<Bloodreign> is a new guild on the alliance side of Daggerspine composed of several long time players. We are currently beginning to step into Black Wing Descent and are in need of some competent players to push progression.
At the moment we are in need of ranged dps (Hunter, Mage & Ele Shaman) and a few good healers (Pally, Priest & Shaman) but and competent class & spec is welcome. Being geared is nice, however if you know your class and are willing to help yourself we are willing to help you farm Justice Points and get you caught up on gear.
We believe in a drama free and enjoyable environment and strive to offer that to each guild member. Guild repairs and enchants/gems are available to everyone (considering the gear is worth the enchant) Our level is on the rise and we push to max daily xp each and everyday. With you though & progression the guild will level seamlessly.
So if you are interested in being apart of building a reputable guild and doing it with enjoyable freindly people. And you are willing to put in some work to do so then we would be honored to have you as a part of our team in the fight against the corrupted dragon aspects.
Feel free to contact any guild admin in game for ?'s or invitation. Kelexi, Ragnara, Davaladru or Bignecro.