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88 Gnome Warlock
Are there any good PvP Alliance (ok maybe an oxymoron) guilds out there??? I really enjoy Battlegrounds and would even like to do some rated ones. I just can't stand to PUG alliance BGs anymore.

Don't make me faction switch, the Horde women are ugly (ok maybe except for belfs).

I have a Gnome 85 warlock (crap gear) and an 85 Druid (crap gear). I have very little instance experience and even less raiding experience. I wouldn't mind doing some PvE instances/raids either.

Ok so why take me? Did I mention I have a Gnome? Do you need more reason???
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85 Worgen Priest
Phobetor is the best place for you, then.

I was Horde for five years, and had twinks at every *9 bracket up to 85 (except 79). Lifetime HKs across all toons is over 200,000. My wife and I run the guild together, and we are very small (only three members all real-life best friends). We PvP constantly, and occasionally do Heroics for money and for the hell of it (including powerlevelling newbies for the dungeon run guild achievements). We are level 1 as a guild, but have gotten 25% of that in just two days. (We just switched to Alliance recently), we have three bank tabs, a killer tabard, and love to PvP. This priest will be done gearing once I farm the entire main set (I have all of the offset and an emberfire suit on) and the Frost DK (my wife) only needs three more pieces of armor. We're ever so slowly building up the guild, looking for PvP newbies (in terms of gear), to join up and goof off with us.

Our immediate plans are to have premades for 85 PvP, eventually move in to Arenas once we're all geared, and finally do RBGs once we make a name for ourself. Add me to your friends list if you're interested and when you're on, I'll send ya a shout.

Have a good day, friend.
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88 Gnome Warlock
Thank you. I would totally be interested. My biggest concern is the time you guys play. I usually play between 10 PM to 2 AM PST. Sometimes a little earlier. I do get on the weekends a lot too.

I have actually gotten a lot better since my first post and now have most of my pvp gear (I still need the necklace and rings and such) but I now have 2029 Resilience.

I play UA Lock mostly. I haven't logged onto my Druid in a while. I switched him to Bear and wanted to learn tanking someday. I have always done healing with him but would like to try something else. I still have second spec as Restro.

I added you as friend. I guess we will see if we play around the same times. I hope so.

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85 Dwarf Hunter
I would love to join, too. I am a 3.2k resilience MM hunter.
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60 Human Death Knight
ambivalence is probably the best they have this magic named bottles and he does somethings and slize has his own channel and dont even get me started on that !@#$% lahnie
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