Ask The Devs #11 - Healing (Questions)

85 Tauren Druid
Are you happy with how 3-minute tranquility has turned out?

Resto druids are currently dominating the healing meters in a large part due to getting a 15-20% boost to their healing meters just from using this cooldown well.

Have you considered changing it to a mix of mitigation and healing? For example, have it reduce all raid damage taken by 10% and cut its healing output in half. That would give resto druids some of the mitigation they have been asking for, while lowering their dominance of the healing meters.

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85 Human Mage
Are there any plans to address issues such as healers scaling well with gear and spirit becoming less desirable as raid tiers progress (already worse than int) through methods other than nerfing raid-wide mana cooldowns?
90 Human Paladin
Are there any plan's to rework aura mastery so that it is ALWAYS a viable raid cooldown? In some fight's it is near useless as the damage coming out is unressistable or is physical. Meaning that while a flat damage reduction of PWB or the damage reduction/health transfer of spirit link or raw healing of tranquility are always effective if the damage is there, I'm sure in fireland's there will be lots of fire to play around with, however for other fight's such as Al'akir the talent is nearly useless. Save for a tiny bit of armor in devotion aura (roughly 3% physical damage reduction)
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Which class do you intend to be the best healing class? Or do you want them all to be equal? The best healing classes are currently Paladin and Druid, which can also Tank and DPS. It seems unfair to Shamans and Priests. Especially Priests, because we can only Heal/Heal/DPS.
In a recent hotfix Healing Surge was reduced by 20%, presumably to counter the large amount of burst healing shaman could do in PvP. However, Healing Surge was never a highly used spell in many PvE shamans toolkit due to the fact that Greater Healing Wave has nearly the same cast time, with Tidal Waves up, and double the healing.

Are there any plans to balance the output of Greater Healing Wave and Healing Surge, or at least make Healing Surge usable under a wider range of circumstances?
85 Tauren Priest
Are there any plans to make Shadowfiend more intelligent and/or to help out with Hymn of Hope for priests? Not being able to rely on Shadowfiend due to pathing issues (especially in multiple-target encounters such as Valiona and Theralion, Omnotron Defense System or Nefarian, or encounters with other "special" rooms like Magmaw) really hurts mana regen for both holy and discipline priests (and to a degree, shadow priests). Hymn of Hope can't be relied on as a personal cooldown, even in 10-mans, due to its non-guaranteed mana regen for the casting priest.
100 Draenei Paladin
What was the design reasons for removing Sacred Shield at the start of Cataclysm as a base spell for all paladins?

I know it's back as a high level talent for retribution paladins, but I liked my bubble-shield. :(
85 Human Paladin
The mana return from Seal of Insight judgement is a major mana resource for holy paladins. However it only scales with base mana, where holy priest's mp5 bonus from talents scales up as spirit on gears becomes better. Resto druids's mana return talent also scale with max mana. Resto shamans also have similar mechanics. But holy paladin's mana gained from Judgement is always fixed. And you continue to tune up mana cost for holy paladin's healing spells because of Seal of Insight judgements. Will holy paladins fall behind once gears become batter?
100 Blood Elf Priest
Why is there no dropped spirit cloth in the Firelands? Is this your way of nerfing holy priest regen without changing the class itself? A fully t12-geared priest, like the premades on the PTR, has less spirit than a t11-geared priest even before you factor in trinkets and the set bonus.
85 Night Elf Druid
Right now the intended 3 way healing isn't working, i.e. those supposed efficient heals as Heal, Nourish, Holy Light are, on most case scenarios, worthless. Is there any plan to reevaluate the efficient heals so we can actually use them?
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Having played all 5 healing specs this expansion, I've been wondering - are you planning on heading towards more homogenization between healing specs or more diversity?

I.E. Paladins still hate their active mana regen and AOE, Shamans and Holy priests don't have phenomenal raid cds, etc.
85 Night Elf Hunter
Will healing in battlegrounds and arenas finally get a nerf? Currently fights last far to long in both. Healing reduction abilities should also reduce mana regen by 3/4 or maybe 1/2 so that the healers can heal for still the same amount, just not for 10 minutes while still being above 75% mana?
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94 Blood Elf Paladin
Are you happy with the proliferation of raidwall cooldowns?
100 Goblin Shaman
Is the Telluric current talents and Shaman mana regen in general going to be looked at in the near future? Hard Mode fights essentially require Shamans to pick up the talent just to maintain the heavy use of Greater Healing Wave in 10 mans since Chain Heal mechanics usually don't let you use the spell as often as our 25 man counter parts.
90 Human Warrior
When will holy paladins get another way to generate holy power? More to the point, what is being done such that holy power still remains relevant when holy shock becomes even more of a throughput loss? Could this be a potential place where inquisition could find a role in holy paladins since it's useless for us currently?
100 Goblin Shaman
As a 10-man hard mode resto shaman healer, I used to be able to chose between Healing Surge when I wanted a faster smaller healer and Greater Healing Wave when I wanted a slower bigger heal (especially for the heals when Tidal Waves is down). I liked this choice. On spread out fights, I am now stuck with Greater Healing Wave (and Riptide on cooldown) as my only methods of healing the raid.

Are you happy with how the nerf to Healing Surge has effected 10-man resto shaman?

A lot of resto shaman have had to take Healing Surge off their bars right after the nerf went through to make sure they didn't kill people by using it and giving them too weak of a heal.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Currently, Holy Paladins are the only Healing spec in game that has to hinder their healing to regenerate mana as a cooldown. Can we possibly talent to have the healing reduce removed?
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