Where did your character's name come from?

100 Draenei Shaman
This thread was on the old forums, but was never remade. :(

Tycho (Shaman) (Tai-koh)
A combination, really. I'm a bit of an astro-nerd, although more about astrophysics and the evolution of astronomical science. Additionally, a character in one of my favourite OVA anime is named Tycho Science, so why the eff not?

There used to be a Rogue on this server named Tychus. Back in Wrath he told me he had tried to get the name Tycho but it was taken. Apparently I nabbed the name sometime after the previous Tycho left. :p He gave me a cupcake and I still have it!

Caspeia (Paladin) (Kass-peeah)
Again with an astronomy name, based off of the constellation and shortened. Thought it sounded cool.

Iskabel (Warrior) (Ihs-kahbel)
I wanted a name that sounded like a viking name. Isk was the first thing that came to mind and it shortly followed with Iskabel. Apparently Iska is the Swedish word for cold, so it worked out. Iskabel actually didn't originate in WoW, she originated in a free MMO that had a viking race, but I never really played that MMO so re-used the name.

Iolana (Druid) (Eeoh-lahna)
Pretty simple, it's a Hawaiian name meaning "soaring bird" appropriate for a Druid.

Coirfirinne (Rogue) (Cohr-fihrin-yeh)
Somewhat a Boondock Saints reference. Coirfirinne is the Gaelic tern for Veritas Aequitas, or truth and justice. It's also by far the hardest to pronounce. ;)

Tohbie (Mage) (Toh-bee)
The middle name of someone I lost a couple years ago. Although it's supposed to be Tobi, that and Toby were taken and I didn't feel like petitioning a GM.

Novinha (DK) (Noh-veenyah)
Taken from Orson Scott Card's "Speaker for the Dead", Dona Ivanova or Novinha. Probably the best book in that series not only for a great story, but a great meaning as well.

Semantics (Priest) (Seh-manticks)
I wanted to use this name for a Priest since TBC. The word popped up as a character name when listening to the Mars Volta song "Cavalettas". The image of an elf Priest in t6/Absolution came to mind.

Intention (Hunter) (In-ten-tchun)
Same as above, but with the end of the song "Ilyena". This was originally supposed to be a Nelf or Draenei Warrior though. I thought the name would sound cool on a PvP toon, tho I have no intention to PvP on this toon. (no pun intended... in either instance)

Abbigael (Warlock) (Ahbih-gail)
I wanted a gothy name, and for some reason that chick from NCIS popped into mind due to my mom's obsession with her when I originally rolled this toon as a Gnome, and then later as a Human. All normal variations of the name were taken.
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90 Draenei Hunter
Pronounced on an inhale, with an abrupt stop as the lower lip closes. The sound of a crossbow bolt in flight.
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40 Blood Elf Paladin
The Paladin named Mud....

When I came to be on Steemweedle Cartel I knew it would be hard to meet new people. I knew not everyone would adapt to my sweet yet sarcastic and occasionally just down right rude personality. I would soon make a name for myself but more than likely, not a desirable one. Therefore I gave myself a head start on my path downward. Therefore you may simply call me Mud.

***I also really just like Primus ;)

So...My name is Mud not to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or Dennis.

I'm not really six feet two but I do tend to be rude from time to time.

I got my pride.


There you have it. Just remember me as MUD
Edited by Mud on 5/18/2011 4:42 PM PDT
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85 Goblin Death Knight
There was a raider I picked up once who had a hard to say name. So I called him Mud.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
Seika is my original alias.
It's a town in Japan that was known for military activity and mafia activity in culture.
Also, a porn star, apparently if you google it.

Atazzi was from Atai'Hakkar (At least I thought it was atai because of my all caps font making I and L look the same at the time) and I added two z's because trolls love z's.

Akyza is like Zayka, similar to Seika. I wanted Kyza originally but I threw an a in front when someone had that name.
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85 Undead Death Knight
Saurian was taken from a game I played as a child called Dragon Seed, been using it a long time now when I think about it. But it was a race of Dragon in the game, but it usually is used for Lizard Men and such in RPGs.

For Shadence, I wanted a soft, but menacing name for my tank, turned out better then expected.

Keizia was deprived from Seika cause I was told to steal it before Akyza got ahold of it :P

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91 Draenei Paladin
Celestiele was chosen because I've been holy since BC and wanted a name to reflect it (my original name was taken when I moved here).

Asphodele is named for the Fields of Asphodel, aka purgatory in the mythological Greek Underworld. She used to be undead so this name made more sense back then.
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85 Worgen Warrior
I am a Firefly fan, and this char is named after Summer Glau's character in that series : River.
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85 Goblin Hunter

RP wise her full name is Frivolousi Haloke. Haloke being a name she earned in a rite of passage while staying with the Taunka. Frivolousi just being a name they gave her...her real first name being unknown to even herself.

Truthfully Frivolous wasn't to be anything spectacular...it was to be a toon I'd help my girlfriend level up with...then I fell in love with being a hunter and totally zoomed past her in levels. I've debated changing the name but my raid leader likes it and I take her opinions to heart.
Edited by Frivolous on 5/20/2011 10:14 AM PDT
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85 Human Paladin

Random blizz name.

Ploh my shaman alt was named off the star wars cartoon master ploh.
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40 Blood Elf Paladin
05/20/2011 10:43 AMPosted by Furor
I'm angry a lot.

I must ask where you purchased that very cleavage revealing shirt?
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85 Human Paladin
Sol means sun in spanish
Drys is what heat does to wet things
en means in in spanish

Drys in sun is my indian name so I mixed it up a little bit to get solendrys
Edited by Solendrys on 5/20/2011 9:29 PM PDT
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85 Troll Rogue
I literally started hitting random buttons until I happened to stumble on this. No joke. I think the "aki" part might have been influenced by the aki goblins in the Kamigawa M:TG set.

Also goodbye WoW, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines just finished downloading. Time to make another Malkavian. :3
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85 Blood Elf Priest
came from duskwood as Cherish, but when i xfered over it was already taken and this name just kinda popped into my head
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86 Blood Elf Rogue
Edit: LAWL Finneh RPs. >:)

My very first toon was a NE hunter (whose wasnt?). I tamed the ghost saber as soon as I could. I did a bit of research before I named it. I eventually found Kadika. Well, a variation of something, came up with Kadika. Basically it means ghost. Or see-through. Or something. It was over 2 years ago.

When I rolled Horde and decided on a rogue, the name of obvious.

And it's pronounced Kah-DEE-kah.
Not kad-ee-kah.
Not kah-!*%%-ah.


My main alt, Lavinia the priest, is the wife of Aeneas (Darrus even made a pally named Aeneas!), the mythical founder of the Latium peoples, the people of Romulus and Remus, Romulus being the founder of Rome.

Sacagawea, my druid. Well. You know.
Edited by Kadika on 5/21/2011 1:27 PM PDT
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85 Draenei Mage
Well it all started once upon a time..

I give up
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40 Blood Elf Paladin
05/20/2011 06:11 PMPosted by Furor

I must ask where you purchased that very cleavage revealing shirt?

A pirate gave it to me after I was finished with the wholesale slaughter of a small pirate village containing little green men on the coast of Stranglethorn.

I want to slaughter little green men for a sexy shirt :(

***Did you kill them all?
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80 Draenei Priest
Well one Day I was running around on my rogue when I came across a female draenei named Grassyknoll. Well what was I to do but create a Gazebo to sit on top of her. Unfortunately, by the time I created him and ran to the location Grassyknoll was gone, and I haven't seen her since. The joke was lost until this thread came up,
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