The Farstriders ((RP))

90 Blood Elf Hunter

Greetings Feathermoon,

I have been interested in finding a group of like-minded roleplayers who would enjoy participating in a somewhat bold endeavor that I would like to try.

That endeavor being a completely RP leveling experience. Certainly not for the faint of heart!

I am also looking to recruit any potential candidates for the Farstriders guild - a purely RP guild with really no hope of achieving anything over Guild Rank 1. Any blood elf hunters - novice or otherwise, who enjoys roleplay is more than welcomed into our ranks. If you're interested, send Tharalas a message or whisper me in game. Though Tharalas runs a tight ship, as fair warning!

On another note, if you see Tharalas strolling around town, don't hesitate to chat him up! You can find him wandering around Silvermoon and on occasion Orgrimmar. (The bright green ensemble shouldn't be difficult to spot in a crowd.)

And now, for your RP interlude.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
It had been five years since he had last returned to Silvermoon, much had changed.

The sweet aroma of summer flowers greeted his senses, the streets were polished to an immaculate shine, and sunlight winked through the golden flecked treetops. A stark contrast to the chaos of five years ago. The smell of ash choking the air, and blood spattered upon the stone like a macabre painting.

The screams.

"Shindu fallah na! They are breaking through! Father, there's too many! We must fall back!"

Tharalas blinked with alarm, he thought he had locked away those memories for good. Despite the restored beauty of his city, there were things in the world that would never truly hide the scars, the many precious lives that he would never have back.

"My sons..."


Tharalas strode into the square; his mood had soured after a harrowing ordeal with the Blood Knight squadron stationed near the gates of the city. The interrogation was expected, as every passing traveler was questioned thoroughly before entering the gates of Silvermoon. The barely concealed contempt, however, was not planned for.

The Blood Knights made no attempt to hide their distaste. Their eyes critically raked over the ragged leather of his jerkin, the dirt-stained boots, and the unmistakable tabard that marked him a Farstrider.

"Make your business and be gone, ranger." The guard veritably spit out the title, "Return to the wilds once your business is concluded!"

With great effort, Tharalas bit back his scathing retort and held his tongue. He knew full well that they would throw him out of the city should he rise to their bait. With a curt nod, he roughly shouldered his longbow and pushed past the jeering guards, inwardly seething at the blatant disrespect.

Reaching into his bags, he fished for the parchment nestled inside, smoothing out the edges as he read the elegant script penned by the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. A fortnight prior, Tharalas had received the message once he had returned from his patrol along the border of the Plaguelands. The letter had requested the presence of each lead ranger to return to the city to receive further instruction.

If it was to be done in person, it was a grave matter indeed.

Halduron Brightwing had done much to see to the restoration of Silvermoon. Piece by piece, he built back the reputation of the rangers. Progress was being made, though the memory of the Farstriders failure to protect against the Scourge invasion still lurked within the minds of the citizenry.

Tharalas scowled in remembrance, they couldn’t possibly know the losses sustained on the front lines that day- the enormous sacrifices to save the city. Some of which he still regretted to this day. Tharalas was too absorbed in his thoughts before he had nearly run into one of the Silvermoon magisters.

"Watch your step, ala'ni!"

The magister boldly shoved past, but not before casting a dirty look in his direction.

Tharalas mumbled a half-hearted apology as he continued walking, attempting to keep his temper in check. Ever since the Farstriders had been all but wiped out by the invading Scourge, the mages had quickly stepped in to fill the void of influence within the political circle. It was they who had petitioned the high council to consider a new class of soldier to protect Silvermoon where the rangers had failed. The once opulent hall of the Farstriders had been pushed aside to make way for their idea of the elite soldier - the Blood Knights.

As he entered the training grounds, he took note of the change of the last few years. The Blood Knight headquarters was mockingly grand, as the Farstriders had been pushed into a small, obscure corner of the square, barely noticeable under the overgrown brush and shrubbery.

He cast a sympathetic look to a young ranger, as she practiced her archery on one of the propped targets. A small band of Blood Knight recruits loudly criticized her clumsy aim, and her lack of finesse, causing her to completely miss the target several times. They laughed obnoxiously as she huddled into herself, shyly collecting the arrows from the barely hit upon target.

As Tharalas walked past, he cast a withering look upon the group, a silent promise to strike back - and then some. They quieted at his approach, though he could hear their resumed banter as he made his way up the stairs, leading to the Sunfury spire.

He clenched his teeth in irritation.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter

Entering the Sunfury Spire, Tharalas turned into the corridors that led to the office of Haduron Brightwing. As he approached, he could make out the silhouette of the Ranger-General, the window to his back giving a splendid view of the city. The Ranger-General appeared to take no notice of his presence, as he hunched over his desk penning more letters. Without taking his eyes off of his work, he addressed the silent ranger at the door.

"Tharalas Eldo'rath, please come in."

Tharalas hesitated at the entrance before entering the office, his eyes taking in the neat arrangement of books upon the shelves, along with a worn bow perched reverently on the mantle of the fireplace. A silent ode to the fallen Farstriders.

"You have come a long way, please take a seat."

Tharalas turned at the sound of the Ranger-General's voice, as he made his way toward the desk.

"With all due respect sir, I would prefer to stand."

Halduron Brightwing carefully placed his pen back in the inkwell, finally making eye contact with Tharalas, "As you wish," he gave a nod of consent.

Straightening in his chair, the Ranger-General placed his hands on his desk, folding his fingers in front of him, “I suspect you already know that my reason for calling you here is over no trivial matter."

Tharalas shifted his weight as he attempted to keep his expression neutral.

"The Council is at my throat once more. They insist on expanding the power-base of the mages and knights, as recruits for the Farstriders have been, shall we say, less than ideal."

The Ranger-General smoothly stood from his desk, as he began pacing near the window, "The history of our people is slowly being corroded by the needs of our present circumstances. The fall of the Farstriders during the invasion of the Scourge is still fresh in the minds of the people. They shun what we once were, and dangerously embrace what they perceive as the future."

He stopped before turning to face the window, "I fear this path will lead us to corruption - much like our late Prince Kael'thas."

The Ranger-General lowered his head introspectively before turning to face Tharalas, "We must lead our people back to the Elven path. The Farstriders remain the only living legacy of our past glory, and yet even now, it is slowly being replaced at the magisters whim."

"What I ask of you is no easy feat, but it must be done to preserve our history and secure our future."

"Venture outside of Quel'thalas and protect the interests of our people. Prove to the Council that the rangers are not to be trifled with. We must strive to attain the glory we once had. We also must recruit for our ranks. The Farstrider numbers dwindle by the year, we must encourage the young to embrace our noble heritage, and let it not be forgotten."

Halduron Brightwing walked past Tharalas before stopping at the mantle. His eyes swept over the broken bowstring and the aging wood of the longbow. "We cannot allow our legacy to die. The Farstriders have sacrificed too much to allow such a thing to happen."

Tharalas silently mulled over the Ranger-General's words, his heart panged painfully as the memories of the past resurfaced. With a solemn nod to the general, he vowed, "It will be an honor and great duty to serve the Farstriders in this task. May our sacrifices never again be forgotten."

"Ann'da! Papa! Look! We hit the target!" The children bounced excitedly at the pierced bulls eye, "We'll grow up to be rangers, just like you!”

The memory ebbed away as Tharalas steeled his heart for the task at hand.

Never again.
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90 Tauren Shaman
(This is a very fun idea. I once did some questing and a dungeon in RP-mode with someone from THC. It was a lot of fun - really gave a different perspective of the game. Good luck to you in your endeavor!)
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85 Blood Elf Mage
((Fantastic idea. I myself don't have any hunters to level but I would be more than happy to RP with you sometime. Excellent story as well! :) ))
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1 Human Rogue
(( Wait, there's a different way to level? ))
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90 Tauren Warrior
Sounds cool. Shame I have all 10 slots filled on FM if there's any other way I can participate though I might do that.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter

Thank you for the feedback everyone! It's very encouraging and much appreciated.

And a big thanks to those who have interacted, even a little bit, with Tharalas throughout his journey. It's been very enjoyable so far, and I'm hoping to rope more people into the RP fray.

Even if your character slots are filled, feel free to RP with me on any character you'd like. I don't bite (sort of).

*salute* I will see you on the field.

P.S. To the Worgen out there, please no licking my recruits. It was a bit traumatizing for them.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
(This was a good read!)
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91 Troll Hunter
The Worgen to elf licking or the original backstory...mon?))
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