Raid Updates for 4.2

90 Troll Priest
05/24/2011 09:48 AMPosted by Meia
I'm not concerned with nerfing content already out when new is available. I'm worried about them fitting an entire tier's worth of loot onto 7 bosses.

Lets go Meia, my other priest needs BWB, otFW and other various titles.
85 Troll Hunter
Just to be sure...

Is this huge and ridiculous nerf bat normal-mode only?

I can imagine the next "litle changes":

Blackwing Descent

Nefarian's End

Eletrocute has been reworked. Intead of dealing damage, it now gives a raid wide buff called Overpowered pew-pew, that increases the damage and healing by 10% everytime anyone get hist by tail lash, shadowflame breath and Lightning Discharge.

Nefarian has lost his wings. In phase 2, he will still be in lava losing 0,5% health per second.

A bug has been fixed. Onyxia now should be properly headless. To compensante, her tail lash will be hitting harder, but has now a 90% chance of miss.

Animated Bone Warriors now are passive mobs, and will attack only if their heath gets to 5%.
100 Human Rogue
As long as 5 man heroes aren't walking around with the dragonslayer title I don't really care what you do with the tier difficulty. The more people that can experience the fights the better.
85 Undead Warrior
*sigh* so much for feeling like I met and beat a challenge.
88 Night Elf Druid
Thanks Nethaera, looking forward to it!
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85 Draenei Shaman
05/24/2011 10:14 AMPosted by Legan
Animated Bone Warriors now are passive mobs, and will attack only if their heath gets to 5%.

Funny. This might actually happen with all the people that pad meters on these mobs.
43 Night Elf Hunter
05/24/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Anshahak
*sigh* so much for feeling like I met and beat a challenge.

Didn't you?
85 Goblin Death Knight
I am just worried that firelands will not be enough then. Ïf they are nerfing this so harshly, there will be almost no more challenge or fun doing these in normals. And firelands will be only 7 bosses in just one raid.
New players may probably suffer from this, since their way in getting into raids is actually the old content, that is nerfed that badly, unless firelands is really easy on normal, and that would suck.
85 Blood Elf Warrior
Im stoked. finally i can get my alts raid geared. tired of only having my main geared out.
100 Dwarf Warrior
Great changes, as they'll allow the rank-and-file of most guilds to organize both main and alt runs with reasonable expectations for success; as well as keep Tier 11 content attractive as a mainstream option to gear for Firelands.
85 Undead Mage
This is Stupid
100 Undead Priest
These changes go to far.

I was really looking forward to coming back to BWD/BoT and finishing up hard modes after 4.2 came out and we got our raid some better gear. It's one thing to have slightly better output/health pools... but an entirely different matter when you no longer have to do the fight mechanics

But some of these changes turn the encounters into incredibly watered down versions.

Take for instance the changes to Nef
Animated Bone Warriors take 33 seconds to fall over, (down from 50.)
Blast Nova cast time increased.
Chromatic Prototype Health reduced 20%.
Electrocute damage reduced 30%.
Fewer Animated Bone warriors spawn.
Magma Stacking debuff effect reduced 75%.
Nefarian health and melee damage reduced by 20%.
Nefarian's Shadowblaze cast frequency cannot increase beyond 1 per 15 sec.
Onyxia health and melee damage reduced by 20%.
Shadowflame Barrage damage reduced 20%.
Tail Lash damage reduced 50%.

Increasing the cast time on blast nova would defiantly help those that are struggling.

Reducing the damage of Electrocute by 30% makes it hit for ~70k, mix that with Shadowflame barrage doing 20% less damage and Magma doing 75% less, and you now no longer have a risk of death in P2.

Fewer bone warriors, ~40% less time until they die and a MUCH higher cap on time between shadowflame essentially turns P3 into a tank and spank. Grab some adds. Stand still and off tank them until nef falls over.

Please please please reconsider the changes you are making. You are essentially turning fun fights into tank and spank fights with little to no regard for the mechanics. If you want to make fights easier, consider increasing the time to interrupt raid wipe abilities as well as slightly reducing health/damage (maybe 10%). But removing the mechanics goes too far and effectively neuters the fights.

I really don't want to come back to BoT/BWD and literally have all the hard modes fall over (because with these changes... they will). At least consider making these changes for normal modes only.
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62 Goblin Shaman
Firelands wont be easy my friend, remember Vanilla ragnaros? lol theyll make it just as big of a pain...
100 Human Rogue
05/24/2011 10:25 AMPosted by Karnosh
Firelands wont be easy my friend, remember Vanilla ragnaros? lol theyll make it just as big of a pain...

If I have to deal with knockbacks on the new rag fight that are as bad as the old ones then I'll seriously quit. KNOCKBACKS ARENT FUN
100 Human Paladin
05/24/2011 10:21 AMPosted by Jawaka
*sigh* so much for feeling like I met and beat a challenge.

Didn't you?

Who knows?
85 Human Mage
(gets down on bended knee)

supports these changes fully but...

can we PLEASE try to do something with healing? Anything at all.

begging here.

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