[A]<Unknown>: Morning Progressive Raiding

I'm attempting to put together a core group of players who, for whatever reason (located in Asia/Australia, work night shifts, etc), would prefer to be raiding in the morning hours (server time). There's currently some late night guilds on Llane, but none running in this time slot, and I'm sure there's more players out there who are capable of and would like to focus on serious raid progression.

Quite a few people here may remember when I used to play back in Classic with Rapture. I'm used to being on the cutting edge for content progression, and doing pugs with ZA/ZG groups is killing me. If you find yourself in the same boat, then contact me about joining and let's get to doing something a bit more interesting and challenging.

I don't care if you're geared or not, although that's an obvious plus, but I would like players who are intelligent, and committed to real raid progression. That means researching and learning fights ahead of time, getting the talent spec/gear, gems, enchants, etc to max your raid contribution, and having a degree of raid awareness that is an absolute must in raids.

As it stands now, we have a group of about 9 players, most with multiple alts that are all at least raid-ready. Depending on the mix, we already have a couple tanks, healers, and multiple DPS; however, I'm still entertaining recruiting any class (dps, healing, and tanks). Ideally, I'd like to find at least 5-8 more people. Ranged DPS is especially needed: Elemental Shaman, Boomkin, Mage, or Warlock are the biggest needs.

Raid times are 7am - 10:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To join, contact myself, Kad (my alt), Debìan, or Gnu in-game, or submit an application on our web site: http://known.enjin.com

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85 Worgen Death Knight
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85 Gnome Warrior
Bump for good people.

Nice to see you back again to Dak.
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Bump - raiding Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday now.
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85 Draenei Death Knight
im a dk frost / blood ilvl 354 in pvp and in pve 354 i love to do Arena/ Rated battlegrounds/ raids and dungeon's just a all around good guy will do just about any thing 4 any 1.im a master ill grandmaster in tailoring and in Inchantin, as i always say its free with your matzzz
im ONLY a DPS i love wow too much
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85 Human Priest
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85 Gnome Priest
Hi. Shadow Priest here. I've been looking for a guild in this time slot for a while now. I work a 12hr rotating schedule, and get off at 7:00am, home by 7:15 normally, but, also have days off during the week, meaning that I would be on time 2/3rds of the time. I've been looking to contact one of the toons you've mentioned, but haven't seen anyone yet. Anyway, will keep attempting to contact.
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I'm away at a conference for a couple weeks, which is why you haven't seen most of the toons mentioned; however, I'm not a big fan of hierarchical structures that really aren't large enough to justify it, which basically means any Raider in Unknown has ginvite privileges (which is pretty much everyone with a level 85 character).

So another alternative is to simply do a "/who Unknown 85" and ask pretty much anyone you see on for an invite, although it's their prerogative whether to ginvite or point you to the web site or someone else.
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85 Human Paladin
Bump for Dak.
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85 Human Paladin
We are currently looking for 1 tank, 1 ranged dps (either warlock,boom chicken or shaman) and a resto druid. We are raiding on Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM. PST any member for info or visit web site.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Are you guys recruiting only raiders or is there room for more casual players? Although i have plenty of experience (used to be MT and raid leader) and am able to be very serious about raiding , my RL schedule keeps me from being part of a core group of raiders.

I am having problems just finding a nice guild (raiding or not) that matches my playtime.

I would be happy with being a backup/occasional raid member or even just be a member of a raiding guild that plays mornings even though i am not part of the raids. Just so i can have some other players to chat with and run things with.

Even though i dont play much , i always was a team player and am always willing to help friends and i work hard to be an asset to any group i am in.
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