(H)<Mortal Wombats> recruiting

85 Undead Rogue
Wanna be a Wombat?!?!!?1!!

*the following paragraph is to be yelled in a high-pitched 80s Glam-rock style*

Are you looking for a new guild, but can't find one that fits your particular personality?
Are you strange and unusual in undefinable yet tangable ways?
Do you like to play WoW pantsless?
Are you looking to raid Hogger* 2-3 times a week?

If your answer to any or all of these questions was "yes" then I have good news for you, because...

<Mortal Wombats> are recruiting!!

*queue KISS guitar slide*


I was made for the Wombats baby!
You should get your app to us!
and I can't get enough of 'Bats baby!
can you get out of the fire!?

*incredibly dangerous but rad pyrotechnics*
/Gene Simmons tongue

I know, I know, this is exciting stuff, but please make sure you change your undergarments before submitting your application.

The 'Bats are predominantly a 25man raiding guild, and we are looking to swell the ranks a little now that Cata is well under way. Raider applications are being accepted for all classes and specs. If you have any questions then please feel free to grab a Wombat in-game and they can always direct you to an officer for a chat.

Lastly: While this advert might come across as light hearted, we are serious about raiding. We have, and will continue to throw out apps that have no effort put in them. You're not joining a guild, you're coming into our burrow. Give us some effort in your app and we'll make you feel welcome. Lazy out on the application and we will throw potatoes at you.** If you're interested in applying then visit the Mortal Wombats website at http://www.mortalwombats.com***

*Due to untimely boss deaths, targets change regularly.
**No medical bills will be paid resulting from potato injuries
***Footnotes are awesome
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100 Tauren Druid
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85 Night Elf Druid
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Dun dun dun dun DA DA dun dun dun dun DA DA dun dun dun dun DA DA MOOORTAAAAL WOOOOOOMBAAAAAAAAAT.

Also Soul legit throws potatoes. So I hear. One can't really trust the testimonies of those who profess to have been potatoe'd as they were of suspect mental acuity at the time.
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85 Undead Rogue
It's a lie, I don't really throw spuds.

Okay, that's a lie. They're never gonna let us back in that pub.
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100 Tauren Druid
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90 Troll Death Knight
Come, Join us. You know you want to.
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