Prot-Pally [ ilvl358 ] [ LF Raiding Guild ]

85 Tauren Paladin
Hello Everyone,
I will try and keep this short and sweet.

[ What Im Looking for ]
  • Serious Raiding guild with a solid foundation, that is focused on end game progression

  • Prefer 10man, but 25man is fine

  • People that raid smart, quality over quantity, raid 3 nights a week, 2 is fine also

  • Im looking for a place i can settle down in and call home for the years to come.

  • I am willing to server xfer, and faction change for the right guild.

[ Schedule ]
My preferred days for me are Mon-Fri-Sun, but i can raid any 3 of the following days.

  • Monday - 6:30pm - 11:00pm EST

  • Tuesday - 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST - Limited on Tuesdays

  • Wednesday - 6:30pm - 11:00pm EST

  • Thursday - 6:30pm - 11:00pm EST

  • Friday - 6:30pm - 11:00pm EST

  • Saturday - 5pm - 12:00pm EST - Some Saturdays are limited

  • Sunday - 5pm - 11:00pm EST

[ About Me ]
  • I am level 28 iRL, married and work as an IT Manager, I play WoW to Raid

  • I am honest, respectful, hardworking, and get along well with others. I dont believe in Drama!

  • The game is for fun, but i take Raiding seriously, and schedule my affairs so that i have time to raid 3 times a week.

  • I always come to raids prepared, I dont like to waste peoples time!

  • I like criticism and learning new ways to increase my play skill. I do alot of research on my Class and on Raids

  • Armory -

  • WoW-Heroes = 4830

[ Raid Experience ]
  • I was into high end raiding in EQ1, the moved to WoW at release.

  • Cleared MC, BWL, AQ40, some BC, then some Wotlk, CATA 10/12 (5% on Nef)

  • I have been around the block a few times, I raid aware and learn new fights quickly.

  • I have been GL & Raid Leader for a group of iRL friends as we pushed through Cata, this has since fell apart as over half the guild went casual and dont have time to raid.

[ Contact ]
  • Real Friend ID -
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100 Tauren Shaman
And you spent all of your time on daggerspine? If this is true then why not check guilds on and see which ones need your role and raid when you can raid.........
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90 Orc Hunter
Hi Epictankz! I occasionally browse the dspine forums, as this was my home for 3 years, but I too was looking for a more progressed guild and I have been lucky enough to find it.

Methodical is a progression based 25 man guild with 9/13 HM. We are currently working on Cho'gal and we are recruiting a prot pally! We are on a EST server, with raid days being Tues-Thursday 7:30pm-11:00pm, and we provide flasks, food, and enchants for raiders. We have many server firsts including Heroic Nefarian, and we have a very active guild with over 300 members. Methodical is one of the better known guilds on my server.

Would love for you to take a look at our website and see if we might be for you!

I will add you to realID and I will be prepared to answer any questions you might have. Good luck in your search and cheers!
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