TWO different characters in one?

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A question popped in my mind just the other day and I wanted to know if it were common or not to do this; "Can you roleplay as two different characters on just one character?" As in, having two different identities? Different outfit, different appearance, story, etc.

I've seen this before many times, but I was wondering if it were frowned upon? Would it be accepted in Moon Guard's community?

Personally, I would see the idea as some sort of a challenge, keeping up with the two different characters.
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I had the idea of attempting this once, but apparently it has been done in the past. I'm not sure how well it went over, only heard about it, but my idea involved a priest who had a split personality based on her two specs, holy and shadow.

My character never got off the ground, but I'm sure it could work if you did it properly.
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I have seen this done before.

It is a horrible idea. Trust me.
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-Can- you?

Sure, of course. There is no arbitrary rule saying that you must stick to one character and one character only.

However, you'd need to be prepared for people to be confused and even annoyed if they try to approach you thinking OOC that you're a character that you're not. You'd also need to constantly need to keep your outfit, (optional) RSP addon bio, and mannerisms consistent all the time to avoid confusion. People may frown on it, but people frown on nearly everything. I personally wouldn't advise it, as your friends might grow tired of having you not available IC half the time or they may just not agree with it.

As with most things, if you think you can do it well, and you want to do it, go ahead.
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Thanks for the opinions all.

I think I know what to do now!

It would be rather annoying keeping up with each character's storylines, for me, anywho.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Batman/Bruce Wayne would be pretty bummed if he saw this topic.
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You could do this with MRP. Pretty sure it has alternate profiles you can save, but I haven't messed too much with it, so I don't know what it's really capable of.

The problem there, is the differences are only going to be apparent to other people using MRP. Which, when you take into account people who use different addons, or no addons, doesn't even account for half the RPers on this server. So you're going to run into difficulties that way too.
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