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Felstalkers Log, Wednesday, June 29, 3:27 AM

I decided that 4.2 was the perfect time to start Tanking back during the Shattering Patch, I knew that after I leveled to 80 during the Rise of the random Dungeon finder, Aka ICC, that doing the same dungeon over and over for a year was boring. Expecialy as a tank, since I have no wait time, and just tons and tons of the same stuff over and over for 3 years doesn't sound fun to me.
So I just got some gear and started up with a few Normals to warm up, then moved onto a Heroic, with Robinsondyla and Tayira as my group buddies(and yes, sorry if I misspelled one of your names, I'm bad at names.)
Anyhow we got Deadmines, a place that people aparently dread.

The Dungeon was fine, but Foe Reaper 5 Billion was not.
You see, I'm a fast learner, the dungeon Journal is all I need to learn a fight well enough to tank it, so I spent 2 miniutes reading up on the various abilities and making up my own Strat.
all the while I have GOOOOOOOOOOOOO spamming my screen from Robin.
Sure, he's in a hurry, I'll go, no need to know what to do right? Make sure everybody knows the fight? No, just run in because a dps has to sleep in about, 3 hours ago.

So He takes proto-type reaper and does some molten tanking stuff, Meanwhile The Warlock Dies, and the DK is producing less damage than I could tanking at 80.
Robinsondyla said the DK wasn't dealing enough damage, and should be kicked, and on that grounds I agreed, he needed to pull more damage than he was doing.

Then Robinsondyla starts being a @*!!.
Well, he was acting like one since the dungeon started, but it was a Cranky lack of sleep Robin, he was in no mood for someone he considered less than important because they are of a different realm and suck ass compared to him, and he was wasting his time in the heroic anyways and just wants it to be over, and about how he did this before that while eating whatever and yada yada blah blah blah.

Yea, I don't fly with that.

Everybody, regardless of whether I know them or not should be treated with respect, and saying all the group not from our realm was useless garbage drew a line, and one I refused to cross! So I say no to kicking the DK.
We wipe agian, and I suggested we simply let the DK use the Reaper, and let Robin actually dps, which was silly to me since why would you want the only guy doing good dps on the reaper right? Sure the DK wasn't that good at the Prototype Reaper, but he was learning damn it!

Blah Blah, the Moral is Being a @*!! doesn't get you anything, I'd rather wipe 10 times on a boss and have fun teaching a kid to play then get 30 gold and a shiny new toy that will become outdated tomorrow when I do a different dungeon or raid.
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Felstalkers Log, Thursday, June 30, 8:33 PM

Razer Nostromo just appeared in the mail today.
After finding out my laptop didn't seem to have two USB ports, I FREAKED OUT.

Then I found it, and now I'm agian worrying about the strangeness that is the Nostromo.

It's so gosh darn different, yet it just feels so perfect for gaming that, it's obviously better, but difficult at the same time.
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Felstalkers Log, Saturday, July 2nd, 4:53 AM

So I'm slowly getting used to the Nostromo, however it's still annoying to relearn something and not have access to the keyboard for amazing quick type abillities.

I just finished a Wargame with various guildies and realm players, Mostly the cool realm players but a few decent fellas as well.
Team comp for my side was 6 DPS and 2 healers. While the enemy had 4 healers and 4 dps, The over abundance made it difficult to kill them, but also let my team split evenly and be able to deal with the damage.
I slowly got used to interrupting and Silencing on my Nostromo, which lead me to get the Final Flag Return at the end of the Match.
Score, 1-1. We scored the last point so we technicaly won, but I'm still old school and feel unless we get all 3 points, it's not a win, it's a Tie. I wound up with Massive damage due to my trying to simply Burn down a Flag Carrying Healer who stood on the Flag Base....with 3 other healers healing her. My team had to deal with keeping the healless dps at bay untill the game ended, or I returned the Flag.......

So i actualy Returned the Flag about 2 Seconds before the end of the game, which made me feel quite fantastic.

From now on, I'm Cyborg Felstalker.
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Felstalkers Log, Sunday, July 3rd, 4:40 PM

Ok, this is going to sound Paranoid, but I think someone is out to kill me.

And I have proof...ish.
The thing about me is I'm nice, I'm Friendly, I'm Awesome. And I'm Untrusting.

So, about 30 miniutes ago I log in and start doing some Archaeology, and some guy named Dastrix told me he needed help, had a friend in grubashi Arena, and wanted some payback on the guy, so wanted me to come in and beat him up.
I'm a bit busy doing my own thing, and I have work in an hour so I simply told him no, no harm done. But he was adamant in getting me to come help him. I kept telling him I was busy.

So he went on about how he could pay me, how he would summon me, yada yada.
I'm supicious by nature, so I did the whole /who cape to see who all was in the grubashi area.

Two people who I know to dislike me, Halogenn and Shamzy. Who both happen to be in the same guild as Dastrix. All former Algorithm of PvP members...or so Dastrix said about himself.

The thing for those of you who don't really care...meaning everybody who reads this, is Shamzy and his buddy Halogenn, and all their alts, were recently kicked from the guild for unapropriate behavior, and thats personally something I don't like.
Insulting guild members, harassing newbies, bad mouthing other players and guilds they happen to see in durotar. Everything a guild doesn't need.

So they get kicked, and start attacking guild members in whispers, all fixed with an ignore.

Now today, someone in the same guild needs my help killing his friends, both of whom seem to have a large hate for me, and happen to be two of three people on my ignore list. All in the same zone......that sounded fishy to me, like they were going to lure me in and beat me up for lunch money.

So I suggested they get a friend of mine to come in and help him. The dude said only I could help.....and I was all Screw this, I'm outta here.

and then I did some more Arch, logged off, wrote this, then I'm off to work, seya in a few hours people of Cairne!

Oh, isn't it awesome to have people hate you enough to try and ambush you?

Or am I just crazy?
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Felstalkers Log, Monday, July 4th, 2:08 PM

No big news today, altho I wanted to confirm a few things. It seems Shamzy has been doing the weird trick people to go to grubbashi and kill them to various guild members, Bombos was asked for help, he ported over, they killed him, lol'ed at him, then he ported back to org and waited for his bg que, not very important to him but hey, it seems they love doing this trick.

So yea, the Nostromo is amazing in terms of keybinds and abillities, altho I've not yet got the hang of movement with it, and boss positioning is suffering for it. I've also figured a way, using my Nostromo and Naga in conjunction, to remove the necessity of the Numlock while using my Naga....which is plain awesome.

So yea, and last up for todays log, Happy 4th of July.
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Felstalkers Log, Wednesday, July 6, 2:50 AM

So I decided earlier today, that my guild was antsy by not having a Rated Bg group, like the ones that trade were building up. Well, I said why not, and I'm going to make a Guild Rated BG group tomorrow, not purly guild, but hey, might as well as get people in on it right? Rules are simple, come in PvP gear, have your trinket, and be able to get in vent.

So I log, head to work, get back. about 4 people left the guild because I required PvP gear to join in on the Rated BG I'm going to host.

Is it too much to ask for PvP gear when people do my raids?

NO IT'S NOT! My group, My Effort, My rules. When I set standards, I expect everybody to follow them, be it me, or anybody else, don't follow these rules you can't go. But that doesn't mean you don't have the means to get it.

So to top it all off, someone changed the guild message I wrote and said PvP gear not required....I of course changed it back, because I'm going to be making the group, not whoever changed it. Seriously, some of you people are just crazy.
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Felstalkers Log, Wednesday, July 6th, 5:49 PM

So I did it, I made a Rated BG group, the intent was a guild group but, my guild isn't active enough at this current time to do it, and the members who were active coudln't meet my requirements, the biggest step was vent, which I required regardless of wether you were the worst of best player on the realm.

Several people had time for one game only, or need of only one game, so we only did one game. The Map was Twin Peaks, and as I said as the que was moving, I would go Tank spec for the group if we get a Flag Bg, which I reluctantly did. The move was a smart one.

First off, the Healers did amazing, they could heal, they could move, they knew how to play the game. Second, our dps knew how to burn a target, keep someone still, and I think I saw this whole Tug a War with Death and Life grip going on. Third, I'm always amazed at Prot pvp.

As Flag carrier, I was in charge of keeping people from killing me, and making sure the flag got capped asap. Spell reflect, Trinket, Last Stand, Shield wall, all these wonderfull moves to keep me alive, but I rarely had to use them to live, only to get moving fast enough to cap a Flag. Most usefull move goes to Heroic Leap of course, which cuts down travel time as well as help me with the Leap + Charge at someone nearer to our base than myself.
I didn't cap all 3 flags, the 3rd one saw me holding off the enemy flag holder, human holy paladin, and a group of alliance dps with two healers at my back as the others ninjad the flag and ran to our base on the other side of the map.

Here is where the gold came in. We had one guy inside the alliance base, probably stealthed but it happened so fast I didn't pay attention to the who or what, altho I believe I got a screenshot. But while most of the group fought them off and ran around, the alliance thought it safe to Switch flag holders, so one let go, and before the next guy could grab it we snatched the flag and won the game.

So now I have Ruthless shoulders, and 1 Rated BG win, 74 more and I've a Title and mount.
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Felstalkers Log, Friday, July 8th, 2:00 AM
So, I decided after that post yesterday to log bag in, and do some more Rated Bg's with The soul Asylum. Then after several more awesome wins we ended it for the night, I learned a lot from those BG's we did.

So fast forward to tomorrow, or about 5 Thursday, The guild decided to get a few rated bg's done ourselves, and we tried and tried, trading out those who can't make it, or had to go with fresh people from our guild and friends list, and also a few from trade. So, after a large number of games ,we eventualy win, and then we win another, and another.
It was difficult, and spent ourselves 6 hours to win those games, but it was worth it, we got ourselves, and several other people who replaced those who had to leave, with Ruthless shoulders.

And then it Happened. We won our final BG for the night at about 11, and we won guys shoulders, Achievements, AND I WON SCOUT!

I'm now Scout Felstalker, my old plan for "playing the games untill you get a title" worked. You don't lose much points untill you get to those titles, in fact I didn't lose much at all the whoel time. Took me 6 wins to get that title, and it took 2 days to put enough effort into earning it. Now are people going to call me bad for having to work for my title? Of course. Does that diminish the title? Of course not!

So yea, today, I'm a Scout.
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Felstalkers Log, Sunday, July 10th, 3:22 AM

I've done it, I decided that the only way to get better was to play with better people, since 3v3 teams are a hastle to make and keep on trucking on,I just moved on to my specialty, large pugs.

So, Rated Bg pugs just keep on trucking on, we just won us two games in a Row, first off a EotS, now here is the thing....we brought in an undergeared hunter, and I don't mean pve geared. I'm talking about Greens, this guy couldn't pull more than 2k damage......and he rocked.

Seriously, he held off alone at BE in EotS for at least two miniutes without taking a scratch, granted it was a prot warrior and holy paladin combo, but dayum did he distract them, so we kept that 3 cap until we won the match, on to the next one.

Warsong Gulch, our specialty. Seriously I don't think any other bg is as simple and insane as WSG, and this time we had our act togeather. Had a prot paladin grab the flag, and our wonderfull dps burning healers one by one, and keeping the CC up at all times. Piercing Howl is just so amazing in rated BG's, I was able to hole 2 healers down in the Tunnels as the Flag carrying druid just outran them, and my gang ganged him up good. Slows, when a warrior gots them you're in trouble.

So yea, after those two I shot past Grunt and into Sergeant, currently waiting for the group to un afk to start this next game UP!
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Felstalkers Log, Sunday, July 10th, 3:25 PM

So, I never got past Sergeant last night, so I decided to try a few games this morning, it didn't work out so well. Without several of our heavy hitters, we couldn't deal the damage we had the previous night, so when we came up from a Shandris team we faced last night, unlike the previous win we had a 2/1 game, also they relaced several of the bads with some "Veteran ofthe Alliance" players, complete with War steeds. a Good Druid healer and DK just retarted our team up. it was still close however, the last 2 miniutes the team wanted to quit, but I told them No Sir! We ain't going out like a couple of punks, so we got #@*% togeather and broke the turtle, grabbed the flag and got ourselves a quick cap.

So yea, more Rateds tonight at midnight.
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Fligbot's Log
I just transfered back to this server... or rolled a new toon.
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Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, July 12th, 4:28 PM

So, last night's server shutdown prevented me from posting, but here is the jist of the awesomeness.

I logged on, and Beasthunter invited me to his own rated bg pug, and the unique thing about it is...we won, twice in a row, it was pretty awesome. Beast has this reputation for being "Dragon Slayor, the poster child" Since he isn't bad, but he isn't good, just generaly decent enough, like the average person....so people tend to avoid him, since nobody likes average, they want awesome or terribad! Anyhow, it was a decent group, and we won two in a row, I'd go into it more but that was last night and I can't exactly remember details.

Just now I finished my newest rated BG group, we were INSANE man, I mean we had DC's, people not in Vent, and half geared players facing some pretty amazing groups, we managed to get 2 wins and 2 loses, which does nothing for rating but totally got people some titles, like Grunt and Scout for two people. The big thing is I've been going arms in flag bg's and flag carring it as arms. Arms just has some great utillity and unlike Prot, doesn't have rage problems so I can actualy help out my healers as Arms. The biggest thing is altho we faced some deadly DK's and Arms warriors, along with a beast of an ele shaman, I was able to kite around, manage cooldowns, cc and interupt, for about 2 miniutes until the offense took down the Blood DK flag carrier, granting us victory despite the lack of a tank spec...I am quite siked.

ANYHOW, I'm short on time so to finish this up, I'm now Senior Sergeant Felstalker, and even if I get death griped away from the flag when I'm trying to cap it, if I heroicly leap and get stopped in mid air, I still get a cap since I was officialy on the flag, if not technicaly or phyiscaly.
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Felstalkers Log, Wednesday, July 13th 2:22

I keep having this horrible dream, I'm in Twin Peaks you see, and I have the flag....and I'm about 15 yards away from our flag.....al lI got to do is move forward and cap it...but I can't.
I'm too tierd to move, I can't get my fingers to move me forward...and I try and try but alll I can do is slightly turn or lurch forward.

And finaly, near the end of the dream, I cap that flag, only to realise we have 6 miniutes left in the game with a 1/1 Score...and I have to stay vigilent for 6 more miniutes.........

Crazy dream, no?
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Felstalkers Log, Friday, July 15th, 3:55 PM

I've noticed something.
Whenever I log out, the chances for crazy !**! involving my guild to happen goes up.

Be it people leaving guild when I post Rated Bg's need gear to attent.
Guildys yelling at eachother.
We even have problems with guild members yelling at other guilds.

It's just rather insane if you ask me, if you can't get along with others how are you still palying a MMO?
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Felstlakers Log, Sunday, July 17th, 5:01 AM

So yea, I just got First Sergeant, but not just me but most of the group with me, as I suspected I wouldn't go very far untill the rest of my group caught up, so most of us got First Sergeant, and only a few left who don't have it yet!

Next up, the Stories, I have 3 stories I don't want to forget, each one jumping in insanity, and becoming more obscure and more likely to forget.

First up, WSG, we are completely winning, but the enemy, currently alliance, don't want that. they have a Feral druid, Arms warrior, Sub Rogue, Enh shaman, and a Shadow priest on me, I'm currently prot so my health isn't going nowhere. Well, as our flag gets returned, my team tells me to head to our GY, so like a good little flag carrier I followed, but then came the fury of slows and stuns. All of a sudden LIFE GRIP, and I'm right below the GY's, and LIFE GRIP, the second priest put me right up top and I had a free run to the Flagroom double Life grip is not only obvious, but it's insanly cool to be the guy who gets life griped.

Second, and this one is probably the big one. We faced another Horde Team in Arathi Basin, this one from our realm........insane no? And I'm takling some of them are people I knew and pugged with, the only problem is my team had been doing Rateds throughout the night, and with eachothe so our MMR was around 1400, with our ratings, this pug had decent people in it, but lacked the Synergy of a group who has been going on and on the past few days.
The way general chat went, it sounded like my team completely dominated, from the people claiming to go AFK, to the players shouting out who was better than who. Yada yada, complains complains. It felt just like a Wargame, where we talked to eachother in general and we faced eachtoher, it was a blast either way rated or not. Despite the talk in trade, the fact that every time my side got a 4th base, they would take one of ours before it could cap, making the game a lot closer than both teams acted like it was. Overall, it was a fun old game with some other people on realm, and I got a lot of complements for being nice just because people I know can be rather mean, and I mean mean mean.

Last Story here, Final game, we just got 20 or so rating previous game and 4 of us are rocking the First Sergeant Title due to 1504 ratings. This next team had a 1600 all around rating, and had some Heavy dps in the group, I mean Sub Rogue Feral Druid Frost DK Arms Warrior Shadow Priest yada yada DPS by the truckload, with a healer as well.
The game Alliance side went "4 attack FR, 4 attack BE, all game" They attempted an early 4 cap, and DAMN was it a match. All game my whole team was trapped Defending these bases, every time you killed a healer you had to deal with 2 or 3 more dps, as the healer came back a miniute later with the dps agian, it was exausting!
Luckly for us, we had a rotating team of Flag carriers and stealers that got us the upper hand in the match, we were able to make it a win, and it wasn't because the enemy team was bad, but because we had our #%!! togeather, which is what made is so great.

That last game got us 50 points each, because they were a higher rnak than us. My team decided it's late as hell so we called it a night.

Oh, and Drake Talon Cleaver is now mine.
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Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, July 19th, 4:20 PM

I've done a few more Rated Bg's today, the ques seem to be fixed and we have 2 or 3 miniutes of waiting between games. Arathi Basin remains our weakest BG, followed by EotS, but the rest are looking pretty good.

I just got my Ruthless helmet today, and now everybody can see it instead of my Vicious one, which looks a tad outdated if you ask me.

Blue and Purple turn out to be my favorite colors so, I'm liking this set.
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Felstalkers Log, Friday, July 22, 3:19 PM

I'm rather bored at the moment, but I do have some news I didn't share last time.

I've been doing RBG's non stop for 2 and a half weeks now, I've got 53 wins right now, and that number just goes up every night.
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Felstalkers Log, Saturday, July 23, 4:49 AM

I'm going to keep this short and simple.

Just won a few RBG's with the group, and it was kinda epic, we faced a team who didn't have much experience at EotS, and were amazed at our strat, hell even bewildered.
Despite that they put up a good fight, and in the end we won by a single stoped flag cap. thank you Spria for that save.

I'ma Stone Guard now, and now all you punks who are all "Get Stone Guard then we'll talk". Guess what, I got stone guard, and you probably didn't prepare your opening statments.
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