does anyone have suddenlink internet?

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May 6, 2011
Dear Customer:
In the last monthly cycle, your Internet account used 101.79 GB. That’s well above the typical monthly usage of up to 43.0 GB.

This situation could mean several things. For instance: a virus or "spyware" application might have infected your computer and started generating high levels of Internet traffic, or someone else might be using your Internet connection without your knowledge. To help guard against those issues, please consider the following steps.

If you have a wireless router, you may have unauthorized users logging onto your account. Ensure that your router is encrypted or password-protected by visiting the Web site of your router's manufacturer.
Viruses and spyware applications can, without your knowledge, generate excessive Internet traffic. Install and regularly update your computer’s security software to minimize the risk of your Internet connection being used by an outside party for unauthorized purposes. Suddenlink offers a free security package for qualifying customers. To learn more, visit:
Install software to limit or eliminate the volume of spam you receive.
Check with other members of your household regarding their Internet activities. For instance, someone in your home might leave a streaming music player running while they’re away doing other things. During that time, your account is using bandwidth without anyone benefiting from it.
If you’ve shared your Suddenlink Internet user ID and password with someone you suspect is causing you to exceed the typical usage range, consider changing your password.
Some popular, peer-to-peer file-sharing programs (e.g., Bit Torrent, Shareaza, etc.) will upload shared files, by default, to others as fast as your connection allows. This activity is often invisible to you, but it can result in significant usage. Check your file-sharing program preferences to make sure the upstream Internet is limited accordingly.
Make sure, if you use a news reader (e.g., Usenet), that it is not set to automatically download message bodies for groups to which you subscribe. Otherwise, you may download a significant volume of material that is of no interest to you.
If you wish to monitor your usage, we have set up a convenient way for you to do so. If you haven’t already done so, register your account at; when finished, click the link for “My Internet Usage Summary.” (If you’re already registered at, log on, go to "My Account," and then click the link for "My Internet Usage Summary.") Once there, you’ll be able to see how many GB you’ve used at any point in a given monthly cycle – and compare that usage to the typical usage for your package.

More information is available at:

Thank you for taking time to review this letter and for being our customer.

Suddenlink Management

got this letter today and thought it was strange. i remember reading stories about how comcast and at&t tried to set up monthly bandwidth caps and it got massive customer feedback (negative, obv). i think it's pretty weird how huge company's like that pulled back on a cap, and yet someone relatively small is now trying to do it.

and 43gb? really? atleast when comcast and att were trying to do it the cap was 150-200 iirc.
i call bs on that number anyway. one netflix movie is like 3gb+

now, i don't get the "this is the cap, or else" vibe from the letter or anything. more like a 'calm down bro' but still, it's pretty dumb imo.

wanna see if anyone else has had the same thing from suddenlink and if they actually made you change your package after a while.

inb4 get a blog
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I got one of those

Tbh I wouldn't worry about it until they actually start capping.

I don't see how they can advertise unlimited internet, and send you these nag letters, claiming you have an insecure wireless or malware.

43 GB isnt that much these days with streaming HD and most games now (like WoW) being digitally distributed.
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86 Human Mage
sour about that terabyte usage.

and yeah, i asked around and it doesn't seem like there's anything to worry about (yet)
i live in a pretty small town in east if they do decide to cap monthly bandwidth there's not really any other alternatives for me >_<

hopefully i'll be moved out of texas by then :P
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Honestly, most of Texas would riot if we got capped bandwidth. Gas and booze are expensive these days. With Netflix, hulu, steam, etc even an average, not really gaming family can burn a lot of bandwidth.

I know TWC (Roadrunner) almost had an implosion testing a bandwidth cap in AUSTIN of all places. Yeah. Not gonna fly.
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You got mad at that letter?

I wish my ISP would be like that. Granted, they are probably trying to deal with some infrastructure overload and are taking measures to try to reduce the workload. It doesn't sound like they are telling you that you're limited, but instead that your connection is churning out more than double the average.

I'm sure a lot of people probably discovered unauthorized use (router hacking) or even spyware apps if they followed the instructions. Either of those outcomes are good.
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05/26/2011 01:16 AMPosted by Bearodactyl
43 GB isnt that much these days with streaming HD and most games now (like WoW) being digitally distributed.

^ This pretty much sums it up. I am thinking though that smaller companies need to more closely monitor their GB usage. It's good they aren't threatening you about going over the cap. These days, that is bound to happen almost everywhere.

I guess the biggest concern anyone should have about net providers is connection. I know of some that are horrible. I use comcast (xfinity?) when I was playing Lineage 2 and my husband and I got D/C'ed all of the time when our cable router would try to update itself. It was annoying. I understand why those sort of things happen, but they are annoying nonetheless.

Thankfully our connection doesn't have D/C's like that anymore...
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Just how often did you refresh Aleros' Facebook profile page to use that much bandwidth?
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86 Human Mage
about as often as you refresh the feathermoon forums i would guess
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85 Troll Death Knight
Damn, that's a lot of refreshes.
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I read it more as, "Your usage spiked beyond your normal usage, are you clean?" Were I a provider and I noted that a customers monthly usage more then doubled, I would take notice of it myself.

It just looks like they are more concerned with the possible security issues of your usage doubling then with you using that much.
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I would tell them I don't give a damn about the "average usage". They are just QQing because its costing them more to keep their customers fed.
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Comcast didn't back off on their bandwidth cap. The 250GB cap is in place.
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Timbo removed his mustache.
So I removed the bone from my nose.
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This is where I call bs, because I just recieved the EXACT TO A T letter, "43 average vs 100+ gb" It seems to me that if you have to redownload sc2 or wow or any game 5+ gb while watching netflix, playing xbox live, and checking facebook/watching youtube videos (you know, usual stuff) all in one month ISP's can get pretty upset even though I'm paying for UNLIMITED bandwidth. Go figure. Same with AT&T, I had a jailbroken iPhone, used it to tether my laptop before Suddenlink, and they billed me extra for giving my laptop internet through my phone WHEN I PAY FOR UNLIMITED DATA. Inb4 tethering makes a difference.
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