Level 24 Alliance Guild <Knightsabre> is recruiting dedicated and reliable pvpers for our Premades and Rated BGs.
In order to participate in our Premade BGs all you need is a pvp spec, ventrilo and certain addons. No Res is required, but some is highly recommended.
In order to participate in our Rated BGs we require ~3kRes, ventrilo, and certain addons as well.

We are currently looking for all classes, but we are more focused on DPS, either range or melee. Outstanding FCers and Healers will always be considered for recruitment. We have managed to keep drama away from us for quite some time now, we expect all of our recruits to keep all drama on their side of the screen.

Our guild Raids during the week and PvPs during the weekend. (As with everything things aren't written in stone and can be changed to accommodate the majority's availability).

Thank you for taking the time read this post.
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