Thanks for checking us out so here's the info. You are probably tired of people logging on just for raids. No personality, no fun, Guild Leader/Raid Leader screaming, nothing getting done, etc.
Well <SIGMA> is different. We have people on who want to run 5-mans. People who like to PvP. People who like to have fun during raids. Gasp! Remember that? Fun during raids? We enjoy that. Here's our basic info.

10 man raiding guild of a level 18 (soon to be 19) guild.
We are currently 12/12 and haven't really focused on Hard Modes.
Tuesday-Thursday 9-12 EST.

What we are looking for is a Healer and a DPS. The healer preferably not a Paladin, but if you are a great Paladin we'd be willing to go for it.

We are looking for great players more than just some raiding comp that's perfect. Meaning if you come to us and think you'd be better as a different class/spec/role we'd support you. Our loot system is very fair, we've had no complaints thus far. We have a solid group and would like to fill out these last two spots with solid players that want to be part of the team. Most of us know each other in real life so we are a tight group but we are great about including new people. Vent is...entertaining. : )

Message me on Gremlen or Gremmy for more info.