Death Knight
wait!!! are you the guy that was trying to buy a nef kill so u self call good guild can kill magmaw heroic ummmm, but i hear halfus heroic wipe all your guildies badly, how do you dare to think u can kill magmaw heroic lolz well go go Hott Mess or no? :D
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