LF level 70 guild

100 Human Mage
I was wondering if there are any level 70 guilds out there. I heard about making a retro-toon where you cap your XP at lvl70 and play BC old school style. I tried this and it's been pretty fun so far. I was wondering if there are any guilds on our server that do this and focus on BC content.
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100 Pandaren Priest
Causes Cancer is a lvl 70 guild.
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90 Night Elf Druid
and a good one at that. most of their raids seem not to be "85s carry us through lol" as well, unlike most of the 70 guilds i've seen

i used to be a 70 twink. i know. crazy.
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Try Exigence.
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90 Human Death Knight
Retro on Thrall is an level 70 twink guild that doesn't get carried through the content by level 85s.

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70 Night Elf Druid
Hello, we are Revival

We are an Alliance 70 raiding guild on Uldum

Our primary focus is to raid 70 content as pure as possible in order to make it as difficult as possible

We only use 70 gems, enchants, and gear for our raiding and we only use those where we are at in progression

We also use 30% less raiders to counteract the 30% boss health nerf

We accept transfers and fresh characters

If you have any more questions you can always contact us on our forum post, in-game, or our website.

In-game: Minorie or Alastõr

A link to our battle.net forum post: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1772570314

A link to our website: REVIVALBC.guildlaunch.com
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86 Night Elf Druid
I've looked everywhere, I finally found Exigence with some activity. If anyone else is looking come to Anvilmar alliance and lets make this happen.
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Exigence is indeed the only semi-active twink guild on the server at current. trying to become completely active. Starting RBGs asap and we still run arenas and regular premade battlegrounds frequently as well as heroics.
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We still are recruiting hardcore pvper's. Guild is still very active as of 5/10/13. Reach us in game if you have any questions.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Alright! A thread from 2011! Plop....
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is there any ally lvl 70 twink guild does bc raid?
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We just recently started putting together a guild called Rewind on Hyjal US Alliance side, its going really well and we've got a handful of 70's and a handful of leveling players already, And its about a week in.

If you're interested jump on Hyjal and start leveling!
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60 Human Paladin
is there any good lvl 70 twink guild that xfer too full lvl 70 raid
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85 Human Mage
is rewind still in business? couldn't find anyone
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