Need roll = soulbound


05/27/2011 11:21 AMPosted by Dionysian
"penalty" of making things that need roll is one becoming soulbound

love it, love it, love it
100 Human Warrior
While the system still has its flaws, I'm really happy this feature will come in 4.2.
That's a big step in the right direction, Blizzard!
85 Orc Warrior
Not enough in my opinion. Needs should not only become soulbound, but also worth no gold and not be dis-enchatable.
85 Tauren Shaman
It will change nothing at all. They will just need it and vendor it rather than let someone have it.

Fixed that for you.
85 Human Paladin
Honestly everyone should have a fair shot at getting the boe epic that drops. I need rolled a caster ring in a heroic at one point and won. I went on to sell that for 20k within an hour. So you're going to tell me that the mage clearly not trying in the heroic deserves the 20k. People that played before LFD will generally tell you that when something like a boe epic drops in a dungeon, everyone gets to roll. Obviously guild/friend groups work differently.
85 Troll Druid
05/27/2011 07:30 PMPosted by Haruhi
Say you are in a random with some guy who has BiS everything..some random BoE epic drops...what is to stop him from rolling need and being a jerk anyway? Nothing as far as I can see..even more so, it's not punishable as far as I can see either.

Exactly how many times do you see someone in BIS or near BIS gear that needs on BOP boss loot? I can't say I've seen it happen other than on the last boss and the guy was an enchanter. Happened only twice since 4.1 came out and I have been grinding that place all the time on my pally tank for bags for my priest to possibly get mounts from.
85 Goblin Hunter
05/27/2011 05:39 PMPosted by Bashiok
It's in 4.2

Bandaid - that's all it will be.

Ninja's can still (DE if enchanter, npc item, etc).

Perhaps determine players current gear item level, compare to BOE item level..

If PlayerItem > BOE item = they can't roll?
85 Worgen Priest
Auction house Spec...I loled because its true

thanks for soulbound, the amount of d*uches waiting for all to roll greed and then rolling need and bailing out will hopefully disappear
43 Night Elf Hunter
05/27/2011 08:35 PMPosted by Normie
Say you are in a random with some guy who has BiS everything..some random BoE epic drops...what is to stop him from rolling need and being a jerk anyway? Nothing as far as I can see


Being able to vendor a drop for 20g isn't the same as being able to sell an epic on the AH for 2000g. This change isn't perfect but it removes a whole lot of incentive for rolling on something that won't be equipped.
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1 Undead Mage
05/27/2011 07:05 PMPosted by Chewstick
It will bring out the vindictiveness in people. They will just need it and vendor it rather than let someone have it.
70 Blood Elf Paladin
I happen to agree. However, if an enchanter rolls need and equips something, it's only fair that he should get to disenchant it months down the road when he replaces it. This is the cost. Is it worth it? I think so, but enchanters would have a right to squawk if it were implemented that way.

90 Undead Death Knight
im sorry but you guys need friends to run these 5 mans with. Its astonishing enough they have to hold your hand and implement this change in the first place
05/27/2011 05:39 PMPosted by Bashiok
It's in 4.2

will it pop up a "do you want to loot this soulbond item" dialog like in other circumstances when you roll on a BoP item?
85 Blood Elf Hunter
ok true story... was running a pug hero the other night and after a few green drops and one boss we noticed the tank was needing everything that wasn't grayed out to him.. his reason?

I need to DE it.

Odd because the DE button wasn't popping up for us. I came to the armory and looked up his profession. Tank was a miner and blacksmith. So i called his BS is group and he then admitted that the items where his fee for tanking X_X

And people wonder why this change needs to happen... its the same as seeing a rogue need to lockboxes because they need "practice". which they might get away if no one else the groups knows about changes to rogues.

Greedy people can't be trusted to behave on their own as stated earlier if there is no way to hold them accountable.
85 Tauren Warrior
"ninja" is not a recognized term.

It is impossible to "ninja" in wow.
We hope to have this working for the 4.2 patch soon (tm).

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