How do you leave your guild?

85 Undead Priest

Good manners in WoW? Good luck.

however, this apply in wow AND real life matter too:

"When you join/start things over, you joined nicely
then when you quit/leave things over, you left nicely too"

if anyone would say to me "nah it's just a game, I'd just /gquit"
then you can tell that that person is like that IRL
because in any games or sports that require competition spirit, ANY player's behaviors there reflect his/her natural personality IRL

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90 Troll Hunter
Ironically, I just pulled a silent gquit on my guild. I can almost imagine how one felt when they did that.. it's just pointless or way too frustrating to explain sometimes. I did however pst'ed or mailed those who I cared for.

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85 Goblin Priest
Maybe I just need to get with the times but is it pretty standard for core members to just gquit without saying anything? No whispers, no mail, nothing to indicate dissatisfaction. Just suddenly up and transfer/change factions/name change. I've never seen people do this before and I always personally felt that it was just good manners to mention to the guild leader 'hey, I'm not happy here, I'm going to quit'.

So, do you just gquit without a word and bugger off or do you let someone know first?

It happens, you got people that go like the wind and not say a word, and then you got those who may not be happy with there current guild situation and talk to the GM to work on a solution to the issue (ie: going to a guild, when guaranteed a core raiding spot to fine yourself sitting a good amount of time). Sometimes a solution comes out of talking with the GM and other times your paths just go in separate ways.

Personally, I like to be honest with my guild when I choose to leave.

Perfect example was during BC. I was an officer of the guild I was in during that time (Ascendance) and I was no longer able to raid with the guild during there raid times because of work constraints. So I straight-forwardly put a post our officer forums explaining why I was leaving and who I felt should replace me as officer when I left and, when I actually left I guild I put a short good-bye post for the rest of the guildies.
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85 Tauren Druid
Maybe I just need to get with the times but is it pretty standard for core members to just gquit without saying anything? No whispers, no mail, nothing to indicate dissatisfaction. Just suddenly up and transfer/change factions/name change. I've never seen people do this before and I always personally felt that it was just good manners to mention to the guild leader 'hey, I'm not happy here, I'm going to quit'.

So, do you just gquit without a word and bugger off or do you let someone know first?

Unfortunately, it happens. But I beg you, be the better man. You will feel like a jerk if you just leave (assuming the guidl is active and there is any reason to care). You're doing the right thing if you let them know first. I've had it happen in my guild and it's really a bummer for everyone. If you have to Gquit, be fair about it. If you just leave, you look like a real jerk in front of all the other people that didn't know.
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90 Human Mage
I'd say it's pretty common. Heck I have members who delete toons without warning and come back on a new toon and expect me to remember what rank, etc they were on the toon they just deleted. Or, I'll have people leave with no notice and get asked by the guild they are applying to next why they left and if they were a good member. That's always an awkward conversation.

Usually, if someone leaves I'll try to whisper them and say "sorry to lose you, hope it wasn't something we said/did". 95% of the time I'll get an apology and a reason. That at least let's me know if there is a problem in the guild that needs to be addressed. (Usually though they just want a raiding guild, which we are not)
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85 Tauren Druid
I sent a little note and a peacebloom to my guild leader one time.
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6 Orc Warlock
My friend and I are going to be leaving our guild soon. This comes after a s...storm of drama and months of being unhappy. (People will put up with a lot if they still have a raid spot, beleive me.)

I know my friend wants to go out in a blaze of glory and post all his reasons for leaving on the guild forum. But honestly I don't see the point. We already tried so many times to reason with people and never got anywhere. I don't have any illusions about "Ill show them" or anything. No matter what I say they're not gonna learn. I don't even wish to tell them off anymore, I just wanna leave and never think about these people again.

So that's one reason someone might leave saying nothing. But I doubt most of them are like that, if they felt that way their departure wouldn't be a surprise to you.
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Sorry to bump this up. Was googling for the exact same thing...

Every time I left I made sure to contact the GM either through pst or mail thanking for the guild etc before leaving. I would also make the effort to tell other member good bye if they were on.

Now on opposite sides - with me as GM - I'm a rather baffled if not annoyed when you have 'core' people just up and leave. I had another incidence of this today when an active guildie and one whom I thought was a good friend of mine (even this very morning before I logged off) just up and quit tonight with all his alts.

We played, chatted, and joked a lot; then not a single word or warning - just totally out of the blue. When I pst'd he didn't even respond to me or anyone else who tried. It wasn't until I informed him that people have reported him on suspicion of being hacked did he say something along the lines of "lol why would you report me? I left the guild because I didn't want to be in it. It's nothing personal." And that was the end of that convo.

I have no clue if I (or the guild as a whole) did something so bad or !@#$ hit the fan when I wasn't online or the guy was just a douche - but it's annoying to say the least and makes me want to keep my distance from members rather than get friendly with them - because then when they inevitably leave at least it won't bother me or leave me guessing.

And this isn't the 1st time something like that happened either. On the other end, I have casual and quiet people pst me saying they're sorry to leave but going to play with a friend etc. Always pleasantly surprise me and I wish them all the best.

I have a lot to learn.

A bit relieved to see that such behavior - as lame as it is - is fairly common at least.

edit: I liked the "Sorry to see you leave. I hope it wasn't something we did" thing. I might start using it.
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90 Human Mage
actually, if it was a hack, they might respond that way..... "why report me"...
might still be worth checking for your friend's sake.
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Agree and agree. The reasons don't matter. The fact is, it happens. When I first got leadership of my guild, I'd ask people why they left- now I don't. I check my mailbox, ask my officers if they said anything, and then make note of their alts in the guild ( no alts allowed unless they have a "main" they belong to- usually the first to join the guild, which is noted in the officer notes, and not viewable by anyone other than officers).

My guild doesn't raid, and some people will move a character to go raid with a raiding guild. These players often tell me they are but 'are going to play their alts with this guild". I allow the alts to stay if they're regular players- after all, raiding guilds usually require your raider to be part of the raiding guild, and don't usually allow alts. However, if they don't come back, don't actively play their alts (yes- I will check their weekly guild activity), and just use my guild for an alt parking lot, I remove them.

As for players who leave without a word-- as I said- I don't ask. The reasons don't matter, as it didn't matter enough to say "hey, I'm leaving". I don't take it personal, but I remember it, and they won't be invited back. I occasionally will "watch" a player who has left, just to see where they go. No, I'm not stalking them, but with the players who I "wonder" about, I put them on my friends list for a bit- usually a week or so- just to see where they go. It gives me a bit of info if I see a trend in /gquits-- ie- who follows who, and where they are going. I can sometimes figure out why they left by the guild they go to-- ie a raiding guild, or a new one with several of the guildies who've left.

All in all, it's a game, and how you handle /gquits is up to you. In the "real" world, it really doesn't matter, unless it's a real life friend that you want to hang on to in the guild.

Best wishes!

05/06/2011 05:19 PMPosted by Muergglyn
I've had other people leave without a word, then later on ask to come back. They typically don't get invited back, because I have no idea why they left in the first place, no desire to find out at that point, and no reasonable expectation that they won't just do the same thing.

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3 Tauren Paladin
I know some people recommend this, but if possible -- I usually advise people to simply follow up with that person and ask why they left. Chances are they don't have anything really great to say, if they say anything at all. But sometimes they might give decent feedback such as "there wasn't enough pvp going on in the guild, or I felt that your guys loot policy was unfair."

While it's true you can't make everyone happy sometimes it helps to know if you're doing anything wrong, or if the person just didn't feel like a good fit.

Whatever you do, don't fall into that trap of whispering them as a follow up and saying "we changed such and such policy, would you come back?" Because no matter what they tell you they decided to leave, without telling anyone -- which means that no matter what they say if anything they wont tell you the whole reason they left and trying to lure people back in this way just creates a situation where people think all they have to do is gquit to get what they want in guild.

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Maybe I just need to get with the times but is it pretty standard for core members to just gquit without saying anything? No whispers, no mail, nothing to indicate dissatisfaction. Just suddenly up and transfer/change factions/name change. I've never seen people do this before and I always personally felt that it was just good manners to mention to the guild leader 'hey, I'm not happy here, I'm going to quit'.

So, do you just gquit without a word and bugger off or do you let someone know first?

I thought everyone just says this now:

"Going to join a RL friends guild. cya"
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85 Draenei Paladin
I think alot of times people just don't want to deal with the questions about why they are leaving. It's easier to leave and log off or wait until there's a low number of people on and leave. Sometimes people will tell me they are leaving and why. Sometimes they won't. Either way it really doesn't bother me too much. And I have my own reactions to it.

If they didn't give a reason, I'll usually whisper and ask if there were any issues. Most common response "No". Okay, I leave it there and likely won't invite them back. There likely was an issue, but they probably don't feel it would be addressed and don't want to share. Not gonna push it!

Second most common "I'm joining my friends guild". Them I'll probably invite back if they were good guild members otherwise.

Sometimes I get an honest answer like "I feel left out because there's no events I can participate in". That's usually a lower level main character and we are an end-game focused guild. Which is clearly stated in our recruitment listings. Sometimes these people come back when they get close to max level and that's fine with me.

My favorite though is always the "I'm joining a twink guild" response. Followed usually 3-5 days later by a "Can I get an invite back? Those guys are mean!". Yeah, I invite them back as long as they were good members otherwise.

Occasionally I get stranger responses and reasons. Sometimes the issue is a misunderstanding that can be worked through. Overall though I do try and follow up with those that leave and were otherwise people I'd like to have stayed. Most times if they respond and want back later I'll re-invite. Although as someone else posted, there is no revolving door.

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90 Tauren Hunter
Someone leaves the guild and doesnt say anything. Who needs drama. Maybe they dont want to hurt anyones feelings so they just leave instead of saying they think the guild sucks.
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90 Worgen Druid
It depends. If it is just some random guild that I don't know very well, I will just gquit. If I have been involved with the guild and done things with them, I will talk to the GM or an officer or whoever I feel most comfortable with discussing it with. Usually, I am just wanting something different than the guild is focusing on, and I am going to find a group that is more into the things that I want to do in the game. It's rude to just ditch your longtime friends and "family" like that. When I was first starting out in the game, I knew a GM who up and transferred her character (the guild's main tank) to raid on a higher end server. Of course, the guild was up in arms about it, and ultimately, it broke apart.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
How to leave a guild? That would depend on the people. Some have the mental additude of a 12 year old. I just up and leave those. Others, a little more mature, I will tell them why and keep them on the buddy list for future pugs.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
^^^ What Helagoth said -- if someone leaves my guild with no explanation and they want to come back later, I'm usually not going to allow it.

However, if they talk with me or an officer prior to leaving, I don't have a problem with them coming back. When the invite to return is given, they are also introduced to my "no revolving door" policy...which basically states it's OK to leave for greener pastures once, but if they come back and then leave again, it is very unlikely that another invitation will be extended. At least not without a LOT of groveling about how silly they were to leave ;)

I have had a few people return to my guild after a small period of time after leaving. I always allow it- after all, what better compliment is there than "hey, I tried someone else's guild out, and I like yours better!"?

My guild is a revolving door by design. I have a lot of people (about 30%) who have been there since I have been GL, but as a leveling/casual/social guild on the top progression realm, I don't expect a message when an 85 decides to bounce, nor do I think it's rude. I want everyone to be where they are happy.

My attitude will probably change when I raid in MoP with the guild, as I don't know why an 85 would just leave if the raid goes well and they gear up.
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85 Human Mage
Depends on what i think of the guild at the time to be honest, If they try and run rings around me and make excuses for things i'll just leave, If there's Drama, I'll just leave, if the raid leaders uphimself/and or officers + Gm, I'll just outright leave, Infact most of the time if i can't see a major issue being resolved without me being on the short end, I'll just leave it's easier.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Seriously wouldn't worry about it. I have some alts in a lvl 25 guild for the perks. I probably wouldn't bother to tell them when I split. I'm also in another guild which I've put time into helping out and helping members. I'd tell them if I thought I was going to leave. But then I'd really hate if my keyboard or machine broke again and I came back guild less. I also know someone who has been hacked like 3 times. He comes back with no real id friends, no guilds, no gear, no gold; that really has to suck.
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