Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon

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This is basically no different than charging for realm transfers. If you want to play with your friends for free you have to be on the same server and faction, otherwise you'll have to pay premium. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

If the RNG gods are good to me and we queue using the LFD feature, it's possible we could all get in the same group and play together now.

This is essentially charging to use the /invite function to create that cross realm group before queueing rather than the server putting us together after.
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First, I was like :)

And then:

certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service.

I was :(
85 Night Elf Druid
Intresting feature although I still wish you guys would make an AliasID system to go along with it. Like realID I have plenty of friends that have moved on to other servers I wouldnt mind grouping with or chating with but I dont want to give them my real name. As it is this is just another system I wont be able to use because of the way you tie it to RealID.
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Very nice to hear that in the future we can invite our real life friends from other realms for Heroics in the future. I'll now be able to do Heroics with many great raiders I'm friends with from other realms for help gearing up. =)

I'm impressed Blizzard is going to be releasing this feature, and I agree with the premium features being added to it. Sounds very interesting though, and I look forward to trying this on the PTR once it is available for testing.
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I think being premium based is fine. You dont NEED to group with people from other servers, and you can always go roll a toon on their server if you dont want to pay.

However, since this will be a premium service, it would be nice if it offered truly premium benefits. I'm thinking not only dungeons, but raids. You should be able to invite someone from another server into your group, and then when they walk into the raid on their server, everyone ends up in the same raid. This would be really cool.
And you don't NEED to use the RDF, perhaps they should put a charge on that too? You don't NEED access to Firelands, why not add a charge to that too!
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i'd rather pay for "premium" raid content or something.

enough of this LFD nonsense. stop sinking time into that crap. this functionality should have been there from DAY ONE. its the least you could have done seeing as how you forced your RealID nonsense on us.

boo. this. company.
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What I suspect happened is that they were anticipating much more revenue on the premium mobile subscription from /g and they found that most people didn't stay past the free trial.

I see this is a way to bolster the sales on that service.

I don't think it's a coincidence. They've been building up the mobile premium subscription for quite a while now.

I don't mind paying three dollars extra for mobile access and guild chat and other OUT OF GAME functions. But if they're going to link this cross ream IN GAME service to the mobile account, I'll be cancelling my mobile account. Luckily all my friends are on this server.
90 Troll Mage
Currently we can only party with people from other servers in our battlegroup. This new invitation system will surpass that and have zero realm restrictions. I do not know the entire infrastructure of Blizzard's servers, but I highly doubt Blizzard is going to go to great lengths to improve the server connections furthur without fees. Also, 'certain' features will be premium-based. I doubt partying with friends in the same battlegroup will cost us because the connectivity is already there.
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85 Human Priest
how much is it gonna cost?
85 Draenei Mage
will be premium-based

I don't normally "squee", but I was squeeing as I read. Until I got to the above part. /sigh

Wonder what that will cost?
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