Felstalkers Log,

85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, July 31'st, 5:52 PM

Woops, I hit Submit with only having my name in the post, how silly.

Anyhow, Whats up Cairne! I've been good of course, but the real question, is how are you? I'ma on the edge of comming back to the realm and doing....whatever it is I would do on Warcraft, I've not been active by any means. But the Annual Pass still has me till the 10th month of the year, so what should I do? If I do play, I'll have to be around here, and if I Don't........I won't.

Anyhow, hows it been yall?
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100 Draenei Death Knight
I used to raid with ya in wrath Fel, I never did replace that damn shield on my warrior.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Wednesday, Septermber 5th, 5:27 AM

So, the question becomes, how are the new Talents, as they are now active.

It feels like they took away our toys, bought us a bunch of shiny new ones, and said pick 4 to play with at a time.

In the end, you still have less stuff, and that just doesn't sit well with me. I've now 19 empty Keybinds, and yet I still have my full Kit. In fact, I feel more like glass Cannon late Wrath than the early Cata fuctional Beast in which we became.

Remember late wrath, in which Warlocks and mages insta gibed anything they saw, while shadow priests did the same, but faster and far more subtle? Warriors were useless a while, more so than paladins or Rogues since at least they had some utillity!

Warriors at the Dawn of Cata however...we had Heroic Leap added to the Kit...that changed EVERYTHING! We now had the mobillity to chase down any target, if used right. We had decent damage and could hold our targets down while we beat them bloody. I loved that early Cata, but then we lost Intercept.

Meh I guess, I stopped being able to catch things and actually fight more than one ranged oponnent at a time, but not to big a deal. But now, it's different. I've less tools, but far better use out of those I have. I deal damage to thing, my interrupts are still super important, but I no longer have to know how to Interrupt a Heal, then Charge interrupt a heal, Spell Reflect a Sheep, Enrage a Fear, Intimitating shout the next Heal, THEN finally kill the target.

Nooo, it was overly difficult, and way to much work to fight one guy, hell, we used every single tool to duel every single person. If I didn't know when to Recklessness, Pummel , Fear, Heal, Fear Break, Charge, Heroic Leap, Intercept, Spell Reflect, Throwdown, and Disarm, WHILE Dealing damage, slow steady damage , I couldn't be counted usefull for anything.

So um, Rambling! I liked having to do everything to be usefull, but can't we you know, actualy fight and outsmart muitple people at once? Those Mid Wrath Duels agianst 4 people at Wintergraps was damn fun to me.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, Septermber 25th, 5:29 AM

Mists of Pandaria is out, and as cool as it sorta sounds I ain't got it yet, and do plan to take my time.

I've much to do you see, many games to play and many hours of school to do. I must watch more movies and T.V. series, and learn to do more stuff's like how to pick a lock or which direction the sun rises and sets.

But I have picked up wow agian in the past few days, and it's been decent. So, I'd best do what I do and do it so! Good Luck in Pandaland people, because I catch up...I do so catch up.
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91 Troll Mage
Dear Captains log,

Day unknown since I have returned. My guild has overwhelmed me with "wth, where have you been" and "raid?" I still have yet to join a raid on Silantro.

I made a sandwhich. Ham and sharp american. Waiting on servers to go up again.

I avoided the soap opera channel like any woman should. It only adds more drama into the failness of this world.....of warcraft.

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100 Dwarf Shaman
Log of Bornan

Got to level 77 and did black temple for the first time ever. pretty fun did it with my guild buddies and my brothers. Didn't get the epics but i did get some cool Armour for my brothers. Look forward for more raids, i have only done like 5 different raids so im always excited to do new ones.
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