Prot Warrior - lf 12/12 10m. My experience is 12/12 on my rsham in 25m. Current progression on my warrior is 9/12 due to non consistent raid times from my last group. Looking for 2 nights a week or 3 at max(prefer 2).

I have no intention of raiding with people who don't repair before the raid starts, don't bring items and gear they need, don't know the fights, afk a lot, dc or lag, or anything else that slows raid time/progression. That includes wiping on farm bosses. I like to have fun, but after the boss is downed.

I'm looking for a group that moves at a fast pace and expects a lot from it's players. Currently my gems on my warrior are off due to a problem while transferring. I'm trying to find the JC's with the cuts I need, but since I'm new to this realm it hasn't been easy finding anyone. My spec and play style changes to what the group/boss requires.

I have a lot of experience raiding all content and believe it makes me better than the average player. Always open to suggestions about performance or anything that will improve my game play. My commitment is to the group only and no one else.

Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors or lack of information. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll respond as soon as I can.
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