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24 Worgen Priest
I'm going to say this as nice as I can, because I am not going to stoop to your level of maturity and intellect. To enter a dungeon and start flaming the Priest on the second mob is really quite stupid. Yelling that the tank is at 98% health and how could I let him get that low? WTF is that about? Telling me that I F'ing suck at healing when no one has died and we're just starting is just ludicrous. I think you were just there to start trouble and confusion. Yes, you died.. but, only because you earned it with your attitude towards me. I happen to have an almost level 85 Priest and know what I'm doing. For heaven's sake...we're level 15 lol. Give me a break buddy.

I think anyone who groups with this idiot should just kick him cuz he will just cause problems.

end Rant....
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85 Blood Elf Priest
hell, i would have let the pi$$y bltch die to.

I'm tired of folks expecting wrath in cata. hello... only thing the two share besides recycled content and such is the *a* sound.

and lv 16 you guys should still be trying to have fun and work as a group in a group situation... o wait. people still do that right?
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100 Orc Warrior
That's the thing, there are simply very few of us left that did play and or raid since vanilla. Having played for over six years, i miss the atmosphere that was vanilla and bc. I remeber mc and bwl wiping religiously with usl. I remember wiping in Bt with gsf. It was the best time of my wow life. The masses seem to have come when wrath came out, and feel that they should just cleave there way through content, without any cc strategy or anything.

Everytime i pug za or zg outside guild etc i want to rake my eyes out, people simply cant play or even have the mindset to complete the dungeon successfully, but on the other hand you cant let it ruin your day or cripple you, its just a pasttime, as with anything try to take it in stride
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