Why are rogues the least played class?

80 Orc Warlock
those bads with good gear are 1400 because they play with other bads. if they played with good players they could be alot higher. ive carried bads to shoulders. you can see that because i post on a player that has proof. you post on an alt because you havent been over 2k
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Rogue mechanics are based around a game that no longer exists.

People who play rogues now play them because they always have. Why create a rogue when you could be just as good (sometimes better) and have the ability to do other things?

Rogues don't have the big numbers (60-70% of damage is passive) and the class's mechanics feel like you are handicapping yourself at times. Moreover, Blizzard has made it apparent that they aren't willing to do the necessary work to really change the class.

Why play a rogue when there are 9 better classes?
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85 Night Elf Rogue

Haha, though locks may be in a better spot damage wise right now, both Warlocks and Rogues are bottom for the same reason: the mechanics suck.

Aff; Hey I heard you like dots. Wow wouldn't it be fun to dot up lots of things? LOLOL Shadows Embrace + Haunt. LOL Nerf Soul Swap. NM.

Destro; I once hit things hard with spells I cast. Now I sort of hit things hard and have like 28239824 different spells to cast that all hit about the same.

Demo; I look cool sometimes. Better hope you never have to move while raiding!

All specs: Pets Do WAY too much damage.
100 Goblin Rogue
People who play rogues now play them because they always have.


I play my rogue because it's what I've played from day 1, and it's going to take even more abuse to truly shake me off of him. However, with that said, the warlock I'm gearing is looking -really- sexy, especially with how firelands looks to be agonizing for melee.

This has alway been my main, hit 70 3 months before WoTLK hit...

1st Toon I ever rolled, he is at the top of my toon listing....
I stick with this toon cause I like the style, have seen the ups and downs of rogue DPS,
and have some hope Blizz will come to their senses, & realize the class is broken ...
I am not giving up cause this toon in not the FotM...
Rogues have always been one of the lowest on % played since BC....
Too many shiny new classes and rogues are a little tougher to play than other MDPS...
Rogues are the only "pure" MDPS class is part of the reason they are least played...
Every other MDPS class is a hybrid tank/healz, tank/dps, healz/dps or tank/dps/healz...
so for peeps rolling an alt, why go rogue when the other class can do much more?..
And now the dps in PVE is very mediocre compared to other hybrid MDPS....
In PVP, Sub is a very controlled spec, & is one of the more dynamic, complex toons to play...
Takes time and patience to play a rogue well..
and most WoW peeps who roll rogue alts don't have enough of either to do this...
Well played PVP rogues will always have a place in Arenas and RBGS..
Making the bold assumption the CR/Cos nerf does not hit too hard...
Thinking about my guild, most of the rogues are "mains" not alts also...

For the TLDR crowd...
There are easier MDPS to play that can bring better results for less effort...
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Ah, gotta love arguments, especially when all parties are retaliating with baseless assumptions, makes it feel like some kind of mindless merry go round.

Seriously though, rogues are still one of the strongest pvp classes out there, and in many cases are very good pve dps, the sad fact though, is that to acheive the maximum potential of your class, you have to know how to play it. Rogues are one of the greatest classes out there.

Rogues require skill to play, but.. Unfortunately, as anyone else who played back in vanilla can tell you, Skill isn't a big factor in gameplay anymore, blizzard has effectively babied up wow to the extent that anyone can roll their face on the keyboard and still pull decent numbers. That's why nobody plays rogues anymore. Because they can't faceroll on a rogue.
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06/16/2011 07:06 AMPosted by Bopper
They're just really hard to play in PvP so people don't stick with them.

Sorry, that would be hunters.

hunter more than rogue, but it still applies.
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I like the idea of a rogue, but I hate combo point systems. This is also why I shelved my Paladin that I have been playing for years.
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Rogues are just...old.

Old, outdated mechanics and the few new ones we have are horribly flawed (Ex:Bandit's Guile).


This so much. An update as simple as "combo points now stack on the rogue" would be so welcome.
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Blizz needs to pay more attention to rouges as a class im an assassination rouge and i out dps all other classes but its comething you have to learn the class is dependent on others at max lvl and i think a rouge should be able to do more than stunlock in sub spec but thats me

the rouges as a class work fine but they are they're own entity out there ppl quit playing them because its easyer to punch out numbers as a hunter or a druid than as a rouge

they're hard to play but when used correctly can be deadly
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i personally find them fun as hell (probably the most fun class). i thought the game used to be saturated with rogues and getting a spot anywhere was difficult, so if they're the least played class now i say awesome. i love everything they added in cata and most people i hear are just QQ'ing about how OP they are (in pvp anyway, smoke bomb is ridiculously good) and yes they have a high skill cap to play at high end (like mages do, despite everybody qq'ing they only spam ice lance) but are insanely fun and even bad rogues can kill people pretty easy with all the CC and burst they have.
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The answer is two part:

We are a difficult and annoying class to level. More so than others. Of all other melee classes we do not have a secondary role or ranged attacks that make leveling quicker.

At max level you are pigeonholed into one specific type of role. Don't get me wrong, there is many people who like that specific aspect. However, at the end of it all you are pure melee dps. No tanking, no variation between specs, just get next to a mob and hit him. That's it. That lack of flavor serves as off-putting to a lot of people.

My opinion.
32 Human Priest
lol @ ballz

nobody believes your fairy tales brah

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