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90 Goblin Mage
Fellow Lethonians:

ooWEE will be starting a Tues/Thurs 25 man raid beginning June 14th. As many of our members are happily entrenched in their 10 mans, this is our opportunity to gear those not in a 10 as well as have fun with our "raid ready" alts.

We are inviting some of you on your main or alt.

Send an in game mail (no whispers) to, Deathdunk, Nagasfury or Zazor with your toons name (correctly spelled), class, main spec, and average item level. If you want to tell us your experience (on any toon) in current raiding that would help. Be enchanted and gemmed, please.

We want to run this for 6-8 weeks and are looking for consistent participants. We will not be swapping toons in and out for certain loot, so please don't expect us to do that for you. We will run for 2-2 1/2 hours (short) and those who "stick it out" will get first shot at being utilized for the next raid.

Invites at 6:30, first pull at 6:45
Come with flasks, food buffs and repaired.
Loot rules: Open rolls modified need/greed system. - Every person gets one "need" roll per raid, and can use it until they win loot, then they have unlimited greed rolls (all for main spec first). If you roll need, and win, you can no longer roll need (until the next raid). However, you may still win loot through greed rolls. It has been our experience that many won't use their need roll and most roll greed. It has worked out well in the past. One loot per boss, unless no one else needs the 2nd item you are interested in.

We honestly don't care how bad-ass you think you are or what you did in wrath or who your daddy is ;) , we rate people on the basis of 3 factors (A.C.E. , cheesy, I know):
1. Attitude - a good one, patient, team player
2. Consistency - Making yourself available, responding to calendar invites, staying through the whole raid - BIG
3. Excellence - Knowing when to avoid the rear end of dragons, the circular red "buff' on the floor, playing your toons abilities in accordance with what the encounter requires. Also: Average item level of 349, properly enchanted and gemmed. Please don't presume upon 24 other peoples time in carrying your sorry @$$ because you didn't get the rep needed for the right rep gear, shoulder enchant, etc.
Pull your numbers, don't die or require alot of healing, show up on time ready, pay me gold...much gold MUAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaa and you have a shot ;) - after all, I AM a goblin and "Time is money, friend" :D /jk

Days: Tuesday/Thursday (starting June 14th)
Time: Invites 6:30pm
Duration: 2-21/2 hours (6-8 weeks, or til patch 4.2)
Contact: In game mail (no whispers) Deathdunk, Nagasfury, Zazor
Note: Watch your calendar for an invite and "accept" at least one day prior if you expect an invite.

We will over-book this in the event some don't show or forget. Just be ready.
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85 Orc Death Knight
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88 Troll Druid
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90 Orc Shaman
That's really cool that you're doing that. I wish you the best!
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90 Tauren Shaman
I <3 me some Aroz!! Wish I could raid :( someday soon hopefully. Good luck guys.
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90 Goblin Mage
We have had fun. As you all know, 25 is a different animal, easier in many ways, cept the TRASH.
We are still looking for consistent people.

Had a wack-a-doodle wipe the raid then log, who we "accidentally" invited the next time then summoned to the Gurabashi arena, kicked from the raid and...well, you can figure out what happened ;) . Good Times. If we aren't having fun, whats the point??

Anyway, word on the street is July 5th? for 4.2 - so get in on some fun 'til then!
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