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Virtute Et Armis is not your ordinary guild, so it makes sense that we would not have an ordinary recruiting post. If your interest lies in the ordinary we probably aren't the guild for you however if you're still interested you can find the "standard" details at the bottom of this post.

VeA was formed on May 1st, 2005, by some refugees and friends from two very old guilds, House of Heroes and Avengers of Eonar. For various reasons we didn't like where we were at so we ventured out to form a different kind of guild; a friendly, casual guild. Over the years, we've stuck to the basic premise that we want to be a family. We treat each other with respect and we accomplish things together, usually with a lot of laughter and fun!

Over the past six(!) years we have enjoyed success in everything we've undertaken - from questing and leveling to pvp and raiding. We don't rush through new content and we never proclaim to be on the cutting edge. We enjoy the game together and enjoy the accomplishments together. We have seen players come and go from our guild but very often those who leave to "raid" or "find something new" make their way back when they discover that other guilds don't have the same magic that they experienced at VeA.

Some time back one of our members asked for quotes about why we were still with VeA. Here are just a few samples to give you a taste of who we are:

"The difference is that here, I feel like a person first, and not just cartoon character. I bring more to the table than just being 1 of 25 raiders on a given night. I'm more than my epic gear or dps numbers. And when we as a guild have success on an encounter... I feel like my contributions mattered, instead of feeling like I got carried through the encounter. Most important, I know that the 9 other people I'm with are friends first, so if I do the unthinkable like mis-clicking and pulling a boss or something, we'll laugh it off. And if we succeed, I know my friends are as excited as I am."

"Being incredibly new to the guild as well as the game, I am still learning a lot. Everyone has been so incredibly helpful and has never made me feel inferior because I am often clueless about what is going on...it is very comforting to know that someone is out there to help me with quests that I can't handle alone."

"I think the reason VEA is so great is that I truly enjoy the (virtual) company of the people in guild I play with. Since I've been here I don't dread the idea of having to log on certain times of the week to raid, but instead look forward to logging in and playing."

"I love the fact that everyone in the guild is so supportive, even from the congrats on an achievement to helping out with quests and dungeons. It feels really good to know that so many people care about you =)."

"To me, VeA represents everything that a guild should be...We don't help each other out because we have to, but because we want to, and we understand that by supporting each other, we all become stronger and happier."

"Here is yet another reason why I wanted to join. It's not just running around with folks(although that can be fun in itself) or the helping others out. It's the fact that so far as I've seen everyone has something they can do for the guild and for other guildies, and they not only do it, they LIKE to do it. I've never been in a low stress guild and I am loving being in this one."

"It was then that I found myself a part of the most awesome group of people. They, YOU, were polite and kind and considerate of others. I was stunned at the honor and respect shown to the each other by the members. The enthusiastic generosity of everyone I came into contact with was almost overwhelming. It was such a far cry from the guilds that I had been involved with before."

And now, if you're still with us, some of the normal boiler plate. We are a casual guild that takes part in all aspects of the game, so yes we raid, we pvp, and we level, but none of these is more important than the other. As of this posting we are a level 19 guild, closing in on level 20. We have all of the normal guild perks including a vent server, a well established guild bank, a recognizable tabard, and a guild website (currently being revamped) and guild forums.

If you're interested in joining VeA, I hope you'll stop by our forums at http://virtute.homeip.net/forums and read our Guild Charter and Code of Conduct in the "Be our Guest" forum. If after reading those and this post you are interested in applying, there are application instructions on the application forum. Applications are considered regularly, but we take our time in the recruiting process. If you're wanting to be invited to a guild right away, we're probably not a match for you. Our success in finding people who match our values is part of the reason we've been around for six years already. But if all this sounds like what you've been looking for I hope you'll apply!
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90 Human Rogue

Well the post is factual but we are now lvl 20!
Come and check us out
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We've been under the same management for over 6 years. :) How often does that happen?
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Some new content, some old just for fun... Remember, the game is about fun! Maybe you should come check us out!
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We've been level 25 for some time now, and we're still having fun! Looking for a stable guild that will be here when The Mists of Pandaren releases. Maybe you should check us out!
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90 Human Rogue

We have had some great new members join recently and are looking for a few more.
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Still looking for more extraordinary people!
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We are still having a great time! Come check us out! Also check out the current post of Chivalry, one of the best guilds on the server!
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90 Human Rogue
Like many quilds in the pre-expansion days over the years we are seeing lots of players take breaks and so forth. (Hello Diablo III- come to papa)

I have noticed quite a few new start up guilds looking for players and recruiting. I wish you the best, but consider looking at VEA before you start up from scratch. You may find the home you are looking for here (and less work!) - we offer:

Stabilty- this guild is Seven years old, and has had the same GM (Zelec) the whole time. A stable environment that will be in place has made all the difference for me.

Purpose- We play to have fun. There are raids, rated bgs, questing, achieve hunts, old school runs etc. It's a great team place to play. We have helpful players, new players, quiet players etc. Most importantly we have no rude, foul players! We are a level 25 guild with all the fixins, and generous members who are always ready to share profession skills.

Now, our forums are from 2005, so don't hold that against us:) But please do check us out!
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90 Human Death Knight
Bump for some cool people.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Raid times?
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90 Night Elf Priest
Definitely a great guild full of courteous people!

Always a pleasure to group with whether for 5mans, raids or fun guild events!
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Please take a look!
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90 Gnome Warlock
This is a guild of good eggs. :)
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