eh just bored

i wanted to see how everyone likes cata do u like the content so far, do u hate it.

As for me i like the content i have yet to step foot in to a raid in cata but i like the new area's and dungeons granted the phasing is a lil hiccup. i love alot of the weather effects and being able to fly to places i wanted to see in wrath but wasn't able to.

Pvp is a lil more fun now that i don't have to see all them bots and afk people in bg's i dont even mind grinding dailies in tb on my alts which more or less i get facerolled when i pull 5 NPC's on priest.

Also being able to go back and nerd point grind things i wasnt able to get to earlier on by myself im happy wit the content ive gone through so far and will look forward to the content im getting geared to do

This just my opinion of the game what about the rest of u guys on jaed? =)
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my favorite part is when Deathwing breathes fire on me and kills me
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05/17/2011 06:36 AMPosted by Watershed
my favorite part is when Deathwing breathes fire on me and kills me

This only happens on my alts....never my main.
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05/22/2011 08:27 PMPosted by Kimika

Can you count to Potato?
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Well I can say it is a huge improvement from WotLK, I am sort of impressed.

The new heroic dungeons/raids are pretty challenging but still the point system to get epic gear... ugh. and the fact it is so ridiculous how easy it is to level now. I got bored, made an alt, and got to 30 in one day. The whole BoA gear %!*% is stupid IMO and the point system, but at least some of the gear that drops in the higher up raids is better than the crap you can vendor but still.. there is no incentive to play since all the game represents is a points grind, not skill. so wow a 14 year old with no job can point grind all day then I hop on and they are decked out in vendored epics while I can only play on weekends with a few decent drops. cool Blizz.

Just been making alts and leveling but yeah.. not sure how long I'll keep playing. but yeah, WoW is better these days but still has some major flaws they need to address if they ever decide to make a new exp. it's going easymode x over 9000 to get to end game. just sayin.
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06/15/2011 08:17 PMPosted by Fortyclaws
The new heroic dungeons/raids are pretty challenging but still the point system to get epic gear... ugh.

06/15/2011 08:17 PMPosted by Fortyclaws
there is no incentive to play since all the game represents is a points grind, not skill. so wow a 14 year old with no job can point grind all day then I hop on and they are decked out in vendored epics while I can only play on weekends with a few decent drops. cool Blizz.

Everything in this game requires you to grind in some form or fashion.

  • If you want to have the best PVE gear then you need to raid.

  • If you want to raid, then you should grind reps for epics and shoulder/helm enchants.

  • You should also get as much craftable gear as possible, which requires some grinding for gold/mats to make it.

  • You also need to grind gold/mats for flasks, potions, buff foods, and other misc things you may need during the raid.

Most every MMO out there uses the "grind system" for end game content. You grind the same boss over and over for the one drop that you need. This is the story of every MMO. It isn't for everyone. Those with the most free time to spend on this game have always been rewarded with the opportunity to succeed the farthest. However, the opportunity to succeed requires skill in order to actually succeed.

These points that you get from doing your daily dungeon, or BH, or downing a raid boss help provide people with more epics than they would previously be able to obtain, which allows them to be more prepared when entering a raid for the first few times. The only worthwhile things you can get with "points" are misc items and some 359 tier pieces. This system is clearly meant to prepare someone for raiding, not be a substitute for it. Raiding isn't for everyone; so, how is this point system a bad thing especially for those who don't raid much if at all?

With the new ZA/ZG added in 4.1, there is an obvious divide between the "skilled" and "unskilled". Most unskilled players that are unable to down a boss in ZA/ZG are often vote kicked, leave, or the group doesn't defeat the boss; therefore, they are unable to get those epics until they acquire some skill (or get carried to victory another day!).

You can never get 372 PVP/PVE gear from "point grinding". There are still lots of things in this game that require skill (or a guild that will carry you like my guild carries me!). If you want to see people with skill, find some PVP'ers with the High Warlord or Gladiator titles, or find someone with the title Death's Demise or Light of Dawn. Those can never be earned from "point grinding". Any 14 year old that spends 24 hours a day in Azeroth has the opportunity to get all of these epic items and titles but only if they have the skill to earn them.

TL;DR : Don't be discouraged. If you want better gear, all you have to do is invest the time in the game to earn it. "Grinding points" will only get you so far; skill has to be present in order for you to further succeed.
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Bravo, great reply. I was hoping someone would make a good response like you did haha. Here's my two cents..

Everything you said is right, I was just expressing my personal opinion about the game. Yeah all MMOs are just grind fests but just bothers me when WoW went to the badges/points system. Like in Vanilla if you had full T1 or T2 you were a LEGEND! it took a lot of hard work to reach that level and it was rare to see a lot of people in full armor sets back then. You earned it you you weren't handed it. Like after ICC came out people pretty much had full sets of the epic gear within a month, well on my old server anyway. I mean yeah, it benefits some people but just doesn't seem so rewarding since you go around SW or Org and everyone has the exact same gear on haha.

And yes you are right, it is a good system to prepare people for raiding but it just seems 'too easy' if that makes sense. Like I see people with nice gear that still can't play their class and they never got to learn really since they probably did RAF or some !!%! and got rushed through the game then when it comes to an 85 heroic or raid they are like uhh.. well my gearscore says this so I can join! I mean yeah, personally it bothers me but the system makes sense in the broad scope of things. And you are right those people get booted out too but sadly I still see people get carried all the time, especially pisses me off when you lose a gear roll to them haha. Like I got to 80-85 without doing any of the Cata dungeons but once I tried em out on heroic I adapted quick since I was used to doing all the TBC heroics/raids which no one ever does anymore and just looking at boss fights on youtube. I'm not bragging or anything don't get me wrong just is a very ironic system.

And yeah the way they separated the PVP gear is nice forgot about that, I still have my first character that was a Knight-Captain and that took some work but you were rewarded for it. It's not like someone can rush you through pvp ya know? I agree with your last statement too just awesome.

Ulduar was the pinnacle of WoW in my opinion but then Blizz screwed up and dropped ToC like a month later then it all fell apart from there. ICC was average at best. Cata revived the game just personal issues I guess since I have been playing for a long time on and off. Just keep reading things Blizz says they're going to do then they go back on everything they said like about not catering to a bunch of babies who want their gear handed to them. there is also no real solid raid tier progression anymore because they do gear resets every patch haha. cant wait for firelands... pfft.

So all in all I need to stop crying and just play the game as it is but I am very worried the next exp or maybe just future patches are going to ruin the game to me. well played sir!

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I'm looking forward to 4.2 a time to brush off the old pve skills. i didn't like the way the t 11 warrior armor looked so i wasn't worried about pve much but 4.2 armor(t12) looks cool and being able to take on Ragnaros as current content looks like its gonna be fun.

i was so happy about it i made a second warrior(goblin) to help out

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