Our 5pm PDT Team which raids Fri, Sat, and every other Sun is in need of two tanks.

Open Positions: Tank x2

Schedule: Fri, Sat, & every other Sun at 5:00pm PDT

- Ventrilo with a mic
- Raid Awareness
- Some Cataclysm Raiding Experience
- Modesty & the ability to always have room for improvement
- A love for tanking & your class
- Understanding & Patience for guild progression

What we offer to you:
- Free cauldrons
- Free Seafood magnifique feasts
- Raider tab in gb with potions
- Repairs on raiding nights
- All of the perks that come with a level 25 guild
- A social guild to hang out with, do dungeons and events with, and to chat with all week long.

You can find out more at:
Our website: http://blazon.enjin.com
Our youtube: http://www.youtube.com/guildblazon
Whisper ßearadin (alt+0223), Nimiane, Alána (alt+0225), or Thörinesus (alt+0246) for more information on the Antonidas server.
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