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Felstalkers Log, Saturday, July 23, 3:33 PM

How is it that newbies to my Rated BG's know how Rated BG's work better than me?

When I say nobody is doing high enough damage, it doesn't mean the enemy healeres are good, it means NOBODY IS DOING ENOUGH DAMAGE!
When I say we need to keep Defence on nodes, that does not mean we are failing to call Incomings.

And when we have people who rage quit and leave because they think "this is not how you Rated BG" I'm inclinded to ask, how do they know how Rated BG's work?

Do they have over 100 games played? Many have less than 25 total games played, some of them generally like to tell me that good teams don't ever loose, and my teams have a fairly 1:1 win lose ratio. Because I'm willing to give anybody a chance at ataining titles and greatness and fun.

In the end, how come elitiests think they know how to do Rated Bg's, despite never actualy doing them?
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstlakers Log, Monday, July 25, 6:02 AM

So, Lock, an old friend of mine, is like, one of the greatest trolls I've ever known.

Now, he is the type of man that, even when logicly he should be losing a conversation, his tone and atitude deflate that. He can have someone counter every point he makes and still make them feel like the loser.

I'm doing a Rated BG, and someone decides to try and troll us for a second, now despite it not bothering me or anybody, because we still won the BG no problem, Lock doesn't take that stuff, you do not interrupt us, so after the Rateds ended about two hours later, he went over and told that guy what he shouldn't do.

It was epic, and if you know the guy, you know how epic it was.

Getting someone to appologize for trolling you is priceless.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalker's Log, Tuesday, July 26, 4:21 AM

Yea, so truth be told, my day RBG team is horrid, we lose lose lose lose, because the healers arn't experienced enough to understand Rated BG's, but while it can be fixed over time, for now it's a lose fest.

Now my Night team, good god, it's the A team over here. We just won 3 games, we showed a 1640 rating team, who all had around the same rating and same "we just got stoneguard"feeling about them, how your title don't mean !@#$! We went ahead and pulled a lighthouse play, knowing they would be melee heavy and prefering to clump up.
1 hunter on Defense, using Eagle Eye...didn't even see us coming untill it was too late.
All game we D'ed up those two bases, sent our rouge, the fantastic Spria, over to grab WW since it seemed both mines and Lighthouse had too many people.

I was D on Mines all day, and good god was that an insane game.

Spria killed the DK, and and grabbed WW flag about half a second before we lost Lighthouse.

It was pretty epic, we were able to hold 2 flags most the game and won.

Another badass story thats insanly important, Twin Peaks, our 3 game of the night, we faced off agianst a team with 4 Elemental Shamans......
Multiboxer too.
Names were Firelands, Abyssalmaw, Deepholm, Skywall.
Sound familiar? HE was pretty epic too, reminded me of Classic level 39 Twink WSG games where we would get some kinda multiboxer, and show him how we do things.
Keeping all the shamans spread out ruined him, but the best was I'm a prot warrior in flag capping BG's, so all I had to do was Shockwave to render all 4 Turrents useless.

Epic times, epic times.
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100 Undead Warlock
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Thursday, July 28th, 5:34 AM

I have done it, FINALLY done it.

I've obtained the Vicious War Wolf, in fact, I'ma go get the link for it.
Vicious War Wolf

It's mine, as far as I know I"m the first Horde on Cairne to have the wolf, and since the alliance technicaly get the Steed, they don't count to the Wolf at all!

Of course, some alliance beat me to 75 Wins and got their own title and mount, but for me this one is special, since I got it leading various pugs through Rated Bg's over and over.

It goes to show, Peserverence > Perfection.
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90 Undead Warlock
Grats, Fel.

What time did you get the final win?

Sry I couldn't stay to see that.
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79 Tauren Paladin
07/28/2011 06:26 PMPosted by Bloodhunte
Blocked my job toilet because i had to poop

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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Friday, July 29th, 4:28 AM

Long night, busy day, we had a decent 4 win 2 lose streak in RBG's today, had us a good comp, and our worst map, Gilneas....we always face really high rated teams.

Whats with that? 1700 Rated to 1800 Rated players every time, and while we essentialy have "no hope of winning" 3 miniutes into the match, we manage to start assulting bases and bringing them down mid mach, ending one with a 60 point difference, getting someone else Jugger-not.

Overall, Gilneas is our worst bg, and we face some epic teams...and we manage to hold them off, I'm liking my group.

For future referecne, these are some terms I use and made up myself
RBG=Rated Battleground
rBG= Random Battleground
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Monday, August 1st, 4:09 AM

Recently ended the Rated bg's for tonight, a 5 and 1 night, 5 whole wins, Twin Peaks and WSG all night.
Couple of things, first off, I've mastered use of the Nostromos Thumbpad, Jump button, and general key leyout, all I've left to do is learn this scroll thingy.

Next, during a Twin peaks I managed to do the whole "Intercept + Intervene + Charge = tripple distance" thing. It was awesome, and actualy helped save us the game.

Our last game was very damn close, we managed to cap the flag and needed only to prevent them from capping, and with 1 miniute left it looked bleak indeed, the DK who was bringing me the flag was assulted by several Rogues, and his health was dwindling! So I did what any good warrior would do and cha.....the smoke bomb came up, I had no way to get their in time!

So, I simply booked it, running for the guy hoping he would jump out of the smoke in time for me to intervene him....and instead, I got a rogue just out enough to charge.
A quick Charge, SHOCKWAVE, right as our flag carrier died allowed me to grab the flag and wait out the rest of the mage, a whole 25 seconds, with healers at our back, and we won.

I've yet to understand how MMR and Ratings work, we get 7 or 8 or at MOEST 14 per match all night, and our last close match, with a team with an MMR only 2 points different from ours, we win, and we gain 60-80 points, depending on the player. Of course the 0 rating guy got 192, but, our 1460 guys wen't all the way to 1540 and stuff!
So yea, I got to learn some more about this.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, Augest 2nd, 5:43 AM

So, time to adress something thats bugged me for a while.
Three years ago, I'm told that someone called "qt" is a great arena player, and I'm all ok.
A year later, I learn that they have like, various alts and all have qt in them, or something like that.

Just a year ago, I noticed not only people from my realm with qt in the name, but people in varous Battlegrounds, arena matches, random dungeons, and even quite recently Rated BG's are full of them.

so the question is, WHY!?

What is the reason behind the qt name? Why is it so common around pvp''ers? Don't get me wrong here, I'm not bashing any of the players who use this name, but seriously, have you ever noticed how many times you see people with "name"qt.

I've asked this before, and I'll ask it agiant, whats with the qt?

And don't tell me BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE CUTIE WHEN YOU SAY IT FAST!, because I don't believe thats an actual reason, I think your bull!@#$ing me.

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88 Orc Death Knight
you've gotta be one of the people that keeps our server alive felstalker , always organizing stuff in trade chat . love it
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Thursday, August 4th, 6:48 PM

So, while I have plenty of awesome RBG stories to write down, I decided to take a break from telling them and give you a Starcraft 2 one today.

Me, Lockndrop, and Iamrigged. 1v2, all protoss.

It was a crazy match, I just KNEW those two were giong to do the wohle shield and sword tatic and have one guy manage the offense while the other took over the defense.
Anyhow, I had this Carrier/Collosii team facing off agianst my Void ray Zealot team.
I had to have twice the number of probes just to catch up to them, and I did.

so yea, I could only build so many troops soo fast before they all went to dust, and I did pretty good too, according to them I would have ran them dry on minirals in another 20 or so minutes.
But I had to leave, as someting real life related came up and the match looked like it would dragon a while longer.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Sunday, August 7, 3:44 AM

Games tonight were straight up Wack. First match, it was obvious we were going to lose, they had a good 1700 rated team with a few 1200's or so, and they dominated us, we stood no CHANCE.
Our healers were sleeping, one was drunk, and I believe two of the dps were getting a snack during this game. And every voice in vent was a droning about to fall asleep monotone.

We lose, we all do something to wake up, and the rest of the games were straight up awesome.

First up, we won a WSG, enemy team was pretty ok, but with everyone awake and killl targets flying, we had no problem picking off the healers and downing that DK tank

Second match, Feral Druid tank, skill wise I can't speak for him, because he was on Defense, we lost the match 1 to 1, time ended and little we could do from that point.

Third Match, this was the easy win, they had some really powerfull dps, and got the first cap, but we came up with 3 quick caps to victory over in Twin peaks thanks to some quick rouges and mages on our side.

Fourth, close game, but we won, almost a mirrior match, only the other rogues didn't know when to use Smokebomb.

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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Monday, August 8th, 2:52 AM

Bad games tonight, mostly loses.

our druid healer is wondering why the hell he is dying so easily, he has pretty good gear, and is pretty skilled at what he does, but he goes down so easily...

I'm not a druid so I can't help with that, but even with all my amazing CC's and Intervenes, he still goes down way to easily.

Other notes I'll make here, all our damage needs work, yup, all of it, enemy players just arn't dying like they should, it's either that or our healers need work, but we do have some pretty nice heals going out, they could stand to be a bit more offensive if you ask me, but I kinda just want my heals to be all dps like or heal like when the situation calls for it, but this game ain't dragon age, my Healer can't start pulling out crazy damage near the end because she's the only one with mana still....limitless mana...............awesome.

Anyhow, I'm awaiting Skyrim, I can't decide if I'll make some kinda "rouge mage" type character, or the classic Conan the Barbarian style.

And I swear to god ,if that god damn "decide on your character class based on how you do the opening" !@#$ better not say "BARD" a nother god damn time!

It said Bard in Morrowind where you answered 10 questions pretaining to a muffin.
And it said Bard in Oblivion, where YOU RAN AROUND FOR AN HOUR KILLING STUFF

Ok, the last was a lie, it just gave me the wastelands equivilent of "Bard" which, mind you, was still lame.
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90 Undead Mage
Hey there Tornado, nex time you see me online or anyone from Alg shoot a message for an invitation. I saw your message one day but d/ced and wans't able to find you after that.
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85 Goblin Death Knight
Hey man sorry i wasn't there last night or, trust me, you might not be complaining about damage ;) You are right though, i shouldn't be doing 3-4 times the damage of everyone else in our rated Bg's they are all capable players....but i cant say i have any answers for you. That really just comes down to everyone being knowledgeable of their class and using CD's constantly and not "saving" them all the time to the point where they never get used and things like that. It's the little things. But ill be on tonight ready to kick some !@#!
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, August 12, 1:57 AM

So we faced Drede and his group at Arathi Basin, it was awesome fun.

But that story pales in comparison to the Twin Peaks, it was agianst a Shadow Cleave, 1650 was the average enemy rating. And damn was it crazy.
triple Rouge Vs Triple Priest, they had Fears, Cyclones, Stuns, Ice Traps.

The Works, and a set of good healers and some crazy good CC's.

So, the game goes by 20 epic miniutes with neither side able to cap, we prevented some caps after my deaths, and I showed how hard it is to stop a Prot warrior from moving.

Game has 4 miniutes left, and they finaly bring me down and cap that flag.
We didn't even think bout anything.

We sent two rogues on the flag carrier, preventing him from getting to the base.
they gave the Feral druid the Flag, and he ran out the far side.
Creamysteve, the fastest mage I know, grabbed the flag and bolted to our room.
I jumped on the Feral, hitting him with enough stuns and slows to allow our team to catch up.
Creamy died, letting Lavik pick up the flag where Creamy droped it, Mid-Blink.
Thats when kats came over and dropped a smoke bomb on the Feral, letting the 4 of us burn him to death, as the healers came into the smoke, Shockwave kept them down long enough for a flag return.

and we returned it, Lavik caped it, and the game ended in 30 seconds.
Our victory.
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