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Hello everyone,

Horde House Raiders is a fun adult casual guild. We all have jobs, families, and lives outside of the game, but we also like to raid a little bit and get some purples.

We are seeking 2-3 people who would like to raid at least 2 nights a week. A tank would be nice, a Healer and a DPS or two. We make it work.

We raid 10M and have a good time doing it. We laugh, we cry and curse like no tomorrow at those 1% wipes.

Mostly looking for individuals over the age of 25, though 18+ is mandatory. We will not be babysitting, and definitely will not tolerate loot whoring.

A little more about us:
- We raid 7-9:30/10 PM CT (Quel'Dorei Server Time)
- Website, hhr.guildportal.com.
- Guild Level 20
- /Roll based loot distribution with raid leader discretion (i.e. I may ask you to pass to someone who may need it more. I am always fair and don't play favorites. We are all adults afterall.
- 7 bank tabs, well stocked. We provide feast magnifique and cauldrons.
- You will be providing your repair costs at this time until bank income stabilizes
- Current progress: Halfus, Magmaw, Defense System, Maloriak, Chimeron

What we would like from you:

- Be on for at least 2 days.
- Not be opposed to doing old content
- Do not be a loot hoarder/whiner/drama queen/a$$hole (that role is filled by me already)
- Be helpful, selfless and civilized.
- Do not be offended by profanity and genitalia jokes.

We are a casual guild. No we may not have the progression that others do. No we may not raid more than one night a week sometimes. Yes, we started raiding late. But we play the game the way we want to play it and enjoy it, so please if you have nothing constructive to add, don't add anything at all.

Please message me in game if you are interested. We would like to get as much of this content done as possible before Firelands.

Thanks for reading, and have a good one.
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1 Dwarf Priest
I trust that your "charging into frost orbs" days are over.
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85 Tauren Warrior
That was ONE TIME. ok ONE TIME. Geez... people gotta bring up old sh!t. :P it was funny though.
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