Character/Guild/Arena Team APIs Preview


20 Orc Warrior
How much precision will be supported when fetching small pieces of data?

If we only want to know one piece of statistics information, say the number of "Quests Completed" will we be able to specify that we only want that information and receive a response that is limited to the basic information and just that one data point?

or, will we be specifying ?fields=statistics and getting back *all* the character stats at which point we can pull out the "Quests Completed" stat that we're interested in?

There is no doubt a point of diminishing returns where it doesn't make sense for the API queries to return teensy tiny data elements that are more expensive for the server to find than they are to send but do you know yet where that point will be?

I'm curious about achievement data in particular as that is the vast, vast majority of data in a character. How specific can we get?

The difference in the amount of data returned by an "all" achievement data

versus a sub-section:

or an individual achievement:

could be quite significant in terms of volume of data returned.

I'm just quoting this because I'm wondering the same thing and I didn't see a related blue post. The armory page currently offers a slew of random factoids, such as number of deaths. Will I be able to get these individual nuggets by themselves, or will I need to accept a particular set of them all at once?
100 Night Elf Hunter
all this and more when its ready!

They have told us we will get full doc on the api's that are released just gotta wait and see
20 Orc Warrior
Yea. fingers crossed for Tuesday lol
100 Troll Mage
It looks like this might now be live?
100 Night Elf Hunter
we are getting some data but the axual fields are not published so its hit and miss
100 Blood Elf Priest
How i can get the, honorable kills, killing blows, killing etc?
100 Blood Elf Priest
I need get, the statistics of this link: and
100 Undead Mage
Sadly it isn't in yet and to make it even more fun you will get IP banned if you go and sc*!@* a bunch of those pages.
100 Human Paladin
09/09/2011 07:23 AMPosted by Painpriest
How i can get the, honorable kills, killing blows, killing etc?

Detailed statistics aren't available yet. It seems there is a meteor in the way blocking the transmission or something.

However, total HK's are the last item in the optional pvp field of the character API:
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