The Elites of Arathor United is Recruiting!

81 Gnome Death Knight
A recently formed guild.. The Elites of Arathor United is a new guild with serious raid progression in mind. Two guild masters that are great life long friends in real life... We have played wow sense day one of its release and are ready to design and build a dominating guild.

Looking bring in new concepts and ideas to guilds. As of now we are working on gaining our numbers and guild level of course as we have just started, are numbers are few. Yet we are still completeing guild challenges each week.

Alot of us in the guild are currently leveling a group of level 60-75ish aults. Always running instant ques one after another.
Its really giving us a chance to get to know our new recruites and future officers.

As we are currently looking to fill our officer an the other various promoted rank increases. We are looking for potential leaders and solid players to become our class leaders and officers. We plan to impliment various perks to each rank. Also allowing the guild to vote in one of its 3 officers to represent them in guild descisions when they are not on to speak.

Its is an adult raiding guild. Respect your fellow guildies time and always do your best. Keeping things completely focused and serious in progressive content.
Other then that... no real specific rules with launguage or anything of that nature.

Guild repairs will be made available to everyone.
Vent will be available.
Up to date website will be available.
Open upper rank positions available.
Currently accepting any level to rapidly build numbers.

If anyone is interested.. feel free to email me any questions. Its forwarded directly to my cell phone and I will reply almost imediately generally.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Take care.
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1 Gnome Mage
06/13/2011 01:28 PMPosted by Poofathon
You have been playing wow sense day one. Interesting.

Yeah, he stopped going to school on that same day.
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81 Gnome Death Knight
Yes I have multiple accounts and play casualy... Been playing sense a few weeks of its release, sorry for saying day one to make it short an sweet.

Reguardless... im trying to recruite for my guild. Thanks for your input.

Anyone else checking this out just know we wont accept blatently ignorant people like these two..
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85 Draenei Hunter
06/13/2011 06:31 PMPosted by Preeminence
we wont accept blatently ignorant people like these two..

Irony, thy name is Arathor. Stupidity fits too.
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81 Gnome Death Knight
What does my poor grammer and spelling have to do with this?

I cant spell well and I have horrible grammer... like most americans.

I would be more concerned with the fact that theres 1000s of forums and people come to mine to comment on my use of the word sense incorrectly?

Again... Im trying to recruite yet as it would seem was the main goal, you guys pretty much destroyed any odds I had of recruiteing members off this post.

???? yeh im sure theres many other spelling corrections you guys can go search for... thumbs up to you guys
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