Kesha, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry

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Miley Cyrus.
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06/22/2011 09:09 PMPosted by Meryt
Amy Lee is just a girl who wears dark make up and dreadlocks and pretends like she can sing. Gaga is a fashionista!

Pretends she can sing?
I disagree. That is also what she sounds like LIVE. As for Gaga, its called being a marketing genius. Crazy antics + crazy getup = grabbing media's attention. Screw if she can sing or not.
Sorry but when Gaga can do a bravato with no vibration (meaning your voice just vibrate when you hold a note), and do it LIVE, then I will say Gaga = Amy Lee.
Amy Lee also writes, and composes her own music as well, and even mixed her own before they made it big (check out Origins, good album).
Also, what dreads do you speak of? It was braids, not dreads fyi >_> And that was at the beginning of Fallen xD
Also didn't know
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Amy Lee is a dumb %%%!. Hands down.
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Taylor Swift > All
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Taylor Swift
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we all know hana montana is #1 *picks his nose and shows it to Akirachan*
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Honestly, I never even heard of this "Amy Lee".
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!!*@ - Kesha
Kill - Katy Perry
Marry - Taylor Swift
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I didnt know who Amy Lee was either.. googled it and found out she is the singer of evanescence. If we are gonna go with obscure people then i'll pick Tori Amos.
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06/27/2011 04:11 AMPosted by Winning
Tori Amos.
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85 Goblin Priest
!!*@ - Kesha
Kill - Katy Perry
Marry - Taylor Swift
I'm just gonna say that Katy Perry seems like she'd be alot more fun with less potential for sexually transmitted diseases than Kesha, though I do <3 them both.
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Nicki Minaj
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katy perry all da way
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