LF interested players for 25m alt runs

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This invite goes out to the players that think they are the best on the server. I am looking to put together a 1 day/week alt run. The goal of this run is to help players get to know each other in a raid environment and to create a community on the server that is not tied to a players guild. So far I am just looking to see how much interest there is in a run like this but I will follow up with more detail. If you are interested in this please reply to this post or find me on drobb or drobnik just to say you would be interested in something like this.

Detials of Raid-

Requirements to raid- It goes without saying that no body likes being held back by other players gear. because of this and the new instances that are available I believe that bare minimum for this raid would be a 350 ilvl. This will help to ensure that people want to play on a consistant basis and are willing to try to gear their toon. Other than that I would hope that people will bring flasks and potions though I wont require them.

Raid Day- I am thinking this should be either a saturday or sunday in the mid day, possibly saturday at 1 server and go for 3 hours or sunday at 1 server and go for 3 hours. This is up for discussion and I will be taking note of what more players would like. This could even be a late night thing, just depends on what people want.

Progessions/instance choice- This will be decided by the raid on the day of the raid as to where we go for that day. Most likely by ready check or some other form of group vote. What bosses we do will follow in line with what instance we choose to do.

Loot- since the plan is to make this a 25 man raid there will be plenty of loot to go around however there must be something in place to keep it organized. The standing rule will be 1 piece of loot per player and it will be decided by rolls. If the players rolling on loot have all recieved a piece then it will be given to the highest of those rolls. (if you have any concers about this please let me know but this is pretty straight forward).

For now this is just to find interest in the idea, I will also set up a channel in game to talk to people in and find out what works best for everyone. If interested join chat channel "pugkings" to talk with everyone else.
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Bumping cause I think this sounds pretty cool.
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