Best UI mods?


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Returning player (2006). I remember a sticky with UI's. I also remember using Titan. What's one of the best UI's? I am not a minimilist, and prefer a decked out all out UI. Any thoughts?
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Define "best".
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Check out this site :)

This can also help you (these are the most popular/downloaded addons):

Seerah - WoWInterface Mod and Addon Author -
Check out my Pick of the Week! -
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Best : 1) Stable; 2) Well designed; 3) Easy to maintain/upgrade.

I know they switch up the windows in terms of design. I like something crisp/clean and informative. The stock UI is very basic. It's a Volvo (reliable, safe, minimalist). I prefer a BMW (reliable, safe, cool). That's not an apt analogy, but I hope you get the point :).
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Thanks, i was looking for ui's on the googlenet and was just about to ask what are some of the better sites.

I forget, but aren't there some good compliation UI's (that is: grouping of the better mods out there into one complete package)?

Sorry for the noob'ish questions. I played consistently from opening until about early 2007 and haven't been on since. Actually chomping at the bit for Blizzard to restore a level 60 mage I had (among a few others).
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Best : 1) Stable; 2) Well designed; 3) Easy to maintain/upgrade.

My point is that what you're asking is subjective. For example, my raid frame addon of choice (Aptechka) meets all those above criteria, yet it's probably one of the least-used raid addons out there and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find many people willing to say they're the "best". I think Bartender is the "best action bar addon", but you might think it's Dominos, or Macaroon, or whatever. It's a bit like asking someone "what's the best colour?".

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I forget, but aren't there some good compliation UI's (that is: grouping of the better mods out there into one complete package)?

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If you want a ui replacement that is popular and updated for Cata, look at any of these:
- TukUI
- ElvUI (edit of Tuk)

You can also find user-made UI compilations (sorted by date) with screenshots here:

If you want to make your own UI, you can search Curse or WoWInterface for recently updated addons in each category and read the user comments.
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I would say LUI.. The only reason I don't use it is because I'm so used to mine. ;)
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I've had experience with xperl. It's not the most user friendly, but it gets the job done and it's safe.
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i'm a fan of elvui recently, so far no issues though i had to write several profiles for tank, melee, range so on. it tries to do it stock but its basic setup takes some of my action bars, which i want and need for keybinding, but they can be moved so i am good
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read the dates people.. the thread is almost 2 years old, pretty sure the op doesnt care anymore and has either made a choice or quit the game again.
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technically it would just be me since the person above me was the one to rez the dead thread
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I still enjoy it, typed in best wow ui and this is the thread that popped up so im sure it can help alot of people
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I found I am quite fond of ELVUI, a lot of good in it. I dont like Tukui to well, i gues since i cant customize how i want things. I got out of bartender and xperl since ELVUI did everything i needed and more.
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If you want to find groups or raids use oquque. I just learned about this thing today and I have already found 3 groups for the celestial fights.

The other ones that I use so far are DBM and gatherer. Still looking for a good raid frame.
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you're going to want to build one yourself to suit your needs.
there are a lot of premade UIs that you can just download and play with. some that install like addons, and some that require you to do a little bit of file renaming.

here is a good site for inspiration. :

premades are good they're convenient, but not always the best fit for everyone. i almost alway find myself toying with a premade in some way.
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