About us: With Cry Havoc, you can expect a diverse play style that includes a great deal of PVP and now a ton of PvE as well! We try to place ourselves to enjoy this game and ALL of it's content as much as possible! We are currently level 11, have a decent website, and a vent channel as well! We plan on running all end game raiding content, and advancement within guild is highly likely with the new PvE division.

What we are looking for: Our current recruitment is focused primarily on building our PvE section into a great success. With that, we are looking for mature, level capped members who are able to listen and stay focused on progressing through all raid content. You MUST have all UI's that we require in order to run our rated Battlegrounds and any of our raids, and must be on vent during all raid and rated bg runs.

How do you join?: Just head over to http://cryhavoc.s4.bizhat.com and apply! We will review your application asap and get right back to you.