Today, after an instance run I noticed some odd occurances in trade. A death knight and a bunch of the local trade folk were having an arguement, the opposing party not realizing that the Death Knight was speaking 'in character'. I whispered the guy using brackets {For OOC}, and pointed him in the right direction as far as the RP channels and who to whisper. He responded in an odd manner, mostly responding to my OOC as if I was in character. He said that someone 'took his job', except in a more oafish manner. I decided to play along, knowing more or less the basics of rp. I faintly remember Thoq, who also talked in third person and used very basic language skills. He confirmed what I was thinking by mentioning his name. Sadly, I got into an instance, and wasn`t able to continue pleasant whisper rp with this person.

More to the point, does anyone know if Thoq still plays? The last time I checked, he was angry that ogres had bugged running animations. Is it possible that he made a death knight to continue rping?

{I can`t for the life of me remember his name. It was at a very inconvenient time, and I only had enough time for a few whispers back and forth. Also, I hope I was clear. I`m writing this incredibly tired, and I`m not sure I made my point or told the story well =/}

{As a side note... I was on a female tauren and he called me crazy tauren lady. I think that made my day}
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Ban, Thoq still plays, or at least he did a month ago :(.

He had posted a thread about his adventures and I had seen him in Orgrimmar at one point. Maybe someone made him get a name change D:?
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What class was he before? Warrior? This was a DK, so I guess it would be easiest for him to play if he had to make a new one just for rp. Who would report Thoq for not being rp? That`s just wrong.
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Yea, Orc Warrior. Last I saw him was at a Halaa RP Night not long after his last story. Haven't seen any new ones on his blog. No Thoq story makes Miki sad bear. :(
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If I see him again {and I really hope I do, I`m kicking myself for not friending him}, I`m going to alt hop and talk to him again {on a character with more of an rp name}. As a matter of fact Mikisha, I gave him your name and ktooc to join up with other rpers.
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