85 Human Priest
Keep things short and simple current team rating 1916 its dropped because i wanted my points and i want my 2200 points again this week. So i am looking for atleast someone who's expirience 1800+ and ready and geared. I am a holy paladin prefferably looking for a dk or warrior. Characters name Wavetactic armory me add me to friends reply to the post thanks :)
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woot raki's back when did you get
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90 Tauren Hunter
I didn't have the pleasure of playing with you Raki....wasn't lucky enough to get in on the gold runs at the end of wrath. Nice to see you didn't actually leave the server. Nice to see you still exist, it's a shame sometimes to think the decent people just vapourized. Best of luck to you, and may you still make others feel they have potential. Take it easy man.
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30 Draenei Hunter
Guys, this isn't THE Raki. I mean, look at the professions. You really think he would give up enchanting after going through all the trouble of getting every single enchant available? He also lacks the realm first for enchanting that Raki got. This is just some dude with a Raki copy attempt.
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1 Tauren Druid
I wonder if this one is as big an a-hole as the original Raki.

On 2nd thought, not possible.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Replies completely irrelevant to the subject. Im looking for a 2s partner on my holy pally which i now changed to my main. I'm not an **!%%%@ or trying to @%*% around i am not the real raki if you check my raki is in Icecrown the real raki is in Moonruner. Although i was a good wow friend of raki even after i transfered we talked once in a while. So again looking for a 2s partner any takers?
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