Why are rogues the least played class?

100 Troll Rogue
I have to say that as a raid leader its almost impossible for me to understand why anyone would have anything but adoration for this class. It offers competitive dps and unrivaled utility - enough utility so that it can be used to trivialize several raid encounters. And there's little question as to its pivotal role in pvp. On top of all of that, it heals better than anything in this game aside from a dedicated healer - and even then its situation which one is better.

you realize rogue is middle of the road dps and has a lot of ramp up time for damage?

It isn't even that fun to do damage with because you don't see big numbers and you have to deal with a lot of rotation screwing mechanics.

It may look fun, but the mechanics screw it up, that is why I decided to take a 2 month sabatical after doing dungeons for a week straight.
100 Troll Rogue
Rogues have the fewest keybinds out of my 8 85s.

Hard to play? rofl. nice joke.

The only reason they're the least played is because of how outdated they are, oh and btw they aren't that bad anymore, warlocks are catching up in the least played category.

extremely easy, but badly made in pve
second highest skill cap in pvp, dont believe that go watch what reckful can pull off then compare it to what you can do with your rogue.

Oh just a troll, reported and moving on.
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Rogues have the fewest keybinds out of my 8 85s.

Hard to play? rofl. nice joke.

ah you must be a dragonslayer
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I'm going to guess that it has something to do with the fact that when a patch nerfs you severely in PvP, any attempts to change it to change it are trolled and threads !@%%*ing about recuperate and a 6% buff in damage pop up everywhere.
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I laugh at everyone; Rogues hard to play in PvP?
Gimme' a break, that's almost like saying Retribution Paladins are hard to PvP with.
Just a little common sense goes a long way.
The real issue is melee classes having little to no escape abilities and caster classes having so many roots/slows/traps/ etc.
Hunters are a fine example of that, concussive shot: Every five seconds you get a 6 second daze, as a opponent you basically sit at 50% speed at all times if you're facing a hunter. Not to mention scatter shot every 30 seconds. Disengage every 25 seconds, and ice trap every thirty seconds that lasts for 30 seconds, if a hunter can balance this out at the right times, you'll never hit the hunter. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying they're "top dawg" or anything because they're obviously ways around it, but they're so hard to get close to and even when you do, one disengage and they're away. Plus a hunter's pet pushes your stool in the entire time you're trying to catch the damn thing. An when you finally catch them after that they have mail armor and sure it's not plate but, it's harder for melee to kill it especially a rogue.
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As of this post currently Warlocks are the least played both at 10-85 and of all 85s.

This is my highest level Rogue but I have multiple high level chars including a Druid with a Feral OS so I've had little motivation to play it. The idea of a Rogue is fun but as people say there is just a lack of a need for them.

Warlocks on the other hand have too much to watch, some people like that playstyle but for the average player and doing it all the time makes Warlocks feel like a chore to play.

imo Both Warlocks and Rogues need a huge overhaul like Paladins got before the release of WotLK.
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Just saying..

Meanwhile, Hunters are the 3rd most populated class in the game at 85 (2nd if you count 10-85), but Rogues still have more or less double their arena representation.
Rogues lost their fun and uniqueness.
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because they were the most painful class to level pre-cata talents and recuperate.
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I can be wrong, but i think, before cata, leveling a rogue solo was really hell. They were really squishy.
Since cata, you get recup and it helps a lot to level, i finaly leveled mine, even though, i said i would never level a rogue to max level.

So maybe rogues are the last class played because of the old days ?

I don't think rogues are the hardest class to play in pvp, and i don't think either rogues are middle of the pack in pve dps...

I aggree rogue pve is kinda boring, mine is mutilate for pve (and that put me asleep) and sub for pve. I do good on her, but yeah... i'm bored.
85 Worgen Rogue

Rogues are for me a "support class". Why?
Take an example in PvP situations: If a healer is too good or a hunter or other range classes keeps on kitting everyone, who's gonna stop them? ROGUES.
You open with CS and disarm hunter (or keep on annoying the healer, this guy will have to heal himself and not his teamates: mission accomplished!), shadowstep and evrything else, this hunter will keep his attention on you, and teamates WILL come to your aid.

Of coure rogues aren't the TOP melee class like they use to be: but having rogues in PvP or PvE is always appreciated (unless you're a douchebag rouge, meaning you stay stealthed 90% of the time in BG's and pop out only for the killing blow).
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They aren't, warlock is.
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I've tried levelling a rogue a couple of times and have always gotten very bored. They can only be melee dps, for starters, which is fun at first, but eventually you think "This is all I'm going to be able to do with this character? Ok....that's lame." I personally don't enjoy playing classes that can't fill more than one role, and I'd imagine a lot of people out there are like that.

Their abilities also aren't all that entertaining. Shadowstep and Killing Spree are cool, but beyond that it feels like hack and slash. As far as pure dps goes, mages, warlocks and even hunters have spiffier tools to play with. Again, this is just me personally.
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Rogue mechanics are based around a game that no longer exists.

People who play rogues now play them because they always have. Why create a rogue when you could be just as good (sometimes better) and have the ability to do other things?

Rogues don't have the big numbers (60-70% of damage is passive) and the class's mechanics feel like you are handicapping yourself at times. Moreover, Blizzard has made it apparent that they aren't willing to do the necessary work to really change the class.

Why play a rogue when there are 9 better classes?

Rogues require planing ahead and forethought compared to other class's that use things like procs to make them interesting, i play sub and love to think ahead with my rotation, i like the challenge, rogues also have an amazing array of abilities to reduce damage and control the enemy, im not a fan of class's like warriors where you just headsmash your way to victory.
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Ah, gotta love arguments, especially when all parties are retaliating with baseless assumptions, makes it feel like some kind of mindless merry go round.

Seriously though, rogues are still one of the strongest pvp classes out there, and in many cases are very good pve dps, the sad fact though, is that to acheive the maximum potential of your class, you have to know how to play it. Rogues are one of the greatest classes out there

Why don't you play a %%##ing Rogue if you love them so much.

Rogue PVE DPS is close enough to faceroll. The only challenging spec is Subtlety and that's because it has stupid mechanics and talents that are ass backwards like Energetic Recovery. Mutilate is even harder than Combat now because every now and then you have to actually make a decision.

Nobody plays the class because it has #%!% mechanics and you're heavily punished for the littlest things going wrong. The only reason the increase in Rogues happened is because of all of the facerolling you can do in 10-70 BGs that people rolled one.
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