I am currently selling one kit for 1-525 for Engineering based on the guides from www.wow-professions.com/profession-leveling-guides

Everything needed from the first time you learn Engineering from the trainer up until level 525 is included in the guild, such as volatiles and bars. Not included are the materials to make items such as the flying mounts, teleporters, or the ground mount, as this is a leveling guide.

Materials will be delivered through a transfer of one of my guild banks to you after the money is delivered. To ensure that you are getting what you are paying for, you may join the guild before purchasing to make sure that all materials are in accordance with the guide. If something is missing I will be sure to incorporate it in immediately.

The cost of this package is not set in stone and can be negotiated to a certain extent, but due to the time that has been spent obtaining and organizing these mats as well as the ease of use for the buyer I am listing an asking price of 7.5k.

To contact me you can either leave a post on this thread, or contact me in-game through tells or the in-game mail service on this character aswell as Upsurge, or Defined.

<strong/> After Re-evaluating prices I am dropping my asking price down to 7.5k. - Edit
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