Ask The Devs #10 - Damage Dealing (Answers)

85 Draenei Shaman
Waste of time. You want rogues to be unique but you enjoy homogenizing everyone else? Losing 30% of your damage for all but one fight next tier is not unique. It's a reason not to bring the class/spec.

Your forum post would have been better directed at lvl 70 twink questions than this tripe
85 Troll Druid
This can't be all there is?
Where is the Moonkin love!?
Where is the love!
06/24/2011 09:26 AMPosted by Raganrok
In the meantime, we’ve taken steps (and will continue to take them) to ensure that while spell power weapons might at times, with certain gear setups, remain an interesting alternative, they aren’t the strictly superior route.

I'm sorry, but switching weapons in AoE situations is not an "interesting alternative."

This ambiguity is exactly the kind of answer I did not want when I asked the question.

We may just have to deal with Enhance being a permanently mediocre AoE spec. I am ok with this as long as AoE doesn't ever become as critical to raid bosses as it was this previous tier.
90 Dwarf Shaman
06/24/2011 09:15 AMPosted by Testickle
Should have been more rogue answers, grats to shamans tho your hard work paid off.

06/24/2011 09:23 AMPosted by Corpseicle
Enhance Shaman QQ paid off it seems. Lots and lots of questions for them.

No, our 'hard work' went unrewarded. We got 2 completely useless responses and 2 of the inevitable "eventually, maybe" type responses that we were really hoping not to get this time around.

4 questions practically wasted. Would've been better addressing other classes' issues.
Edited by Quirk on 6/24/2011 9:39 AM PDT
85 Human Warlock
4 questions about Shammy, no one about locks, fine...
90 Pandaren Shaman
06/24/2011 09:28 AMPosted by Mafic
Shaman community asked very good questions, and they received some lengthy answers. I do not think the Shaman community will be completely satisfied, but they will have an idea of the perspective of the devs for sure.

A little, sure, but I'm not entirely happy to hear that I'm going to continue to deal with a sporadic totem for pvp unless I go resto because they don't want to enable it along with the rest of the guardians?

The haste question's answer wasn't that great, it basically said "There might be a revamp of MW later"

The SP weapon question's answer was disappointing as well, I thought we were moving away from weapon swaps mid battle? I guess I get full permission to roll on rag's healing mace since blizz wants me to.
9 Blood Elf Mage
I'm not entirely sure why they didn't just give 3-4 answers for each damage dealing class and maybe 1 or 2 for general DPS. If you're going to go read every post in the questions thread I don't see the difficulty (both in effort and time) of sorting them by class. Then take them to the lead designer of each class (assuming a role like that exists).
85 Goblin Shaman
Spell power weapons should never be an option for enhancement. I don't understand why you seem to be okay with this.
85 Tauren Warrior
Man, people are gonna be mad about this one.
85 Undead Rogue
I love that people are so concerned with every single mage spec being viable in pve, why isn't subtlety viable in pve? why is killing spree unusable on some fights because it would kill us? mages are fine stop the QQ.
85 Tauren Druid

I know that they're canceling this segment but it does seem ridiculous to lump all DPS into 1 thread, considering that the overwhelming majority of wow's population plays dps. At the very least they should have split it into melee and ranged.
Oh man is there going to be an epic Shaman rage storm.
100 Orc Shaman
Wow. At least they recognized Shaman have problems... I guess.

Very underwhelming. Very.
100 Human Paladin
06/24/2011 09:36 AMPosted by Orrak
I know that they're canceling this segment but it does seem ridiculous to lump all DPS into 1 thread, considering that the overwhelming majority of wow's population plays dps. At the very least they should have split it into melee and ranged.

I can agree with that.

There was absolutely no way they were going to be able to get out even half the information necessary to keep people happy with 1 post that encompasses all of the possible damage dealers.
37 Blood Elf Paladin
06/24/2011 09:00 AMPosted by Kaivax
(Making an AI behave consistently isn’t that hard

If this is the case, why has the issue on awful pet pathing in PvP settings never been fixed?
90 Blood Elf Priest
06/24/2011 09:16 AMPosted by Gulnak
Total avoidance of the ranged vs melee issues on raid encounters = fail imo.

This x 1 million.
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