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Just thought i'd say, these posts make browsing forums totally worth it.

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Felstalkers Log, Sunday, October 16th, 4:30 AM

Texas Rangers

World Series
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90 Orc Warrior
You live in Texas Felstalker?
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, October 18th, 5:52 AM

I'm a little bored with World of Warcraft right now, which is understandable.

Every year around October untill mid November, World of Warcraft gets boring, maybe it's the fact that the kids are still mid school, the adults are busy with...stuff, and those without kids are in a dull mood.
Perhaps because Batman Arkam City comes out tomorrow, and I'm going to be playing the hell out of it.
Or maybe Skyrim next month has me too hyped about something awesome and long awaited.

Or....i'm hooked on Leauge of Legends.

the thing is, I come from Wow, an easy, insanely social game. I originally came from Starcraft, where social interaction was common, but everybody came in wishing you wern't facing a Korean, and prepared agianst that.
And I even dabbled in Dota, which prepared me for seriousness and Teamwork.

Dota is the very definition of team work. 5 players, 5 roles, 4 abillities each. Using your insanly varing abillities is key to victory.

In LoL, they simplified the Items, they added passive abillities, and you cut the champions in half....due to 250 champs being an insane number.
New Champion comes out every 2 weeks, and seriously, who doesn't like that?
I start and they come out with an Assassin named Talon who throws bladed Yo-Yo type things....and goes invisible and stuff.
Before I knew he was even a knew champ, or even unlocked more than one character, Riven came out. A fighter, her moves were all based around Dashing forward and slashing with a broken sword.
Her Ultimate? The sword becomes whole, increases damage and attack range, and can fire green energy out of it once. Lasts 15 or so seconds.
Awesome right?
After that Xerath, and tomorrow we'll get Graves the Outlaw.

So yea, I'm not another Carry hero, oooh no, no Ranged Archer or Sniper chick for me, I'm staying the ell away from those punks. I'ma Jungler.

So, been going Crazy with Udyr, the Animal Sprit and his lack of an ultimate, relying on his 4 Stances to dance around. From Turtle to Bear to Tiger to Pheniox. I feel like some kinda foot ball play, runing in and just smashing people as a Bear and Juking nukes with my turtle stance into Tiger for Burst with Pheniox for the AoE fire.

Then I've been playing Xin Zhao, and man oh man, it's fun bossing people around with my crazy moves. Three Talon Strike knocking up peoples moms and what not. with a Crecent Sweep to scare the children.

Now i'm also missing on good old Mordekaiser, but first patch comes out and they nerf him, and Garen is just not keeping up with what I like.
Which is the unexpected, I don't just follow the path, I play like a mad man, using champs you don't see every day because people cant master them, or the more likely you can't kill things with them.

What sounds more beasting to you? Dealing so much damage that they want to target you first, thus being the "Carry" of the team, or being so fast they can't catch you, able to dart in and knock the whole team up, running around stunning everybody with your crazy Bear Stance, dodging nukes and lazer beams, when the team fight starts and they target you right off the bat instead of your nuking Sniper in the open, simply because they don't notice her, all they see is you, the beasting creature that jumps out the grass and shows them why wards exist.
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Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, October 18, 2:47 PM

Newest patch changes.

Mortal strike now reduces healing by 25%, up from 10%

About damn time.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, ???, October 20th, Time Unknown.

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Felstalkers Log, October 22nd, 5:38 AM

Felstalker did you sign up for the Annual Pass?

Why yes I did Felstalker!

Are you going to play a Monk/Panda?

Why yes I am.


Vanity Pet Dueling AGOGO!
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85 Goblin Mage
I can't believe we're really getting pokemon on warcraft
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90 Night Elf Druid
Its like a dream come true really....
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90 Night Elf Druid
One question; did they (Blizzard) get Jack Black to do the voice of the Pandas?
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Sunday, October 23rd, 1:56 AM

Yea, Panda this, panda that.

I like the idea of Pandas added to the game, the shared Horde/Alliance thing not too much, but I'll get over it.

Now onto the juicy news.

A friend of mine asked me to join a ICC10 Heroic run, at the Dreamwalker as a dps, and I didn't really mind.
As you all know, I don't like it when I enter a no talky raid, cuz it's easy content we don't need to talk nooo Sir E! And we had NOTHING of the sort, when I entered the raid the first word I heard was.....i'm not even going to say it, it wouldn't be right.
Anyways, Dreamwalker...someone turned off the 30% Buff so everybody was prissy, and personally I didn't mind, so we went inside and downed the dreamwalker....and the raid leader got mad because he didn't get his achievement, which might be understandable if I was told it was an achievement run, but I wasn't, soi wasn't able to be all HEY, MAKE SURE NOBODY IS INSIDE A PORTAL WHEN SHE IS FULLY HEALED OR IT WON'T WORK,but NOOO, they tell me nothing!

Next on the stupid list, ninja loggers and giver uppes, and a hunter tried to insult my deadly sexy pvp gear with his "lol pvpgear" insult, of course he didn't have much to say other than that so I've nothing else to say about him.
They did suggest I was only pulling 7k dps on Dreamwalker, which is understandable really, altho my recount was reporting 13k dps....and I'm not really a "add's and Trash' kinda person, I deal damage to players, not monsters, I don't have good AoE abillities out of bladestorm.

and come Pandaren, I'ma be Avatarin it up.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Sunday, October 23, 5:58 AM

The Celestial Dragon SHALL BE MINE

End entry.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Monday, October 24, 5:38 PM

I just obtained my Veteran of Alterac Valley Achievement, and it was AN AWESOME FINAL WIN.

Here we are doing my personal favorite strat, Snowfall Backcap, where we grab snowfall, and backcap the towers and graveyards. Since it's AV Weekend, people know what the hell they are doing, and have 5 to 6 people defending towers......so it's hard as hell to take them, but that doesn't stop me nor my team.

1 miniute on the timer, and we BARELY mannage to retake Iceblood and Tower point back, i was over at iceblood with 4 healers on that tower healing the dps mob of 4 or so on the ground, Ezeunit pulled a beasting move and ninja capped the flag, while in demon form with Immolation aura up, it was awesome and with the 4 healers, 2 druids currently tree form, around us, I thought it impossible.

Now, several miniutes later, after we wipe the whole Drek group due to well....them being killed by us as we pass by, I head over to Defend Tower point. Iceblood had about 30 seconds left, but a whole miniute on Tower Point, with but a single frost mage defending it.

Now I know what you'll say, But Felstlaker! You're a warrior, you can't stand up to a Frost mage!

But this wasn't no duel, I had a flag to take, he had a flag to defend, I dropped a Frostwolf battlestandard, increasing damage by 15% , and started wailing, he couldn't blink off the tower, else I'd take the flag! He couldn't very well kite me inside a small room, and when he tried, I just went for the flag!
He died with 20 seconds left on the clock, letting me take tower point.

Now, here comes the amazing part, I sat in Tower Point, defending it agianst a Resto shaman, then a disc Priest comes up to help, then a Hunter, and a warrior, and 4 druids, 2 rouges, and a monk...
Ok no monk, the point is I started geting over whelmed, but I'm not going to chase a healer around or kill him when all I ned to do is defend a tower, WHICH I DID. and right when things started to lok bad, Ezeunit came in to save the day, we were able to kill the hunter, two druids, and well....everybody kept running in and jumping off in an effort to kite us orsomthing, twas wierd.....

ANYHOW, eventualy ezeunit died and I was actualy spam CC chained like back in Wrath, I had Fear, throwdown, Counterspell, strangulate, and Web on me all at the same time, it was crazy and i took a screenshot during the mess so i counted it for realz!

In the end, they took the tower about 5 seconds before Horde won the match, and all 8 of those I can see from my Screen shot facing only the inner wall saw me get that achievement after a 5 miniute fight for the flag.

so yea, good times.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Tuesday, October 25, 1:04 AM

Horrible lag, unproper language, and my argumentive nature conflicting with those who don't like to argue.

I'm angry right now, and eating 200 chocolate chip cookies didn't help.

I'm going to go do something else now.
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heh, at least you're not saved to ICC now.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Saturday, October 29th, 4:56 AM

I've been stuck watching Heroes for several days now.

I turned it on as background noise, a old Tv series that can make great entertain ment if I don't pay attention to it....but i failed.

Hiro's time stopping and Ando's selfish and terrible terrible ideas.
the Unlikable Peter and Deep douche Nathen...with that !@#$% of a mom...in fact she might be the biggest ^-*!@ in TV history......seriously, rewatch the show, at no time can you like the character as a person...only dislike her, which makes her a compelling character but hey.

and you know, overwhelming Claire, Sylar, Suresh, and Mr. Bennet....you know, usual people you both like or don't like, depending on whats going on and who you identify with....

Yea, .07% is playing, and It took me 10 miniutes to type this..

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90 Human Rogue
Oh God!

The douchebag turns into a freaking glowstick, and his douchbag brother flies him into the atmosphere where they seemingly explode from extreme flatulence, but somehow return for season 2.



Feel better?
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85 Undead Warrior
Trent's Log, Entry 1 Day 1

For gods sake why the hell can nobody draw a decent map? This damned sisterhood goes on and on about Burial grounds and lost homeland, yet not one of them can provide directions! I've been here for three bloody hours and they INSIST that I must help them to do whatever comes to mind!

"Oh Adventurer, please go kill the bloody !@#$ing Raven, I'm sure it's lot lots of pretty trinkets!"
I'd kill them if everything else in this forsaken land wasn't out to get me.
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85 Undead Warrior
Trent's Log, Entry 2 Day 4

You know I don't understand why a Monestary needs a jail, but this one has two.

My guide, Kyoko, has been killed, fortunatly I didn't like her anyways, never provided much to the conversation, I'm currently lost inside the Catacombs, when i sould be over in the Barraks like I was a few hours ago.....the waves of demons and undead are overwhelming down here, but I've found the time to write while gaining my strength for the fight ahead, this undead demon !@#$% is going to see what real power is.

If I ever find her in this ^-*!ing monestary.
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85 Undead Warrior
Felstalkers Log, Friday, November 4th, 12:47 AM

Project Stay the Hell off wow Untill you're not bored with it is officailly.....like a few days in.
While I'm sure it doesn't feel like it to everybody else, but I've only not been online for several days, and several days is simply several days.....Either way, I'm not up for playing right now, I've many other things I've put off that I simply must do.

Like beat Batman Arkham City on my new game plus.
Or perhaps Finish rewatching Heroes!
Hell, I'm only in Act 2 of Diablo 2 still, and Trent my Golem/Bone Necromancer was brutally murdered.....and I've deleted him for being so screwed up......then remade him with a proper spec....yeaaa

I've got Leauge of Legends to master, got to reobtain Gold in Starcraft 2, and hell, maybe I'll Finnish Warcraft 3.........screw the Night Elves campain!

All in all, it's time to play Catchup, and I'ma post every time I complete something!
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