....Selling Profession Leveling Kits!

90 Human Rogue
I am Kitseller! I have been making and selling profession leveling kits since Wrath.

For those who don't know how it works, here's a rundown:
1) I pre-farm all the mats needed to level your profession from 1 to Max Level* (* Engineering to 585)
2) You use a "guildless" alt to join my "Kit" guild
3) Inspect the bank tab with ALL the mats, using the wow-professions.com leveling guide
4) Once satisfied, you pay me.
5) You are given *FULL* access to the tab(s) until you are finished with it.

Other Information:
- My "references" are still intact from last expansion, so I CAN refer you to people who can attest that this is legit.

- I am posting this from my MAIN so you know I am not trying to hide or scam anyone
- The toon(s) I use to advertise this service are named "KITSELLER" or "Sellingkits".
- I GUARANTEE the kits will get you to the max level you want. I have included extra mats at certain bottlenecks (in case a level up doesn't proc), and I will give you any missing mats *FREE*. So if you end up up being one point short at some point after following the guide CORRECTLY and not making the wrong stuff with my mats, I will give you what you need to get the points you missed.
- I pay a "commission" or "finders fee" to any CUSTOMER who brings me a new paying customer. So if YOU buy a kit, then find me a new customer, you get 10% of what they pay me.

Due to the LARGE fluctuations in the ore, gem, bar, and herb markets, prices are *not* set in stone. But here is what it will look like to start:
- JC: 12k
- ALCH: 12k
- BS: 14k
- ENG: 14k
- TAIL: 14k
- LW: 16k
- ENCH: 20k

YES, this is above the raw price of the mats. So no need to start whining about it. If you were to go out and pay market prices for every single mat, it adds up to less.

HOWEVER....my price reflects a few things:
- TIME to gather the mats. Try finding 30x Moss Agate or 60x Shadowgems. Go ahead. ;-) And the Enchanting Kit requires gathering - PLUS DE'ing items to get the mats.
- CONVENIENCE. You know you want to be a max level as FAST as possible. So I am saving you the time.
- ACCESS. Many of the mats are VERY difficult to find (Adamantite Ore, Citrine, Essence of Undeath, stuff like that). I know the professions, I know the mat sources inside and out. So I am making it easy on you.
- GUARANTEE. Being a trusted source and known entity on Drenden, you are assured that a kit you buy from me WILL work. And if for some reason it falls short, I will make it work - at no extra charge.

The Guide:
- I *am* using the wow-professions.com leveling guide, HOWEVER, in many places I opt for the "optional" variant. For example, in a JC kit it says use 60x Shadowgems. But you can also use the combination of 20x Shadowgems and 20x Small Lustrous Pearls. pay attention to what is in the guide and what is in the kit, and you should be fine.

- TIME. It is VERY expensive to a profession in *one* sitting. My kits will level you MOST of the way in one sitting, plus will provide ALL MATS for you to level the last few levels usually the next day or so, depending on CD's. For example, the last few levels of JC requires the use of a learned Design, which might take you an extra day to find. If you buy my kit, it WILL include what you need EXCEPT for world drop stuff, or vendor supplies (like Jewelers Settings, etc).

- My ALCH, TAIL, and ENCH kits *do* include NPC-vendor recipes that are required!

I ask my buyers permission to use them as a reference. IF they say YES, I put their name in this spreadsheet. Have a look!
(Note: Some of these names were temporary ALTS created to get the kit, and I'm sure some of the mains may have server transferred. But most should still be on Drenden).

* FYI, I stopped asking for references recently. It became too cumbersome (I was selling tons of kits), and I felt that showing you 100+ buyers plus using my main's name, a veteran on Drenden, should be enough to assure you the kits are legit.


There you go! Hit me up in-game....I'm almost always on.
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90 Human Rogue
FYI, I'll also throw in 4x Netherweave bags since most folks who need to create a guildless alt don't have bag space!
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88 Night Elf Druid
Gonna toss my recommendation in for this guy. Bought a JC kit for my DK back in wrath and it worked perfectly... so +1 to you sir :)
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90 Human Rogue
Thanks Canace!

I've had several people., in-game, whisper me that they are reporting me for violating the TOS by selling in-game items for real world currency, including multiple members of "to death or glory", Druidxhalen being the most recent.

LOL! I am selling a collection of in-game items for in-game currency. Have fun wasting time with your GM tickets. ;-)

Some Reminders:
- I farmed or bought all the mats
- The mats are organized in sequence, of what you need to level JC from 1 to 300, then to 350, then to 450, then to 500, then 520, then 525.
- My kits make it EASY and SIMPLY for you to level JC without having to worry about finding those "hard to find items" in the AH.
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100 Human Paladin
Bought 1-425 kit on my new druid 'Starsurge'
Transaction went smoothly, got all my mats as listed on the wowprofessions site.
Thanks! +rep
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85 Worgen Warrior
I bought my leatherworking kit to 450 back in WoTLK (and finally used it last saturday, lol) and I had more than enough mats for the entire thing. Much more convenient than farming it all myself.

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90 Worgen Hunter
I unfortunately leveled all my professions before he did this, but I know and trust Namssom, so +rep anyways :)
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85 Human Paladin
Bought my JC from Namss back in Wrath and I was very satisfied with it. :)
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Just wanted to add my name on this list. I bought a full kit yesterday, and got exactly what I paid for. Seller was very courteous.
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90 Human Rogue

Kits are selling well!

I have also created this spreadsheet on Google Docs to list my references (only those who were willing to be a reference). Enjoy...

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90 Human Rogue
Good news - starting next week, I will also be selling Alchemy kits. Similar price range, although the specifics will be worked out this weekend.
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90 Human Death Knight
Any plans of doing other profession leveling kits?
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90 Human Rogue
Probably not. I *have* done other kits, but they are a pain. My "operation" is setup to easily support JC and Alchemy. I've sold LW kits in the past, and they take WAY too much time (and 2.5 bank tabs), and I've tried BS and Engineering. They work, but I'm busy enough as it is.

So right now, I'm only doing JC kits, and Alchemy kits. I sell 1-2 JC kits per week, and about .5 to 1 Alchemy kit per week.
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85 Human Death Knight
Yo contact me in game plz! wtb a jc kit!
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90 Human Rogue
I will try to remember....just friend me, or my JC Kit toon (Kitseller).
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Great JC kit. Along with the wow-professions site, it was flawless! +1
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90 Human Rogue
I am still selling them, usually I sell 1-2 kits per week. Right now I'm doing JC only, although I should probably switch back to Alchemy.

I *can* do a Horde kit, but it's not easy since I would have to transfer everything over, which is about 87 stacks of stuff. Let me think it over.
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